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Warriors receive academic recognition

The Hawai’i men’s basketball team is one of 38 teams on the list of “APR Public Recognition Awards” announced by the NCAA recently.

The recognition means that the Warriors ranked among the top 10 percent of all teams in NCAA Division I basketball for the 2010-11 academic school year. Hawai’i finished the year with an APR score of 990 (1,000 is considered a perfect score).

The Warriors competed in the Western Athletic Conference during the 2010-11 season, and are the only WAC school in the top 10 percent. Hawai’i will join the Big West Conference next season, and there are no other Big West teams in the top 10 percent.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of men’s basketball teams on the APR Public Recognition Awards.

On the opposite side of the rankings, 10 teams were banned from postseason play due to poor scores, including one Big West team. UC Riverside, which had a score of 887, is now ineligible for the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

It is yet to be decided by the Big West if UC Riverside will be allowed to participate in the 2013 Big West Conference Tournament.

According to the NCAA, the APR — or Academic Progress Rating — is a Division I metric developed to track the academic achievement of teams each academic term.

In another academic honoring this week, forward Hauns Brereton was named to the WAC All-Academic Freshmen and Transfers list. Brereton transferred to UH from Western Nebraska Community College prior to last season.

To be eligible for the list, a player had to maintain at least a 3.00 grade point average and play in at least 50 percent of the team’s contests during his or her first year in the WAC.

Forward Davis Rozitis was previously named to the WAC All-Academic Team.


  1. Great job UH MBB student athletes..that is a good thing…Congrats to Hauns and Davis too..Remember guys,,man I couldn’t do it..you are Athletes and Students..their are excellent tutors to help you too..Good thing MBB team!!

  2. hope this means we dont lose any scholies due to all the movement this past year, good job men’ s team!

  3. Jjay…yeah,, this might balance out whatever went down with transfers out, and ones not sticking to graduate..however..there was talk awhile ago, that as of now..UH MBB would not be impacted as much with the exodus in past few years..if it continued for another couple years..down the road could impact scholie..However, what those students..Davis, Hiram, Vander, Bill Amis, and the other guys did scholastically was great!! Hauns kudos to you..you are stepping it up big time in school..you are THE mature older man of the squad, and will be stepping it up big time at the 2 or 3 this year , Great job UH MBB team..go get em in school and on the court!!

  4. Please note that these accomplishments are the efforts of former Head Coach Bob Nash as this award is based on the time he was coach. Coach Gib APR record will be based on the next four years. The Warrior Insider staff did not give credit where it is deserved. The individual academic accomplishment of the players mention are for the 2011-2012 academic year. Let be fair in your reporting.

    The University of Hawaii’s women’s cross country and men’s basketball teams have been honored by the NCAA for academic performance.

    They received NCAA Public Recognition Awards for standing in the top 10 percent in Academic Progress Rates through the 2010-11 academic year, according to the NCAA website.

    Women’s cross country had a perfect score of 1,000 while men’s basketball posted a 990. The figures take in a four-year period (2007-’08, 2008-’09, 2009-’10 and 2010-’11) and help measure eligibility and retention of scholarship athletes.

    The Division I APR average was 973, the NCAA said.


    Source: NCAA.

  5. Hey Lee, respectfully, have to reply that 2010-2011 was Gib Arnold’s first year as head coach. He made sure tutors were helping kids get school work done..take care of school business, remember, Trevor Wiseman? Gib spoke to him, his family, and they came to agreement that Trevor would stay home during mid week swing of WAC basketball road trips, so that Trevor could keep up with studies and not flunk out of school or be ineligible for playing for team..Hey Trevor with this assistance from Gib and academic advisors helped Trevor and Bobby Miles too..they ended up doing well for finish of that first year I believe..You know when was Gib’s 2nd year of HC for program: 2011-12..just last year..so 2010-11 was Gib’s first year..that is what the APR top rating is for …Bob Nash’s last year with program was 2009-10…if I am wrong, which I don’t think so..2010-11 was Gib’s first year, and a great first year for new HC..

    What do you other MBB fans think? Have I got the sport year mixed up between Bob and Gib?

    Either way kudos to MBB students..You know Lee, Gib knows the deal, without question, kids coming in qualify and want to stabalize and stay, and graduate, unless, emergency(i.e. Shaq) or 1st round NBA pick early entry..that would be neat too!!

