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Video interview: Catching up with Gib Arnold

The signing period for basketball recruits is ongoing, which means the Hawai’i basketball team is still looking for prospects.

Whether or not head coach Gib Arnold and his staff signs any more recruits is another matter.

“I’m going to be really, really, really picky with this last one, and may even hold it,” Arnold said. “It might be a situation where we hold a scholarship for a year if the right fit doesn’t come along. The one thing I really like about this group, it got great chemistry, got a great group of guys … I don’t want to bring in a guy just to bring in a guy.”

The Warriors have already signed two players during this current signing period – guards Brandon Spearman and Manroop Clair. Both happen to be versatile combo guards.

“We needed to get a little quicker and a little more athletic,” Arnold said. “I did feel that was a key to what we were looking for and those two guys definitely fit the need.”

Arnold noted that the 2012-13 roster will have a unique mix of experienced and new players. The returnees include seniors-to-be Vander Joaquim, Hauns Brereton and Jace Tavita, and juniors-to-be Davis Rozitis and Garrett Jefferson.

“It’s got a mixture of both, there’s really not anybody in between,” Arnold said. “We’ve got some older guys … those guys will give us a lot of seniority. And then you do have the young guys and it’s their job to get better and fight for the positions.”

He also noted that it will be an international roster, with players from Angola (Joaquim), Latvia (Rozitis), Canada (Clair), Israel (Orel Lev), Germany (Christian Standhardinger) and New Zealand (Isaac Fotu), as well as the United States.

“I believe Honolulu is a global city and I tell our recruits all the time I want them to think globally,” Arnold said. “If you look at the NBA, it’s going global. Every team has players from all over the world … so I love the mix we’ve got going.”


  1. looking between 3 players..wonder who there are

  2. Gib regarding getting that last scholie, be very very picky he knows what happened to the program in past few years. Have to get kid that fits. Interesting there a couple of guys, and we think we know whom,,perhaps Gerry Blakes and Aaric Armstead..however the returnees and coaches would have to get together to make sure whether to even offer, or hold for next year. Very smart man.,,Gib does not want to get burned again..Gib is such a super recruiter yet, has that steatlh approach, he does his homework, and has global contacts, so he might surprise us with a global wing, athletic, quick and can shoot and defend and fits..Or if Gerry or Aaric make it in, or one or the other..Fantastic.!!

    I have never seen a grade “A” recruiter work out of the UH MBB office,..and everything done above aboard. Great job Gib..I followed and appreciated your dad’s career, from UCLA through Hawaii, and on to Arizona State, he is very passionate about Basketball and so are you. Wish you the best for this upcoming season. and I hope Gerry Blakes or Aaric Armstead or a surpise athletic wing is signed, not a wasted scholarship, a right fir, a kid who can play , contribute right away and loves team , coaches, Hawaii and his role to help team Win..Go Get em Gib.?!!!!

  3. in ‘old-school’ days => “Father knows best”; he’s the ‘Head of the household’, calls all the shots (period).
    who raised a HAPPY FAMILY!

    ‘Head Coach’ Gib Arnold, captains a tight-ship, heading toward a promising direction, with all the GOOD-FIT scholar-athletes, minus the distracting dead-woods,
    and in time, the distraught fans can be sane again.. so, smooth sailing can be expected to said the least.

    many, many enjoyable games are in the future for all of us.

  4. Thanks, Coach Gib & Dayton,

    Keep Spanning the Globe to Elevate & Lift Up this Program as High as we can get it it …

    This Basketball Program can be a Light to the Legislature & Governor to See and build toward a Bigger Vision such as Yours, Stan Sheriff’s, John Burns & other major Leaders & contributors …

    [There will likely be limited opportunities, but by this time next year or sooner, IF Stevens, Blakes or Biggs can keep progressing / improving their scholastics, attitudes and basketball abilities, they may find their way here, yet … which would help some see the longer, larger, bigger picture — would be (what coach alluded to — the longer, bigger picture) like having gotten the early start in recruiting some promising JC players …]

  5. Gib, that’s perfect. I think all the guys want playing time though. It’s a good group!

  6. I’m guessing the date at the beginning is wrong? May 4th not March 4th?

  7. Haha. Yes, the date of the interview was May 4. I’ve been waiting for someone to catch that and point it out.

    To correct it would have required a lengthy process that would include taking the video down for several hours so I decided to leave it.

