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An update from Gib Arnold

Hawai’i basketball head coach Gib Arnold is back from vacation and provided some updates for WarriorInsider.com. Here are some highlights:

• There is still a possibility of adding another player for the upcoming 2012-13 season. Arnold said he is “wait-and-see” mode on a recruit who must still gain academic clearance. “We’ve got our eye on a player who we really, really like, who we think is going to help us,” he said. “But we’re going to wait for some academic things to come through, some test scores.” The official signing period ended on May 16, but recruits can still sign non-binding scholarship agreements with schools.

• All the Warriors who are on the island this summer will be allowed to participate in the College Basketball Summer League. The league is scheduled to start on June 16 and conclude on August 4. Most of the Warriors who went home for summer break are expected to return during the first week of July. “I think that’s fun; I think it’s good for the guys to play,” Arnold said. “And it’s a good preview for the basketball fans of the islands.”

• The recruiting process for 2013 prospects is already underway, and at least three high school players could make unofficial visits to Hawai’i this summer. “Can’t get into specifics about who or when or anything, but we do have some younger players who we’ve been working with now for well over a year,” Arnold said. “That’s one of our goals, is to have more players take unofficial visits while they’re still juniors and get to know us a little better that way.”

• The first session of the Hawai’i Basketball Camp is set to start on Monday, June 4. It is open to boys and girls ages 6 through high school, and entries are still being accepted. For more information visit www.hawaiibasketballcamp.com.


  1. nice dayton. just thinking aloud that recruit could be aaric armstead.

  2. Dayton: Thanks for asking the questions we want to know about. Yes, al, who is that last recruit..? SAT scores…hmmm..Aaric? Gerry? Man if one of two could get in for that final scholie, this recruiting class will be solid!!

    Fantastic Dayton, you are above the rest in media, you are an Insider!
    Mahalo Plenty!!

  3. You think Aaric or another HS player?
    It would seem like it is Armstead, however, maybe a surprise player we never knew Gib was in on.? Must be a really good one, if they are holding scholie for him if his latest SAT scores are up to par.!! Pretty exciting times….recruiting…makes us forget of recent past..look forward to a fresh start next season!

    Coach Gib , you are a very passionate coach and recruiter, wish you best for signing this last young guy and have a great summer and look forward to this coming (summer league, chance to see some new guys, and summer session workouts with guys who are here, am sure Dayton will be covering extensively, hats off to Dayton and staff!!)season with ALL IN players..! It should be fun!!

  4. methinks that gerry will have to attain his aa degree next year before he can get out of the barn. he’ll have 3 for 3 by then.

  5. dear Mrs. Gib Arnold:
    we, the fans of Warrior BB, would like to apologize for our belated ‘Welcome & Aloha’ to Hawaii-
    we took it for granted that whenever for whatever we relate to Coach Gib, you’re ALWAYS included!

    we appreciate that the wonderful job of making your whole family healthy & happy, so he can does his job better & better…
    the entire State is benefited for the TEAM is getting better & better as well.
    you’re the unsung heroine.

    nice to see that you’ve enjoyed your well-deserved vacation.


  6. n2o4joy,

    Aloha that was very nice expression n2o4joy, thank you Mrs Gib and your 5 great kids..without them, wow..Gib has a good family, with their support and our support(the MBB fans) getting UH Basketball will be very competitive and doing it the right way..Thank you for coming to Hawaii to help our program out, and forget about the past let’s all move ahead!!

    Mahalo Gib and Ohana!

    UH fans around the islands and the globe!!

  7. Uhfanzonly1,
    Mahalo for your gracious encouragement on my simple gesture of appreciation to Mrs. Gib Arnold.
    yours & many others’ righteous, idealistic, insightful comments in a friendly way provides a continuous enjoyment of our favorite sport,
    even in the TEAM’s off-season.
    reasons for me to checked-in with WI time after time after time!