  6. It spans a four-year period, so it would include Bob Nash’s three seasons and Gib Arnold’s first — the 2010-11 academic year. So, the program’s APR under Arnold would be judged over the next three years (the fourth being his first season). Not sure how much all the comings and goings are going to impact the APR. If a student-athlete leaves in “good academic standing,” it’s not supposed to hurt your APR.

  7. Clyde: Thank you for clarification..somehow, I knew Gib was in there somewhere..that is why all those guys that left over past two years Gib and UH made sure they finished school STRONG..that shows something about Gib, say what you will, he learned, and is learning..however I never heard of a coach , that despite guys wanting to go elsewhere to be closer to home, or have more playing time..taking a lot of time behind scenes to help kids, even if on
    different agendas..help kids to keep academics up so that they could transfer..He could make it hard, however Gib knows that he doesn’t want to impact future availability of scholies!! And Upper Campus will make sure..now even new Chancellor wants sports to do well, step up academically and athletically which is great..

    Thanks for your great insight Clyde..the good friend of our Insider : Dayton!!

    Mahalo Plenty Bro.!!

  8. Nash was fired in March of 2010. The NCAA give credit to the incoming coach for the 2010 season but the average is over a four year period. Nash did win games but in my opinion he graduated his players. Just as Nash lost Scholarships from Wallace, Gib gain academic success under Nash. The next four years are all on Gib. When you talk about fairness and credit, think about this when Nash was fired, he left almost $150,000 for men’s basketball to the next coach. This was money he raised from his UH Men’s Booster Club, Golf tournament, Coaches circle, Dr Saake Foundation and all money raise from speaking when toward summer school. The guy could raise money because he was passionate about academic and graduating players. Here is a list of his players who graduated: Fleming, Gibson Mayen, Campbell, Viet, Nash, Dillinger, Verwers, Lueggerodt, Owsley,Adams Thompson Amis.
    Bob is my friend and would never take credit for his work but I don’t want people to think that he was a coach who put himself before his players. He had no Country club membership funded by a booster club as is the norm for most coaches. It was all about the players and their well being.
    I think if you look close at this coaching staff, they have problems and in a very short time it will blow up in their face.
    Players don’t leave a program, if they are being treated fair.

  9. Lee: Thanks for sharing. Bob Nash is a class individual who gave much of himself to the UH basketball program — as a player, longtime assistant and head coach. There is no disputing his love for the islands and the school., and I’m sure he’s earned any UH alum’s respect. That being said, I can only hope your dire prediction of the present coaching staff and program is based as much on your loyalty to a good friend as the facts. I’d hate to see the program “blow up” and have to start over again. Guess we’ll see in the next year or two or three.

  10. Uhfanzonly1 you are living in another time zone, you have no clue about the academic records of the players who left the program. Most of these players are academic ineligible to get into other schools without a ton of summer school at their own expense. All you hear is what you want to hear and that is The Coach is a great motivator, developer of players and he is building a great program. We hope all those things will come true but this his second year and I’m still looking for those great building block for a great program. I don’t mean to call you out but you need help with reality.

  11. Dayton, Would you be able to get a read/ confirmation (while protecting privacy of course) of the academic standing and progress of the current and departing players?

  12. Lee,

    We all love Bob Nash. He is a great person and did much for Hawaii. He deserves a lot of credit for getting his players on the right path academically.

    That said, your point about player deflection falls well short.

    Nash had his fair share of deflectors as well:

    Todd Lowenthal, Todd Follmer, Kareem Nitoto, Adam Jespersen, Conrad Fitzgerald, Lasha Pargalava, Dwain Williams, and Jeremy Lay.

    Why base your argument on turnover? Are you trying to stir up nonsense? Until we have solid evidence about the unfair treatment of players, your claims are unfound.

  13. All the players mention above except Nitto did have their scholarship renewed. All scholarships are yearly renewable, none of the players mention wanted to leave. Todds late father was a very close friend of Nash. Nash has know Fitzgerald since he was 12 years old and his family lives in Hawaii. Adam and Sasha weren’t good enough. Lay and Williams stayed when Gib was offered the job. I don’t think you can call this deflection.

