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Opening day of youth camp

The Hawai’i Basketball Camp got underway on Monday, June 4, with dozens of youth participants learning the Xs and Os of the game from head coach Gib Arnold and his staff.

“I’m dead,” Arnold said with a smile after the opening day’s six-hour session. “I’m going to go home and sleep long tonight. That means it was a good day. A lot of kids – the most we’ve ever had … a lot of fun.”

The youths range in age from 5 to 17, and they are separated into groups based on age and skill level. The oldest participants work together in the “NBA Division,” while the youngest participants are called “Looney Tunes.” Each of the age groups gets a chance to play in the Stan Sheriff Center, although the practice gyms are also used.

Arnold said the morning hours are reserved for fundamentals and learning drills, while the afternoon hours are used for competitions such as five-on-five scrimmages and shooting contests.

“They want to win and are very competitive, but they still got a lot to learn, so it’s exciting,” said assistant coach Brandyn Akana, who worked with the 8- to 10-year-olds on opening day.

Current players working at the camp are Christian Standhardinger and Jace Tavita. Former players serving as guest instructors include Bill Amis and Miah Ostrowski.

The camp is open to boys and girls, and there are players from the UH women’s team serving as instructors as well.

Entries are still being accepted for the second session of the camp, which is scheduled for June 12 to 15. For more information, visit www.hawaiibasketballcamp.com.


  1. Nice to see Big Bill Amis back! Great player and person!

    Aloha Bill and have a great summer, you and Hiram played with a lot of heart!
    Mahalo for your being a Warrior!!

  2. Man that is a great turnout for Gib’s Basketball summer camp. Hey, interest is there, great for Gib , Brandyn, Fish, Miah, Christian, Bill and staff.

    Kids are cute and competitive!!

  3. And good job Jace! You are a great addition to the upcoming MBB team..great attitude and student !! Way to go , keep it positive

  4. how wonderful to see my future WARRIORS!
    hey Christian and Jace, you guys look sharp.
    kids impressed me how attentive and enthusiastic (they were instructed to wash dishes after dinner!).
    the gentleman wearing black t and white trunk, tell me you are not Australian?

  5. n2o4joy:

    I kind of had the same thought…if he is, we shall learn about shortly. Hey thanks for keeping it positive! We all like MBB ..that is why we post, keep alive the spirit of BB all year round! Go Gib you are doing a great job..you see that turnout! Wow that is a good thing!

  6. Dayton Knows…

    WHO is Point of Contact with: 1) NCAA Clearinghouse; 2) UH Admissions ?
    (guessing Bobby or HC himself…)

  7. Dayton: When you were preparing for College, I assume, maybe not., that you attended UH Manoa, the requirements for admission, included a certain GPA and acceptable scores on SAT. I know I had to take it once. Didn’t get the right scores first time. I studied hard at Library, tons of SAT prep material, I mean if you really want to get the passing scores to get into the institution of your choice , it is doable. In fact, several students would get together, compare notes, and study together..When redoing the SAT the second time, everything fell into place. UH accepted HS GPA and SAT scores. I was in..wow , what a relief, and I didn’t have to go out and work for a few years in the private sector then come back and try again as an older adult! Though there is nothing wrong with that!!
    That being said, for Aaric Armstead or another mystery gem freshman, or paper work for incoming Euros, I would guess Gib will let us know pretty soon, if Aaric or another freshman got in. It would be the icing on the cake of what is shaping up to be and awesome recruiting class..good attitudes, hard workers..good students and athletic MBB players..

    Let us know, you INSIDER Dayton, if you know of anything regarding that final scholie! You are the best source!!

    Mahalo Dayton and Staff. Go Gib , get em in!!

  8. Good turnout of kids. Kudos to everyone involved. Great job keeping everyone informed about what’s happening during the off-season.

  9. “. . . if Aaric or another freshman got in. It would be the icing on the cake of what is shaping up to be and awesome recruiting class..good attitudes, hard workers..good students and athletic MBB players..”

    Coming from you, Uhfanzonly1, this statement certainly does not surprise me, but I gotta ask, how do you come to such conclusions? I know you have read the various write-ups and watched some of the video on the recruits, so you have some basis for hoping that they will be an “athletic” group of players. But how do you know all or any of them will have “good attitudes”? How do you know they all will be “hard workers”? Furthermore, how do you know they are or will be “good students”, especially when what sketchy information is available actually suggests that at least two of the recruits, Isaac Fotu and the as yet unnamed final recruit (Armstead?) are touch and go as far as being NCAA qualified and admitted into UH.

    I know you are ever hopeful and just want to be a good supporter, but realistically speaking, isn’t it a little early to be crediting Gib Arnold with an “awesome recruiting class?”

  10. Aloha Oahuan: I respect where you are coming from. In several decades I have seen the highs and lows of UH MBB, I guess in these times I like to keep being optimistic. You know what was revealing to me, was Gib’s first year with scramble recruiting and , yes a few of Nash’s recruits, Gib had the guys working really hard..man they almost got to 20 wins that first year. This past year, and last year’s recruiting fallout was disappointing for me and hundreds of fans. Now with word of any decent recruit I brighten up a lot. I am sure I am not the only one. I know, and you know, Gib wants to/has to get it done this year 3. Get kids all in academically and buy in as Team. if they do that, I think they can be successful. That is just me, I try to stay positive. Hey if I knew of any creepy thing with program I would let it be known to powers that be. however, I don’t see it that bad..if half of this years recruits quit and the team has losing season, I would be one of the first ones to say, well let’s look in a new direction. I kow you love MBB as much as I do, and you are being realistic, and thanks, comments such as yours helps me to keep a balanced view. Of all the UH sports I love MBB , have since before the Fab..Aloha my friend!

  11. hey Bill Amis,
    congrats for your team Oklahoma City going for the Championship.
    wishing tons of luck to them and, someday you will join them, where you belong!

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