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Youth camps coming up in June

The Hawai’i basketball program will be hosting its annual youth summer camps next month, and registration is open.

This year will feature two sessions – June 4-7, and June 12-15. It is open to boys and girls ages 6 to 17, and players can enter either session, or both. Entry fee is $250 per session.

The players will be separated into groups based on age and skill level, and will receive instruction from Hawai’i men’s basketball head coach Gib Arnold and his staff, as well as current and former players.

Former standout forward Bill Amis is scheduled to be a guest instructor at the camp, along with recent graduate Miah Ostrowski.

The sessions will run each day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the UH-Manoa athletic complex. The various age groups will rotate between the gyms so that each participant will get a chance to play in the Stan Sheriff Center (as well as Gym I, Gym II and Klum Gym).

To register for the camp or learn more about it, visit www.hawaiibasketballcamp.com.


  1. Great that Bill Amis and Miah are giving back! Fantastic that Bill did very well overseas! Always liked Bill,a real warrior, welcome back Bill!

    Now, we wait, Dayton, one more scholie to fill for this year? Guess , wait to official word from Gib!

  2. Today (5/21) is start of First Summer Session;

    Second or Bridge Session — which is the early enrollment target for new recruits, runs from Mid-June to Last week of July.

    Hawai’i College Basketball League @ Manoa Valley District Park runs from June 16 to August 4 (Thursdays & Saturdays).

    Looking to hear updates soon on graduation, NCAA Clearinghouse qualification, UH Confirmation of Acceptance, of any potential Cali Recruits, or our Foreign Signees like Isaac Fotu or Manroop Clair (or other good to great surprises)..,.


  3. Eagle: Gib akamai now…have guys signed seal and delivered and cleared…all aboard…You know he could still keep scholie open till Aug enrollment of fall session…I believe Riley had some like that, late gets..Either way, I think it is going to be exciting..if nothing there , well save scholie for next year..However..Gib is a Recruiter, now he knows has to be coach par excellence, and sports psychologist too!

    Go Gib!! and Brandyn, Benjy and Fish, reel em in!!

  4. In the long run, Keeping One available might land an Aaric Armstead (or similar) late/last-minute maybe qualifier after some of the bigger named schools have given up and moved on (signed or overbooked others) …

    …AND Gib consistently points out that there are foreign players “they’re on” who could qualify — internationals are often late, like during summer …

    …i’d just like to see (Confirm that ALL of this year’s recruits get in “on time”) so we can Declare “Victory” AND “Lesson Learned” and silence some of the Critics who just add up all the Different Challenges Together and Declare Defeat … instead of seeing that these are just the pats we have to choose from AND we’re lucky someone is willing to work That Hard (“Bus’ Ass!) to keep us moving Up and Along that Path …

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