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Tavita preparing for senior season by training in Hawai’i

Jace Tavita realizes he only has one year remaining to prove his worth as a student and athlete with the Hawaii basketball team. It is why he has opted to stay near the Manoa campus for the entire summer.

“It was a tough decision,” said Tavita, who is from Salt Lake City, Utah. “But I’m taking both sessions of summer school and just to stay in my daily routine – staying here and training … I’m really close to graduating so it’s good that I do these summer sessions to keep me on track.”

Tavita transferred from Utah to Hawaii in January of 2011, but has spent the last season-and-a-half as a redshirt. He had to redshirt one full year due to NCAA transfer rules, then opted to add the second half of last season so that he could have a full season of eligibility in 2012-13.

Tavita, a 6-foot-4 point guard, will be a senior during the 2012-13 season, so it will be his only year in a Hawaii jersey. As it turned out, he is the only

Tavita and junior forward Christian Standhardinger are the only Warriors who will stay in Hawaii for this entire summer. They have already formed a bond as training partners that they hope will help the team in the 2012-13 season.

“For our chemistry, it’s been good, and it’s not just that,” Tavita said. “We’re both competitive people, so we’re making each other better every day, just pushing each other.”

Tavita has spent the past year-and-a-half as a member of the scout team in practices, so he is familiar with the system. As it turns out, the three point guards from last season’s roster are gone – Miah Ostrowski completed his senior season, and Shaquille Stokes and Bobby Miles transferred.

“Hopefully there’s another point guard here – competition is always the best way to get better,” Tavita said. “But there’s a little chip on my shoulder. Those guys were all great players. Miah Ostrowski, what he did for the team as far as leadership and assists and stuff, that’s something that I’m going to have to try and step up and fill in.”

Tavita and Standhardinger will start play in the Hawaii College Basketball Summer League this weekend. Most of the other Warriors are expected to arrive in Honolulu in early July and will join the Summer League for the second half of the season.

(WarriorInsider.com file photo courtesy Brandon Flores)


  1. To answer the inquiry from the previous post …

    Summer League starts this Saturday at Manoa Recreation Park. Jace Tavita and Christian Standhardinger are on different teams, but both are scheduled to play Saturday.

    Christian’s team plays at 6 p.m. (Kamehameha graduate / future UH Warrior Dyrbe Enos is on the same team).

    Jace’s team plays at 7:30.

    Former UH standout Bill Amis is also scheduled to play on Saturday (against Christian’s team).

    Other former UH players in the league include Bobby Nash, Julian Sensley, Geremy Robinson and Ryne Holliday, although they don’t start playing until next Thursday.

  2. I watched this kid play against Manny Harris who if I am correct is playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers… And he completely shut Harris down… I think all he needs is a coach that believes in him and will allow him to play his game… Play with confidence

  3. Jace and Christian, just the work ethic, and getting school done is a huge step in the right direction. Now if they can work with the returnees and incoming kids, this team can be good. Gib appreciates, the unselfish, hardworking gym rats, those that would sacrifice be dedicated enough to make themselves better. What I see in Christina and Jace, Leaders…upper classmen who have had DI experience with big time Basketball Schools..They know what it takes..man if only Jace and Christian were the foundation with the young guns coming in , and all followed the example of Jace and Christian, I believe, IMHO, that UH MBB this year will be GOOD!!

    Gib you have two excellent upper classmen in Jace and Christian, they will do FINE!!

    Thanks Dayton for Summer league update. Will you be doing interviews and video clips from Summer league..You know with all that went down, with player movement past two years, there is this underlying, FAN BASE, who really want to support the team and Gib , Lisa and family..Hopefully by second summer session July 2 2012 we will see the rest of the guys here for Summer league play and workouts..It will be exciting..

    Thank you Dayton, you INSIDER…we really appreciate you keeping us informed throughout the year with UH MBB, We love it!!

  4. My apologies Christian, I meant..Christian not Christina…!! Sorry bout that,, hey if Gib could recruit a 6 foot super point guard named Christina who could play Div I superior ball with UH MBB , I am sure he would try to recruit her..

    Anyways..Christian my man and Jace,,,you are hard working , classy, and good role models..you guys are going to have excellent success this year.. Mahalo!!

  5. Dayton, thanks for the summer league information and the interview with Tavita. He looked pretty good last summer; it’ll be different having a tall, physical point guard this season; certainly an advantage on defense.

