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Kamehameha’s Enos will join UH Warriors

Kamehameha senior Dyrbe Enos said he has decided to accept an offer to walk on to the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team.

Enos, a 5 foot 9 guard, said UH coaches extended the offer last week and he decided to accept after earlier considering a similar offer from Hawai’i Pacific University.

“Some of it was money — HPU costs more,” said Enos, who added he was eligible for partial academic-based financial aid at Hawai’i Pacific. “I looked over my options and talked to my brother (Rykin), and he said if both offers were the same, I might as well try Division I and see what I can do over there.”

Rykin Enos was a walk-on member of UH’s basketball team in 2009-2010.

Dyrbe Enos was a three-year starter for Kamehameha, helping the Warriors win the state championship in 2011 and reach the state title game in 2010. He averaged 18 points per game during this past Interscholastic League of Honolulu season and was regarded as one of the state’s premier 3-point shooters.

(Dyrbe Enos photo courtesy www.scoringlive.com)

Enos said he was contacted by the UH coaching staff two weeks ago and invited to a campus visit, during which he was given a tour of the facilities.

“They said I would have a spot on the team, but they couldn’t promise any playing time,” Enos said.

Enos said former Punahou standout Miah Ostrowski, a 5-9 point guard who started for Hawai’i the past two seasons, served as a positive role model for local players.

“Miah inspired me to try to compete at this level,” Enos said.

Enos said he also gained confidence from playing in the College Basketball (formerly “NCAA”) Summer League last year, during which he competed against several current and former Division I players.

“At first I was a little nervous and intimidated by the size and quickness, but as the season went on, I got better,” Enos said. “By the end, I felt I could hang with them.”

Here is a highlight video featuring Enos:


  1. Dyrbe can be the next Miah, however for four years and all season. Welcome aboard Dyrbe!! You have that passing point ability and an added access the 3 ball. You can ,as Miah has shown hang with the big boys..You will do great, always love to see local guys who can play on roster..This summer, no, NOW, hit the weights, work on vertical, lateral quickness, shoot high 80 per cent FT, and shoot over 300 3 balls for average of 39 % or better when you get in. Maybe you could be the next Miah, or Alika, or Jarrin, or Kalia..on full ride..Good news!! Mahalo for giving it a shot , you know the local fans going to love you!! Go Buff n’ Blu!! and now Green and white…!!

    Good offer Gib, keep those local ballers on team, one day have your guards , maybe forwards from Hawaii in future!!

  2. Huge apology Dyrbe! Ooops!! Not go Buff n’ blu, Rather Imua Kamehameha, and then go Manoa Green and White..you will be fan favorite!!

  3. pleasure to welcome Dyrbe to the TEAM.
    you’re the 2nd Warrior ==> Warrior (Spearman was 1st).
    impressive video: offence & penetration are excellent (free-throw % guarant but, turned-over must be low)!

    no, you must earned your PT (proved that you belong).
    the same for scholie (chance of your life-time!).

    OHANA love the local-presence (make us proud; we’ll be loud)!!!

  4. E Komo Mai, Dyrbe

    Only so many in Hawai’i (so far) can get the opportunity then make something of it, or Something Big of it…
    Watching you these past years, you’re one I thought ‘could’ make it…obviously the coaches see something, too…
    Your Range, lessons from your brother and maybe even Miah still being on campus for insight or guidance could all help

    You can continue, maybe accelerate the trend of capable, local fan favorites…
    IF you hang with it, maybe, why not, raise it all to another level?

    Imua, Kamehameha, E!

  5. His game has improved a lot over the last year, and he really shown the ability to score the basketball.
    He can attack off the bounce both ways, and he is a very good shooter – very dynamic scorer.

    He is no doubt skilled, and I hope he continues to work on his body and develops the ability to guard people aggressively.

    I really like this pick up.