  14. Coming Back to REALITY, This IS a TEAM Award…

    Thanks and Recognition to Both Involved Coaching Staffs…

    This year it’s 75-25 Nash-Gib…
    Severe deficiencies in Either End would likely wipe out a Top 10 (%) Finish…

    Next Year 50-50, then 25-75 etc… We’ll see those scores soon enough
    (Although, I think the current program should advise its stakeholders now, not later…)

    What’s the beef?
    This site Accurately Reported it as a Team accomplishment, like it is, like the NCAA also reported…No Other Names


    The WINNER of Tomorrow Night’s Basketball Championship Game WILL BE Passing Out Credit, acknowledging his teammates and coaches (maybe even management, maybe not)… The Losers of the Series, IF they’re smart will be doing similar things, If Not, maybe they won’t be back in the Championship Series right away…


    As an engineer and military stakeholder I don’t like that a school like Air Force Academy which easily uses Ten Times OUR Tax Dollars per “basketball scholarship” is NOT in the Top Ten per cent…Keep Them OUT of OUR Planes…
    (Navy made it…)

  15. Speaking of the players that left the team from 2009 to present… I believe most have found new “homes” with the exception of Brumfield and still waiting to hear updates on Wiseman and Miles.

    Nash’s last year/Pre-Gib (2009-2010)
    Fleming – Graduated
    Mayen – Graduated
    Campbell – Graduated
    Adams – Graduated
    Xiang – Graduated
    Balocka – Graduated
    Dwain Williams – Left early to play professionally (drafted by Idaho Stampede in D-League)
    Jeremy Lay – Transferred to Southwestern Oklahoma State
    Aleksander Milovic – Transferred to Cal Baptist

    Gib’s first year (2010-2011)
    Thompson – Graduated
    Amis – Graduated
    Kurtz – Graduated
    Coleman – Transferred to Southwestern Illinois JC; Signed with Valparaiso
    Barnes – Transferred to Arizona State
    Salter – Transferred to Clayton State
    Brumfield – Unknown

    Gib’s second year (2011-2012)
    Johnson – Graduated
    Ostrowski – Graduated
    Thomas – Left early to play professionally (TBD)
    Stokes – Transferred to Hofstra
    Wiseman – TBD
    Miles – TBD

  16. Mr Lee: We (all UH MBB supporters)never said that Bob Nash is not a good guy, a passionate person. When he came to the University, Bob was super competitor, wanted to win very badly. He was a first round draft pick. Played for a few NBA teams. Got his degree from the University of Hawaii. Lives in a great , beautiful house, lovely wife, and great kids..Never would I disrespect what Bob did as a player or what he did for the student athletes as a coach.

    The TRUTH: DIV I MBB should be a money maker. The bottom line is to WIN. Sadly, it was the same with Dana and Coach Mack. After 3 years, Bob and Dana, had players that graduated, and some that transferred out, it happens a lot around college basketball nowadays..you should have read that ESPN article about that very subject, transfers to other schools: reason-closer to family, not getting along with coaching staff, wanting more playing time, a few..want to pursue Pro career..However, and Jim Donovan and prior AD’s have to make some heart wrenching decisions, if a coach does not win, now..after 3 years under contract, every year , you are under .500, the boss of Bob and Dana and Mack has to make a decision, and you heard Jim’s reason: Business decision…bottom line : coaches have to improve team and fanbase, monies, by , you guessed it WINNING..whether it is a HS coach or NAIA, or Asia pro team or the elite NBA, if after 3 years, your team does not have a WINNING season, what is the AD supposed to do? Jim, had the guts to make the call for a change, and to accept the responsibility for it.. He Lee, you are not perfect, neither am I or Gib or Bob, that is a fact of life..Bob is a good guy, he is not a criminal, he will own that 30 rebound record perhaps forever…fierce competitor, just could not produce a WINNING record in 3 years..Hey if Gib goes 9 and 21 this year, and half of his team quits and or transfers, then you can cast the first stone..