  6. Jace junior year in high school attended peterson prep in North Carolina played against Oak Hill Acedamy scored 19 points against Brandon Jennings (bucks) and Nolan Smith (trail blazers) starting point gaurd. Then returned home in utah for his senior year.

  7. Nate, T —
    Thanks For Validating that Jace CAN play, and doesn’t shrink away from tough competition…
    Thar’s what we’ve been hearing from the coaches, too…

    So, Jace,

    We haven’t seen any on-court stats/results for almost two years…
    (Thanks for being patient and working so hard and for so long…)

    How much do YOU think you may have improved?
    Threes? Used to be an adventure? ? Now hitting 50-70% in Practice?
    Free throws — Jace Ice Time with the game on the line?

    Any Game Time goals?
    Threes 40%+? Free Throws 80%+?
    Three to Five Assists per Game?
    More Steals than Turnovers per Game?
    Hold your man less than 30% shooting?
    (I don’t expect a “reveal” —
    even coach only lets on that he wants to win 100% of the games played)

    There is a History in Hawai’i of some amazing senior transformations,
    Particularly for Guards…

    Have an awesome senior season…
    Bill Amis can tell you (I’m sure he has…)
    what a difference it makes to break through and Finish your College Career as a Winner!
    OR Even Big Winner…

    You, Hauns and Vander are the only Seniors; and along with Davis, Garrett, Christian & Brandon are the only real returnees, even if for a couple, it may be their first time in the green and whites under the lights when it counts; while I’m sure Orel’s semester and Spearman’s Dayton experience will all help…and expect that Shamburger and Clair will get here and also Challenge you to be @ Your Point Guard Best 24/7…

    Otherwise it’s a young team…
    And I’m sure you’ve been told they’re looking’ for solid Leadership…
    Apparently you’ll have some talent you can draw upon…
    Thanks for being a stabilizing force here at this Critical Juncture…
    When you first announced your transfer here from Utah,
    I wouldn’t have guessed that Your Role would end up being hyper-critical…

    It’s “ALL” There for you, Jace!
    …and Coach IS Banking on you…
    By sheer force of Work and Will… And some smart coaching help
    Make it a Super Senior Season to Remember…

    Do That…and we’ll be there to enjoy it with you…

  8. Jace,

    Great to see you and Christian preparing for next season. Looking forward to see you out there next season. We could use your defensive prowess, leadership, and strength.

  9. Dayton,

    Will Manroop Clair, Caleb Dressler, Brandon Spearman, Isaac Fotu , and Aussie be here for July 2nd summer session and summer league? Or will some of incoming recruits/walkon have to wait to enroll in late August?

    Thank you Dayton..

  10. Hope Tavita has and continues to work on his quickness, outside shooting, and defense. At his height/size, he would have a great physical advantage over other PG/SG. I’m not sure how he matches up against a smaller, quicker PG but we’ll see the progress he’s made during summer league (compared to last year). Given the level of talent we won’t know for sure until the season starts but the summer league is better than no games. His overall shooting percentages (2pt, 3pt, and free throw) at Utah are very concerning… shooting percentages worse than Garrett Jefferson… but that was 2 years ago and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s improved.

    Tavita and Spearman should be a good back court combination with both having good ball skills, able to create off the dribble, and able to defend. Outside shooting is still a concern for both but we also do have Manroop Clair who can fill that void. Even though Clair is a frosh that doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to play. Bo Barnes was a shooting specialist his freshman year and was able to contribute… Clair is definitely more talented than Barnes.

  11. RE-POST (From Bill Amis Page)

    Bill Amis was Special Guest on Leahey & Leahey
    -Re-Broadcast Sunday 330 pm Channel 10/1010 KHET

    Bill Amis was the Guest on Leahey & Leahey last night (Wednesday 6/14); Re-Broadcast should be (Oceanic schedule shows) Sunday 330 pm Channel 10/1010 KHET … His Home before Hawai’i (which he now considers his real home) was Oklahoma City so Thunder Fan all the way … Talked about the Transition from Riley to Nash to Gib — “…that benefited me a lot… we had a great senior season…i think it’s going to be successful going through…the changes are more ‘addition by subtraction’…there’s always two sides to every story…. hopefully the guys coming in are strong mentally and ready to produce…”

  12. Here is the Bill Amis interview: http://vimeo.com/44058512

  13. Thanks, gobows —
    way more user-friendly —
    (I’ll keep in mind that stations post things faster nowadays)

    Any body know the “last”, latest or most recent SAT or ACT Exam/ Report Results Dates for Any Prospective Recruits?