  6. Dayton:

    You are very close with the MBB coaches/players. Question posed before. What is the status of Tyler McDaniels 6’9″ walkon, son of Benjy Taylor. It seems like he still had to get academics in order before enrolling in UH. Could you ask Benjy: “where art thou son Tyler”..I know in summer league, could handle ball some, not a true banger.., liked perimeter..a key summer league game , he go a key end of game block..so he has length.\

    Could you find out for the Warrior faithful: Where is Tyler and will he still try to enroll at UH and walkon or has he moved on?

    Million thanks Dayton and staff.

  7. Tyler will not be joining the team anytime soon.

  8. Dayton,

    Mahalo for latest on Tyler McDaniels!!

  9. dyrbe better shooter than miah but miah has everything else over him

  10. Good local get as a walk-on. Since we’re supposedly targeting an athletic wing with the last scholarship (if not then saving it for next season)… It’s great that we’re adding depth at the guard spot. Even though Enos and Chu are walk-ons, at the very least they’ll be able to provide valuable support on the scout team. Enos and Chu don’t exhibit the same type of athleticism and vision that Miah has but they do offer other strengths (shooting).

    Dayton: Thanks for commenting on McDaniels. I was wondering what happened to that guy.

  11. Gotta agree with hawaiifan09 on this one. Not much to see in his game besides a decent shot.

    Let me preclude my opinion by sating that I don’t know him, nor have I seen him play. But just based on his highlight video, I don’t think he’ll smell the hardwood much at all while at UH. Miah has fluidity, and looks like a natural with the ball. This kid doesn’t. At least not at the D-1 level. Miah has better vision and is more athletic. He looks like many of the other local kids who ball at the gym, IMO – nothing spectacular.

    Hopefully he proves me wrong and provides more than just a body in practice.

  12. i’ve seen dyrbs play many times and is a really good shooter but overall athleticism and size/strength won’t get him on the court…good chance of seeing him when we blowout most BW teams though

  13. Not saying it’s enough to get out under the lights, but one of the consistent (HS) coaches’ comments was w.r.t. Dyrbe being a smart or complete player (some of that visible against HS competition); so key to him making a dent is learning the D-1 game; even similarly-sized Shaq’s drives often became turnovers or blocks — until they learn to keep the ball out of reach like Miah’s drives — i would think practicing as a slotback for two or three years helped with that step, acceleration and drive … IF Dyrbe takes his man back door or penetrates the key, from what i’ve seen it’ll likely be for a pull-up 10 footer, floater or dish (to some of the best big men in the league)…

    Otherwise, ball-handling and threes look like the strengths (so far) that can translate to the D-1 game …his best competition/challenge is probably in practice (where they know his game) so whatever he learns he can do in practice should work in the game …

    At the very least, Coach is providing opportunities to help Local Prospects challenge and build their games in Practice against Higher Level Competition — don’t think there aren’t too many like Derek Lowe or Miah Ostrowski, who are D-1 ready … But along with Julian Sensley that is three in the Last ten or so years … bet Coach Gib “Can” get two out of three (early)…IF he can get three of three, they may have a basis to Expand the Stan Sheriff Center (SS was smart enough to design it “Expandable”…)

  14. RE: During A.C. And Alika — there were 22 Basketball Sell-Outs

    (This Data Reported by J.Portnoy & Co. — A Positive Contribution …)

  15. hes young but even when hes a senior i dont see him being explosive as miah was attacking the basket…he isn’t quick/fast and will have trouble defending

  16. No Disagreement…

    We don’t see it, yet…
    …and height is a factor when the rim is up there…most will only grow so much.