    Bob, and tons of fans on these message boards in several forums have said, he is class guy , great man and father..it was a business decision for him to be terminated..same with Dana , Mack….Gib has to stabalize the team true, graduate players true, draw fans…guess how? by WINNING..he does that , and goes to an NCCA tourney or two in next couple of years, then what..well he gets bonuses, he gets recognition..I don’t know if you know Gib personally, maybe you are a former coach or one of Gib’s former players..Gib is a good man, father, husband , has a great wife and kids..He has this( in my opinion)year 3 , like Dana and Bob and Mack has to produce good things on and off the court. If you know Gib, why would he work that first year he was hired, without even a contract, heck I wouldn’t work without a paycheck coming in..he has passion, and as fiery a competitor as Bob was when young..sometimes you put that emotion in check, you mature..he is a new HC..I give him the benefit of the doubt..You are the first one I can recall on this forum who has said that the program will blow up..if you know something, and you can help UH and MBB to avoid this, and you say you are a fan, well bring it to the attention of Jim Donovan, otherwise it is like all what I just emoted: MY PERSONAL OPINION..man I respect you MR LEE, you have right to opinion,no need to call any out..what is the sense..we all love the UH, I am alumni, probably you too, what is the sense, can’t we all just get along?!!

  17. The sad truth is that Nash was a capable assistant but not head coaching material. He tried but program went downhill along with the recruiting ,it was time for a change. A good man he will always be.He tried the best he could.

  18. Bottom line, Bob Nash was a not a good coach. He had no winning years in his stint as the head coach. Yes, he graduated most of his players, and yes, he was once a great player for UH.. However, let’s stop living in the past and realize that he just plain sucked as a head coach. You can make all the excuses you want that he didn’t get support, or funding wasn’t great or (insert excuse here), but let’s face it, he just didn’t get the job done..

    I am in no way unhappy when he got canned. College athletics is a business, first and foremost, and if you can’t bring in the Ws and fill the seats, you do not deserve to be the head coach. Say all you want about Bob Nash being a genuinely nice guy/great person, but I seriously doubt there’d be anyone on this board who wouldn’t get excited at the prospect of someone like Coach Calipari, Bob Knight, or Rick Pitino coaching the Bows. ‘Nice guys’ aren’t the words you would use to describe these coaches. But WINNERS are..

    And let’s not forget to mention that arguably UH’s most popular head (football) coach ever, June Jones, was also not considered a nice guy..

    My point, I’ll trade nice guy/great person for Big Dance in a heartbeat..

  19. Let me explain this so you can better understand Bob’s situation upon getting the job.
    He had less than 30 days to put a team together after being named the coach.
    NCAA mandated that he submit a plan to raise the APR scores
    NCAA took one scholarship for not having an APR score of 925
    UH APR committee set the qualification for all recruited athletes
    SA’s must have been a qualifier out of high school
    All recruits must be approved by committee
    JC players must graduate and have been qualifiers out of high school ( 3 years to play)
    The committee was made up of faculty rep,AD,Senior women AD, compliance officer, academic coordinator, team academic coordinator and head coach.
    No money for summer school
    No money for tutors
    My point is he found away to get it done.
    The reason Nash was fired is because The AD need the 1.8 million dollars from the BOR
    The AD didn’t stand by the coach, he is all about money. He has no back bone to stand up for his coaches.

  20. Hey Lee: Bob his history as HC pau. A lot of us , including myself did not like his late hire etc. put any HC in a bind., same could be said about Gib, he had to scramble recruit, working with no paycheck that first month or two, no contract, you talk about a guy working for love of school and program, would you do it..I know Bob wouldn’t work for free.

    Lono, excellent points, no one is a Bob Nash hater, shoot, we shouldn’t hate on anyone…however Lee, if you think BOR is responsible for Bob’s failure so be it. If you think that Jim Donovan is or was the cause for Bob’s success or failures…well so be it..Bob has not been HC coach of UH since spring 2009…no matter what you say, Jim Donovan and Upper Campus, responsible for Gib’s hire..he knows that have to stabalize program, get kids to stay in school, have kids graduate, however that is only Part of the formula..Bottom line, WIN..Winning is the panacea for what ills athletics programs..Win and support will come, Win and fans buy tickets..Win by getting really athletic recruits..and building with freshman, and Jc’s with 3 to play 3 way to go..If Gib has good season this year and next what can you say, he did it with mirrors..you talk about being under the gun….Gib knows he is really being scrutinized..however it appears he has a lot of support from upper campus and AD..he has to keep program stable..what you are addressing Lee, and if you are Jackson or Riley or one of the Fab Five, well we thank you for your service to..I just wonder what is your vestment in rehashing the past..? I don’t get it..My kids, and their kids, man they live in the present..whatever went down with Gib in past 2 years.. all they and the plenty keiki, and this was huge..turned out for Gib’s summer camp/camps…he must be doing something right, and he being LDS probably helps too, he has a great, supportive wife, I would not trash her or her kids..Lisa is a standout lady as well as Mrs Nash..great gal too..