  8. Thanks, Dayton, Coaches (& Mrs)

    Hope they got real good tutors and/or SAT Prep Classes…
    Need Career High Scoring Performance …
    Grand Prize… Expenses Paid Trip to Hawai’i — Four or Five years in Basketball Paradise…

    Any Aussie insights?

    Thanks, again, Dayton & Co.

    Watch Out, Big West…
    that Rumbling Sound you’re hearing, that Flash of Light…

  9. Dayton,

    Your site like a UH MBB love and aloha for sport forum. Great. We keep it real, honest and as best we can speak optimistically, too much negative vibes in world today. Thank you once again guys and gals of Warrior Insider, this is a fan friendly zone!!

  10. Dayton: Is Michael Harper the Australian walk-on? He’s not a post player but a 6’3″ SG from Melbourne, Australia.

    Here is a link that indicates that he committed to UH: http://www.australianbasketballcollege.com/#!__2012-prospects

  11. gobows: wow, great search! Maybe. Family must have some connection or finances to send son this far with no scholarship(unless academic or relative of someone?). We shall wait and see! You talk about recruiting the globe, Angola, Latvia, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Canada!

  12. Nice Get, gobows…Thanks

    IF this is him, Harper looks like a good slasher and potential solid scorer, quick hands…

  13. Had heard a plethora of good things about Harper and was pleasantly surprised when I saw him live at nationals in 2011. He seems to be a versatile and determined player with some serious skill. Great potential, can’t wait to see him as a warrior!

  14. never excited by a walk-on but there are exceptions but in most cases they just aren’t good enough to make an impact so don’t get too excited

  15. Not Yet… But we’ll know soon enough IF Jawato or Harper improve enough to make a difference…

    It could be “as small” as leading us to recruit another ‘Player’….

    OR Start or Win a Game or Two…

  16. (more)….

    I think that’s the Real Reason it’s hard to “count scholies’ with Coach Gib…

    He knows “our” preconceived notions about whether a player is “good enough” at the time of recruiting, affects the way a player is treated as well as his own self-perception…

    Vander, even Joston, may be good examples; NO ONE was projecting Vander as one of the Best Bigs in The West when he first arrived (except maybe the coaches who had seen and done that before). ALL the Greats are self-made…FEW (like Phil Handy) see ALL the work Kobe puts in…

    How well a player ends up playing now or one or two years from now is (potentially) limited by that perception, how hard they work, ?quality of facilities, equipment, trainers, coaching, venue? …Would Manti Te’o be an All-American @ U.H.? That’s for Norm Chow to “sell”; maybe Cory Paredes can make the argument in the NFL; sorry to mix sports metaphors, but it’s a good “home” example…

    For our internationals, they travel half way around the World for their (really) ONCE in a Lifetime Opportunity …

    So maybe we and the coaches would be wise to expect MORE…

  17. Harper kinda reminds me of James Harden of OKC, slashing to the hole and fearless. For a walk-on, I think he’s got a chance to earn a scholarship. Since we are getting some international players, ah yo Gib, can get somebody from the Congo and find the next Serge Ibaka? Hehe.

