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Rozitis earns academic honor

Editor’s note: This story/video got lost in the shuffle during the recruiting news last month, but it is certainly worth posting. As you will read below, such an honor is rare for men’s basketball players.

Davis Rozitis of the Hawai’i basketball team received All-Academic honors from the Western Athletic Conference last month. The 7-foot sophomore was the only Warrior selected, and one of only seven men’s basketball players from the entire conference to receive the honor.

“My secret is just go to class, pay attention in the class, and just be there every time,” he said.

To be eligible for the honor, a student-athlete must have completed at least one academic year, have at least a 3.00 cumulative grade point average and have participated in at least 50 percent of the team’s contests.

Rozitis just completed his sophomore season with the basketball team, but it was his second year at UH. He redshirted the 2010-11 year per NCAA transfer rules after transferring from USC.

Rozitis said his grade point average is between 3.2 and 3.3, and he is majoring in international relations and political science. He played a key reserve role on the basketball court, contributing 3.1 points and 2.6 rebounds, while appearing in all 32 games.

Rozitis said he will return to his home country of Latvia this month and will train and play with the Latvian national team this summer. He is expected to return to UH in August to begin training for his junior season.


  1. Great job Davis! Keep it up in the classroom. You are a natural behind the mike or camera, very witty, and funny. You are right by your academic gpa, it helps overall team gpa. However in real life for you whole team, hope everyone is maintaining at least 2.5 or above and working towards a degree.. what a deal, free full ride scholarship, play ball in Hawaii and get a degree and play for your national team(get stronger my friend, somehow you might be a very, very important Big next year..could be THE key)..and you have future to play for pay after college..

    Best wishes with Latvian national team, hope you and Vander come back stronger and ready to go in early fall workouts in late august early sept 2012..!!

  2. Congratulations, Davis!

    Between classes & catching them on video you ‘re keeping your teammates ‘honest ‘ and making them “real” personalities to the fans; and thanks for helping Dayton & Co…

    You’ve got a Sacha Baron Cohen kind of offbeat (understated, meant as a compliment) sense of humour…

    Go Latvia!

    Come Back even better!

  3. Way to go Davis.

    Hope you have a great off-season in Latvia. When you come back, you along with Vander and Christian will be the top trio of big men in the BWC. Looking forward to your videos too.

  4. TEAM & OHANA:
    what – how bad do you want it (mBKB).
    who – anyone who missed it (purposely).
    where – uTube video (hit = 1,250,000)
    why – inspirational need (just in case).
    when – tech for boredom diverting (doubting coaching).

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