    So Lee, If you don’t like Gib, don’t go to games, watch UH MBB on TV , or even read about it..don’t even post about it, if it upsets you so much..I just don’t get it…Bob Nash was a great PAST…now we have Gib in the present, and if he gets it done: remember formula, the panacea that cures ills of a program : JUST WIN!!
    Aloha Lee..!! take it easy…

    P.S. I did enjoy watching Roderick Flemmings(sorry bout spelling) what a sky walker..very strong, he playing pro ball somewhere…he was a great get by Bob..!!Wish you well..I like Bob, talked to him, see him jog by the house, we never talk hoops, just about the weather or life..what the heck life is short..enjoy the moment while you can…and I am no braniac , what is APR this, qualifier that, just want UH MBB whomever coaching to be at excitement level of Fab Five and Savo / English years, back to back NCAA invites..and AC, Alika days..and Chris Gaines, Vincent Smalls, Terry Houston, Cliff Beaubrun, Reggie Cross days..which Bob helped recruit, as another poster mentioned Bob had great connections, and recruited some great athletes…we are indebted..now harder to get those types..with UH entry requirements..Have a happy life Lee..see you at the next home FOOTBALL game, now there is going to be a challenge!! Go Norm!!

  21. Apologize Lee: Bob pau head coach Spring of 2010..then Gib was hired after Bob Terminated..and as Lono and others mentioned, Bob great recruiter, Phil Lott, Troy Bowe etc..assistant..it was terribly had for him as HC, I know he wanted that 4th year, however, the fan base, even Nash loyalist were getting restless, sort of like with Mack, first year Bowl, 2nd year a Bowl, both years didn’t win the Bowl game, however.,.never had that progressive scale sliding up, it was level then going down…by third year, buy out, forced retirement..good guy, not great HC..and the guy was making what..1.2 million..? It is a business , and his release, a no brainer,,Mac still walked away with 600 K…who wouldn’t want that severance!!

    Have a good day and life my friend Lee. Aloha..

  22. hey Hauns; ‘King of the Beach 2011’,

    congrats for your academic achievement: making ‘The WAC All-Academic Freshmen and Transfers List’.

    last Summer after my grandson saw your video about pushing an automobile on the street, jumping up the hillside steps single-footed.. he said admiringly: “I’ll do that when I grew up!”.

    now, i’m wishing for the same statement from him, by inferring to your Academic Honor!

    hoping that your strength & conditioning is going well preparing for your senior year. excitingly expecting many more of that ‘ Monster Dunk’ throughout the entire 2012-2013 year!?


  23. People- My point to this whole discussion is give credit where it is deserved. The insider reported that the 2010 Men’s Basketball earn an award for it’s academic standards. This was miss stated in my opinion, the fact is Gib is credited with for a year when it should be for a semester. Amis, Thompson and Kurtz are players from Bob’s recruiting efforts that graduated under Gib. Gib’s best season so far was with Bob’s players. I will judge Gib from this point forward both academically and on the court.
    Bob isn’t the type to want credit for his work, he has moved past all of this and he enjoying life. But just was you stand by your coach, I’m going to always stand by my friend. I’m not trying to live in the past but it so funny how every team get compared to past successful teams. My goal is to set the record straight when it impact all of my friends.
    At no point did I mention religion or family in my discussion about Gi,b, that would be a personal attack against the coach. I’m not a hater of the program, I’m a hater of miss information.
    If I don’t like a coach, I don’t go to the games but I still buy my tickets to support the program. If Bob knew I was posting these comment he would be upset but he will never know because he doesn’t blog or read HSA. He is busy traveling and helping to pan for his daughters wedding. Coaching and public life is out of his system, too bad because he could be a great teacher to Hawaii young players. I done with this site because in my opinion the views are not balance.
    I’m going to follow my friends and move past the blogs. Signing off for good. Aloha.

  24. Lee – I, for one, thank you for attempting to set the record straight when it comes to the recent APR award and for detailing the extraordinary recruiting restrictions under which Bob Nash and his staff were called upon to develop a winning program. Ferd Lewis has given additional factual detail on what went into the score that won that APR award: 3 years under Nash with scores of 1000, 1000 and 961, and 1 year under Gib Arnold at 941.

