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Booster Club visits Pearl Harbor

Thanks to the Hawai’i Men’s Basketball Booster Club and officials at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, head coach Gib Arnold now has another recruiting tool he can use.

Arnold and members of the booster club visited Pearl Harbor earlier this month, and the coach said it is a destination he can now take potential recruits who make official visits to Hawai’i.

“Especially if you have anybody who comes from a military family,” Arnold said. “Just to see what went on here and how the battle all started, it’s great history.”

Booster club president Tom Ishii said he has already started making arrangements to have the teams participating in the 2012 Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic to visit Pearl Harbor in December.

“During the Diamond Head Classic, we invite all of the visiting teams to come out here during a time that they can,” Ishii said. “It’s a very educational experience not only for the visiting teams, but for all of the players on our team.”

Indeed, Arnold said he would like to include the entire Warriors team on the list of visitors to Pearl Harbor next season.

“We’re definitely going to do that,” Arnold said. “It’s just a part of the experience of playing for the University of Hawaii and living in Hawai’i.”


  1. IF any kama’aina have not visited for a while or ever, it is a significant experience … Though i’ve visited many times, esp. with out of town visitors, it has always been a significant experience; and i think is also is big part of the Hawai’i-Japan Connection and secured Hawai’i’s place in American and World History…

    Avail yourself … they handle the crowds amazingly well and the price is right, esp. For Hawai’i’s No.1 visitor attraction & National Park….

  2. Great video piece! Very historical and quite moving to visit..hope we never have a war like that again!

  3. Coach Gib is right. If you have any military ties, the USS Arizona is a must see. Too often we underestimate the importance of our military. Good going Coach.

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