    We should petition NCAA to Post “Passed Clearinghouse” Reports…

    Christian, Jace, Dyrbe (+Bill Amis) Game Time Saturday Night…
    Thanks, Dayton

  14. Eagle and other posters: You would think by now…if it is Aaric Armstead awaiting 2nd try at SAT and HS grades qualifying for NCCA DI school, we would know by now..On internet search, nothing says that Aaric has comitted to or verballly comitted to any DI school…Correct, NCAA clearinghouse(you know the NCAA…!!) it takes like forever to get guys cleared or declare a 6th or 5th year of eligibilty or medical hardship, or whether international players can get into USA schools etc..I would think pretty soon Gib will make statement, that we got the guy(official)or maybe another JC with 3 to play or a Euro, they would have to be pretty near close to what Aaric would bring..However, remember Deshawn Mitchell, Dillon Biggs, Gerry Blakes and Ronnie Stevens…thought they were in..however they could not get in..Gib making sure, they won’t even move on it..offer scholie, or financial aid, or whatever, unless the kid FULLY qualifies..otherwise, would figure that Aaric would go to Prep school or maybe Indian Hills JC or Citrus JC,,UH feeder schools..

    Hey guys and gals, I am as anxious as anyone to see if Aaric gets in…if he does, and qualifies as freshman , full eligibility this year..FANTASTIC recruitiing cap…however at this point , I am thinking maybe we think in terms of WE DON’T GET Aaric this year..he did not make it..Then Gib has to get that backup worthy scholie..he still needs that 6’5″ to 6’6″ explosive scoring, defending, handles, pressing athletic wing..Aaric, would, if elgible really be tutored and kept up with academics if he does come in..cannot have one and done..

    Either way…I still hoping an athletic wing still gets that last scholie, we need that player..

    Just my opinion..Look forward to other new guys and redshirts..I think they will work hard and have a good season..Gib will coach em up and team em up and play em up..they will be fine!!

  15. Fellow Fans…sorry , just anxious for that last signee for this year..I really hope it is Aaric..Aaric if you got everything together Academic, SAT, GPA and UH wise up to par..Welcome aboard, I am sure without Question Gib and staff and team want you on board..great, super young athlete…Hope for the best!!

    We should know pretty soon..unless you know of anything Dayton?

    Mahalo..we want MBB to do well, I think , they are young, however good mix of older and young athletes..they have potential to be winners..Without question Gib and staff and whole ohana UH bballers…going to be better than last year..!! hope for the best..Let us be really surpised with that last signee..!!

  16. NO Apologies Necessary on my account… I think Dayton, Coach & Company Can sense the Anxiety / Anxiousness that just is NOT going away this year… I like to think that this building Anxiety / Excitement is because we’re tuned in and can sense that something Big (and Good) is about to break here… May be just a figment of over-active imaginations and dreamin’ BUT I’ve seen “Miracles” before and I don’t think this is An Illusion…

    I know we’re supposed to have ‘only one’ scholarship left, but still lookin for Coach & Co. To Pull a Rabbit or Two out of the Hat…. A Veritable Hat Trick…

    1) One more Flying Forward (2-3-4) so we have more defense, rebounding, shooting and scoring punch…And/OR
    2) One more pretty great point guard who stabilizes both the half-court And Transition Offenses and Defenses,
    (Yeah! Like a Tom Henderson, Reggie Carter or AC? Hasn’t This Wait been long enough?)
    3) Aaric, too…

    I can ‘settle’ for two out of three (or maybe it just takes a little longer…)

  17. Eagle:

    Thank you for your excellent reasoning…sure we MBB fans have waited awhile for the positive uprighting of the ship..I could see it year 1 of Gib, got a little rocky year 2..however..Gib and staff, and guys who stuck it out matured and are working hard for next year..you are right Gib and fellow coaches. working on reeling in some good one or ones..Hey Bill Amis was a late get..so were some other good ones under Riley and Rocha,..Just gotta stay cool and patient..and you know what, us die hards..we are still talking up MBB coming into July/Aug..I love it..

    Thank you, …the Eagle has landed (on realism’s shores)
    Dayton “the Insider” will soon give us the Scoop!!

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