    It is unfortunately true that Bob did not succeed as head coach, and his firing became inevitable and justified under the circumstances. But those who have been and continue to rejoice at the firing of Nash and the hiring of Gib Arnold and to heap praise on Gib’s record as a recruiter and a coach in comparison to Nash should view Lee’s remarks as sobering. The fact is, a good number of the players recruited by Gib, including players critical to his success, such as Vander Joaquim and Joston Thomas, could not have been recruited by Nash, and a considerable number of players Arnold has signed either did not make it for academic reasons (you know the four) or have entered or will enter UH as marginal students (Wiseman, Fotu, Armstead, if he is indeed the recruit Gib is waiting on). Which is to say, that when coupled with all of the defections from the program in the last 2 years (good and bad students), it is legitimate to ask, in fact important to ask, where are Gib’s actions in recruiting and coaching taking the program. Ferd’s article is worth a read. And try this one on for size: at this point in time, subject to upward changes depending on what actually happens to the recent defectors, Hawaii’s APR for last season stands at something over 880.

    Uhfanzonly1. You are an optimist. I get it. But some of the assertions you make in praise of Arnold are as wildly unfounded and unsubstantiated as any of the criticisms that have been leveled his way. Even if you contend that Gib is entitled to the “benefit of the doubt” unless and until he fails to produce wins or commits a serious NCAA violation, that is not a reason to ignore and be dismissive of those who express concern about the direction of the basketball program.

    Winning is most important, but how and what you do to win cannot be ignored. From my perspective, Gib better get the program on a solid winning track very soon, because if he fails, his failure is very likely to have lasting negative consequences for the coach who succeeds him, unlike Nash, whose failure actually set the table for Gib to have success.

  25. Oahuan: I appreciated Red, Bruce, Frank, Larry , Riley , Bob and Gib for what they have or will do..My statements, were always tempered by: if Gib loses half his recruits now, and is going downward, affecting APR and scholies, the program will definitely be in trouble even with a new coach. I didn’t condone some things that Gib was doing, on court ranting, recruiting marginal if not even qualified athletes, i.e. the 4 guys who did not get in last year, as well as the exodus…that is NOT a good thing the revolving door..sad to say, look around the country, there are teams with the same challenges problems..and I HAVE said repeatedly, I give Gib the benefit of the doubt, you know why Oahuan? I know he is not perfect. he is not in jail, or under sanctions, so he must have BACKING of UPPER CAMPUS and AD and BOOSTERS..that is the deal..If ANYTHING STINK >
    Now…if Gib has a monster winning YEAR goes to NCAA tourney wins a game..and all the kids, stay on board, and kids start to graduate..stabalize program…a lot of fans will not even remember this topic..they will say, what a great year UH had, and we look forward to 2013-14 for more of the same..Yeah, this site, is UH MBB fan friendly, I still don’t know where LEE, or Wheeler, Riley or whomever is coming from..Nobody has to set record straight with Bob…and if this recognition APR thing is a mistake with Dayton: Dayton his man up enough to correct..Dayton IS a good guy..what is wrong with that..AND everyone is entitled to opinion right..it is a great country we live in..and the facts about APR , and the impact is not lost on myself or any others..we are not that stupid…WE ARE FANS of a STABLE WINNING PROGRAM..i.e. 2007 football perfect season and Sugar Bowl…we ALL on board, even though JJ was on his way out before that bowl game..well as I stated I am not speaking Gospel here: JUST MY OPINION..and I do apprectiate LEE and OAHUAN…it helps me to see the overall picture..

    Mahalo and Aloha fellow UH fans…!!