    Thanks Sabut20 … and everyone else for that matter. This video has received a lot of “plays” in the last 24 hours.

  8. Sooner or later, Gib will get a commitment from Australia. Some examples of good players from down unter. Luc Longley, Patrick Mills now with the San Antonia Spurs, Andrew Gaze, Guard who went to Seton Hall who was an instrumental in helping the Pirates make it to the final four for Carlesimo, and Dellavadura, the shooting guard from St. Mary’s. There are others I’m sure, but those that I remember. The rest of them, I mis-remembered!!!! Hehe!

    Al, would Manroop Clair could possibly we the future Holy Grail of UH basketball!!! Gosh, he’s only 17 yet. He’s got time to grow to be something special. When he lighted up Rasheed Sulaimon, I said “Whoa, Nelllie”. You just don’t do that to a 5 star player who is a McDonald’s All-American unless he’s got game.

  9. Would not be surprised if Gib receives a LOI from an athletic wing very soon, not just anybody, rather someone who fits, team player, loves coaches, style and team mates and Hawaii, probably between 6’5″ to 6’7″ anywhere from Cali, to Serbia…Bring em in

  10. speaking of Rasheed Solaimon,
    a few observations, just can’t resist to share —

    so funny! the story with the middle-age lady (in hotel), (search=Rasheed Solaimon Duke).
    so resembling! Mike Jordan look-alike (with tongue-in).(% performance????)
    so quotable;
    1. “the HATERS are the ones who really like you!”.
    2. “we will sweep UNC next season!” (Roy’s motivation)

    { ps; Roopi, are you here? }

  11. hawaiifan09 you are still squawking? They (clowns in coaches jerseys) let an experienced, hard-working “blue-collar” 6’7″ wing go because they thought they could find something better out there . . . well?

    Sorry but UH will only win 15 – 17 games next year and we’ll see what the excuses are then . . since all the “disgruntled” players are gone! You can expect more (at least 1 more) departures before the start of next season. Remember – when you point the finger . . . there are three pointing back at YOU! Mahalo!

  12. Dallan — Calling You & your 15-17 OUT…

    YOU are thinking WAY Too Small — 16 WAS The Low Point …
    i’ll bet you 100+ that Gib Only has ONE season in Ten Below 16 …

    From This Year On, Averaging 19+ — i would say 20+ but he’s already disappointed us with TWO SUB-20 Seasons … when More was available just on performance of the start-up players he already had …

  13. BTW Dallan,

    It takes More Guts to tell a player the truth than to string him along @ His Expense (his future & career), and stand up to the criticism of “those who will not see” their own noses on their faces…

    Fotu and Standhardinger, and probably Dressler (with his non-stop motor) and maybe even a player to be named later ALL are likely to eclipse the dour pouter — IF he learns from his worsening efforts & attitude as well as his rapidly diminishing minutes, good for him…he always had a lot of potential, but this team needs players consistently trending UP…

    from a previous “clown” administration with seven or eight game “dominated” streaks and sub-.500 year-on-year and overall records, to Worst-Case .500 records even with key personnel losses, where do YOU mine your Doom & Gloom ?

    Keep lookin’ for that loser’s site…

  14. Eagle – will give you the name of a local charity to donate my ben franklin to at the end of next season!

    P.S. He is not going to last 10 seasons – put down that pipe!

  15. …and let me know your local charity as well…

    At least something good comes out of it even if we suffer a bigger collapse…

    Ten is a long time…Can they (coaches) earn retirement in less than ten?

    High stress jobs? Not sure who’s aging faster– Gib or Obama

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