    It would be great to already showcase all the skills — like it appears Manoop already brings…
    WHO your coaches are and Who you practice alongside can make a Huge difference.
    Jawato & Co. Practiced alongside Zane;
    Dyrbe & Co. will be practicing alongside Manroop & Orel…

    You can bet that they’ll notice ‘Roop is a “self-made player” and some of his already so-inclined teammates are gonna challenge him at his outer range…Can they hit 40%? Maybe they gotta wait til their shot is clear and maybe they need to set up a step or two closer to the three line to satisfy the coaches’ expectations for reliability…

    Some of intermediate range scoring (pull-up jumpers and floaters) is working that out against your level of competition; IF you can get to the hoop all the better, but that’s really just “finishing”. Hauns had one really great “ESPN finish” but most of his shots are floating to the basket long before the defense has waken up and realized, oh this guy is a threat even from there…

    Great that Coach Gib is providing the Trainers, the Program, Equipment, Technology & Time, the teammates (the track team has some amazing role models) and coaching, even the lighted stage and (soon-to-be-packed) arena… IF there’s a Hawai’i diamond in the rough…IF he Wants enough and is Willing to work as hard as, or harder than Derek or Miah or ‘Roop, etc. that ‘Diamond’ has an opportunity here…he’ll get on the court, he’ll see tough, top competition if he’s good enough….

    IF a potential Diamond in the Rough (Low, Sensley?) is gonna rise from Hawai’i why wouldn’t he try to do it here?

    i think Rykin was on to this…

    How much can a player improve in this environment?

    ?…and Would the next Derek Low walk away (again)?

  17. Just got through visiting rivalsbb to see whats up with Aaric Armstead?, and currently shown with his top five college favs, UH is not one of them….actually, don’t see UH listed any where of those interested in his services. Forget this guy. next!!

  18. Gib said being very very picky, careful with last offer/offers,…want to make sure right fit and academics in order..not repeat of last year …have to wait and see, could be euro, high school old contact..we don’t know..or if no one worthy to offer, save scholie..sure would like to see another tall athletic wing..however, if everyone on board for next year, bet they will be super competitive in BW..they have tall athletic guards..now..

  19. got that “play my game, or else” look all over his face (won’t last anyway; beside we’ve better guys than him signed)!

  20. BTW, the next scholie goes to: someone like Melton Werts (former Warrior), Isaac, or Christian!

  21. Hmmm…Melton Werts…that is back in the day…with Rod Aldridge hitting corner jumper, Tom Henderson running the team, Artie good defender and finishing on breakaway layins..Melton Werts, had free agent tryout with the New York Nets, almost made final cut..but here comes Dr J aboard..and Melton is a UH person of trivia..anyone know what happened to Melton, he must 58 or 59 years old now. great rebounder and shot blocker, had a nice hook with either hand, not good foul shooter..could knock down that 15 jumper like a layin with UH’s patented inbound lob from under their goal it was money..could not put ball on floor,…beginning of 1973-74 season was trying to keep pace with Big Bill Walton, averaging about 20 pt 19 rbg 3 blocks…shoot about 65 % or something like that from field ..strong kid for 6’9″ and 225-230…UH could use him now..would be really physical with Vander together..Mel just had to not get stripped of ball..Big Fro!

  22. Let’s See IF Caleb Dressler (more likely) OR Isaac Fotu @ four years each can Challenge Melton Wert’s rebounding marks — i wouldn’t be surprised if one or both eclipse his scoring … and Both better shoot higher than 65% free-throws …

  23. Uhfanzonly1:

    wow, what a recollection; you must have had the mind of an elephant!?

    Melton’s hustle, intimidating-efficient moves at both front-court was unforgettable to me (only, wished can tell you more)!

    Mahalo for the detailed-response. it’s simply amazing as well (you probably make him proud of himself)!

  24. right on for dyrbe. i respect his decision. HOWEVER, i strongly believe he could have a much bigger impact on the youth if he was playing somewhere. invited to walk-on does not mean made the team. he’d have a better chance at one of hawaii’s d2 schools to make the team and get quality minutes. i want to see boys from hawaii getting quality clock, not 30 second charity time. therefore, i hope he develops his game to the d1 level. i hope he’s busting his ass right now preparing for the try outs next season because the summer league doesn’t prepare you for anything. i hope he’s as big as rykin in the fall! i wish the highlight video showed more passing, because as we all know, that’s all he’ll be asked to do if he makes the team. hey dyrbe, if you get bored at the end of the bench hilo, hpu, or chaminade all have a spot on the floor for you i’m sure.

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