  26. Usually i’d stick the Opinions at the Back End…but for today…

    TAKEN ALL TOGETHER…that is, ALL YOUR/OUR Comments…
    Whether Optimistic, Cautionary, Watchful or even Alarmist…

    i think this site is “More Balanced” than Most, for example, Most Things Ferd puts out (although i have NO Objections to today’s column, which is more like an editorial and i think APR IS Academic Progress Rate Not Retention Rate…) or some things ignorantly blurted on Portnoy’s site (just ‘cos you can drop some names doesn’t mean you’re close to understanding the overall picture, esp. when you’re missing “The Basics”and you fail to incorporate or listen to the experts)… i’m assuming the “something over 880” comment is a calculated “Maximum Low Score” if guys left with less than 2.5’s or 2.0’s (Most did not) or fail to continue school?…

    By now i may be getting biased, but everyone above got plenty of space (air-time); also had others jumping in to help clarify, re-but, balance or even express appreciation and support — without personal attacks … rarely gets much better than that…

    …and i think no one need feel the need to leave on anyone else’s account (although it’s clearly your choice)

    SOME of Gib’s Perspective:

    From “B.Curran Show” Today 6/21, Scott Robbs standing, in discussing with Coach Gib:

    (Scott made it clear that this was a four-year award that spanned two coaching staffs. It was also made clear, as some noted above, that many of the controls in the academic monitoring and help program are exercised at the AD & Staff Level i.e., Not just left to the Head Coaches and their assistants…)

    – What is APR, Academic Progress Rate?
    A: It’s a formulation of how your players are graduating or making progress toward graduation …or if transfer w/o being in good academic standing… A perfect score is 1000 (as in UH Cross Country), over four years (MBB was 990). Men’s Basketball (13 MBB scholarships) can earn a perfect score of 2 pts/ semester per player and 4 pts/ year; one for GPA > 2.5 and one for NCAA Eligibility (2.0 GPA). Our guys are doing a great job — their GPAs the last couple years are the highest for Men’s Basketball in quite a few years.

    – How does the turnover rate the last couple of years affect the APR down the road? A: It doesn’t affect it nearly as much as some are making it out to be because our guys are leaving with good GPAs. For the most part, everybody that left here had >2.5 GPAs so we don’t get docked at all…

    – How did UCONN lose Team Eligibility?
    A: Well i wasn’t there so i can’t answer for Coach Calhoun, but for high level programs with players every year turning pro, it’s possible their last semester they’re off with agents to try-out camps and not finishing with 2.5 GPAs. There’s an APR Rule that if a player turns pro you don’t lose a point, but if they drop below 2.0 (Not NCAA Eligible) they would be docked a point.

    – What did Joston Thomas do?
    A: He went to the mainland and worked out with teams with his agent…

    – Was he in good standing when he left?
    A: I don’t talk about individual cases;
    I’d get sued and lose my job if i did…you can ask Joston about that…

    [A Comment above about needing to take additional summer classes to maintain progress or qualify at a new transfer school could be accurate, as many of the athletic programs are factoring in summer classes to allow graduation in four years or less…and none of the last batch of transfer-outs had red-shirted.]

    Additional Comment: “I think University of Hawai’i is doing an outstanding job. We’ve done our job…All the guys here and the guys coming in are academically strong. (Isaac Fotu’s questions are not unusual for Internationals and deal with what classes and how many are needed for NCAA Qualification.) You always have to watch for the freshman adjustments like we had a couple of years ago when a couple of freshmen in their first semester really struggled, but the ADept, Compliance and Academic Advisers were able to change some things, help them get back on track and get back in good standing (lost points below 2.5 GPA, 3.0 since, and now transferred out, accounting, at least in part, for the first-year 941 score that Ferd Reported on.).

    ” …The group coming in are ALL High-Character guys…”


    Happy (6/21 First Day of) Summer everyone !

    You Guyz are doin’ the NFL Thing for UHMBB …
    just about making it an Year-Round Point of Interest …

  27. I personally apologize for stating that LEE is Jackson or Riley..and same goes with me for what Jackson and Riley did for MBB program..I am sorry Riley..you did a great job with the program, I wished AD had let you stay a few more years..and Jackson,,you did a hell of a job in recruiting some really great players..even adjusting the recruiting emphasis from freshman to JC and international..Riley, Jackson and Jamie Dixon, and Jeff Law throughout the years that was a cumulative 300 plus winning program over 20 years..so I should NOT HAVE EVEN MENTIONED RILEY OR JACKSON in my statement to LEE..for that I apologize and will never bring it up again..I have met and talked to Jackson and Riley many times..great guys, they LOVE HAWAII and MBB…My sincere regrets..forgive me..

    Uhfanzonly1..and to Dayton I am sorry to for emoting..I love UH MBB, maybe a little too much, well have to get back to kids and grand keiki…

    Thanks Dayton for your site..we await the Aaric or another athletic report..and to Gib, do the best you can, I really appreciate your family enduring such things..and you are a coach who has the experience now to get the job done..look forward to a great 2012-13 year..!

    Mahalo friends, and please excuse the expressions…huge MBB fan..!!

  28. Lee – It’s great that you are sticking up for your friend BN… but just let it go already. BN did A LOT of great things for the UH program… he just wasn’t able to provide a winning program which led to a lot of people losing interest in the program. True he had restrictions… but he was dealt the hand that he was given and it was up to him to make something out of it. It’s true that Gib is benefiting from BN’s contributions… just the same as BN was handicapped by the APR from RW’s last seasons. BN basically had to clean up RW’s (and partly his and JW) mess and accepted the job knowing these restrictions. Did you criticize RW for our basketball teams very poor APR scores (889 for the 4-year period ending in 2006-2007!!!) that led to BN’s recruiting restrictions? It is what it is… Deal with it. On Portnoy’s radio show, JW has complained about the recruiting restrictions under BN’s tenure… but the irony is that it was RW/BN/JW’s fault that they were placed in that position in the first place!!!

    BTW you mention that “I will judge Gib from this point forward both academically and on the court”… yet in an earlier post you say “I think if you look close at this coaching staff, they have problems and in a very short time it will blow up in their face”… Sounds like you’ve already made up your mind about Gib.

    I do have concerns about Gib… but at that same time I’m tired of hearing how Gib shouldn’t be given credit for the last two seasons because the main guys were BN’s players. It’s time to move on already…

  29. “he [Gib Arnold] is not in jail, or under sanctions, so he must have BACKING of UPPER CAMPUS and AD and BOOSTERS..that is the deal”

    The back half of your statement is a very big assumption, Uhfanzonly1. Except for the unwavering support of the Booster Club, of which I have been a member since its inception but whose numbers are dwindling, you might be surprised at what the reality is as far as the amount of sincere, voluntary backing Gib still has from the AD, the athletic department support staff personnel, upper campus and even behind-the-scenes boosters who were largely responsible for Gib getting the job in the first place.

    That’s why long time fans, just like you, such as Lee and myself, want success for Gib, but are watching the current situation with the BB program with a lot of concern.

  30. Aloha Oahuan: Yes, we ALL have concerns for current state of MBB, however from winning standpoint, Gib won 35 games with whomever he had on team, even with turmoil, and if Zane and Miah were not ailing..maybe this year they would have won 17, 18 or 19 games..Hey, great support by the boosters..and you and LEE and myself as well as tons of others want Gib=whomever is coach to be successful, and we know, UH in the middle of the Pacific has to be one , if not THE toughest NCAA DI MBB program to have consistent success with..it is hard..

    I appreciate you comments and Lee’s and Eagles, joy, Clyde, Lono, gobows, everyone..let’s see how this plays out, stlill , I am not aware of anything that has to do with NCAA sanction situation with Gib..if you or any booster fan knows that Gib is really doing something not above board. ..let Jim Donovan know..I am not of that pay grade to do that..However you are right, WE ALL WANT MBB to do well..!!

    Hey…let’s just see if Aaric can join team? or if Gib has another HS or euro wing..one thing with academics, Gib wants , all of the guys to either take care of business 1st session summer school or all definitely, except for the guys on their international teams..to be here for 2nd summer session..take care of business with SCHOOL first, ..Gib knows..Jim must talk to him,,you probably know more than I..I HOPE MBB does not implode..if it does..what will we have to talk about for 7 or 8 months, for those of us who really like MBB hoops..Dayton has a great site, and you and I and many others appreciate it..It is a great country and State we live in..Hope the best for Gib and current team..Hey let Gib and team just go out and win that BW title and get NCAA invite..and have kids stabalized in school and as Eagle posted..keep GPA up and be on track to graduate..then one year from now the tenor of this conversation will be vastly different..

    Appreciate the balanced view, or views of all posters..or everyone has a right to a say, as long as not personal attack on character, or verbally or physcally abusive..Dayton you have a great INSIDER site..Hey , UH MBB does not have to promote anything..this is taking on a life of its own..WE ALL LOVE UH ATHLETCS!!

    Go Warriors and Bows…Go UH..thanks fellow fans, that is MY OPINION..Mahalo!

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