  18. Hey Derek!

    I bet that is the next place Gib is going to! He said would recruit globally, and true, the foreign born players are mature, good students and their athleticism is getting better every year.!! Go Gib and Mrs Arnold and Arnold ohana. You, Gib, say what people will say, and you never , ever admitted you were perfect, human like all of us, yet very caring of the kids and team…are a great , passionate recruiter, and something not done in these parts of the islands in regards to UH MBB(unless you fellow “insider” forum guys and gals know), never has a coach started to recruit juniors, and sometimes put into the ear of 8th , 9th graders or freshman high school bballers..Gib get Aaric in..then watch GIB HATERS go into hding..you know what I think? The Gib haters are just former team members, or some gals from diving team(just kidding), those girls are in super top shape(the swimmers , divers, they are as tough as nails, water polo too and sailing, if could translate that effort to Old/New UH MBB upcoming team..UH will have banner year..>>UH Warrior/ Rainbow basketball going to smoke …win that dang BW and go to the dance..Sorry for ranting, I just live and die with the MBB team..you know how long? Since the team was playing SUBPAC, ARMY, HIckam Flyers, Jolly Roger etc. and when the team with local and mainland . And seeing the disparity in talent when Pistol Pete Maravich, and Elvin Hayes came to town..Then fall of 1970, 5 afro-american bballers got it going fo r two years and the rest is history..Now since 1966 till 2012, am even more hooked on UHMBB, it is OUR major basketball team..JUST GIVE GIB A CHANCE!!! Go get em Gib, you are doing a great job reloading with good students, athletes and citizens..PLAY DEFENSE and shoot free throws , box out and rebound likeevery ball of the glass or the floor is yours..you will win and people will come to the SSC for sure!! ! Go Gib!!

  19. Thanks to all of you for the support. Great to see so much interest in the program even during the “slow” time of year.

    And kudos to gobows for the find on Harper. I have not confirmed any names, so can’t say for sure if he is a future Warrior. However, the listing of his commitment is a good sign.

    Keep in mind that international players have to go through a lot of paperwork and clearance issues, so anything can still happen.

    With that said, the latest word is that TWO Australian players have plans of enrolling at Hawaii for next season.

  20. Wow Dayton, you da man. Two more Australian walk ons? Coach Fish is fishing for some good ones. Maybe a Big or a small. That Australia, New Zealand connection is huge. Plus, these kids have the grades, the maturity and some bucks to come all the way to UH USA to play. Wow..!! If we can get Harper, maybe another big 6’8″ to 6’10” raw, and a 6’5″ to 6’7″ wing player to walk on…you know what Gib is making Hawaii become? A global, central Pacifica Basketball Haven. First step, see how possibly, if they can get in , i.e. Haim! and if they are down the road scholarship worth, ..I sill think of Andrew Gaze, and Luc Longley, and Patty Mills…made it through USA universitys and eventually the NBA..hey Riley “recruited” Luc Longley’s mom to be a student at UH..she loved it here!!

    Thanks Dayton..it is just about summer, the sweltering heat, and our hearts , the MBB program devotees, and I know there are many Female posters too, love it, we could talk, text, message UH MBB all year long..it will translate to success I am sure!! Keep program clean, recruit good students, good attitudes and finally the Big One, Athleticism and team player= WINNG..yeah I am just like any other fan, if UH wins regularly and challegnes for top 1 or 2 spots in whatever conference they play, win that dang DH classic, and go NIT or NCAA pretty consistently, Gib, or whomever coaches over the nest ten years will be sitting pretty with rock solid program.

    Mahalo Dayton. SA got rid of the wrong guy! This site beats SA by a mile, though I like Brian , nice guy, other columnists, have to produce whatever kine news when SLOW period for NCCA sports..Go Gib, I hope Aaric or whomever(most probably)Armstead finishes SAT in good stead and qualifies to play this year , look out..everyone jumps on the preseason bandwagon..In all honesty? I think Gib has a very good coaching staff for this part of the world , Global recruiters..Great!!

  21. good job everyone:
    you “WRITE”; I read then, I smile.
    you know what? someone else is smiling with me.
    you know why? Mrs Arnold now sees that there are many people respect the man she loves.

    there are two dreams for me now:
    1. one (more the better) of the Arnold kid(s) became a(+) Rainbow WARRIOR and each coach by his Dad.
    2. DH Classic featuring 2 or 3 top-10 ranked teams in the tournament every year
    (the ones that has the future Pete Maravich, or Elvin Hayes.. ).

    if all of you keep up the good works__

  22. Thanks, Dayton….

    Look forward to more updates on enrollees, and Aussie heights, names, stats, Arrivals(!)…

    Keep the Great News Coming’!

  23. Aloha n2o4joy!

    You must be a booster! You seem to be very close to or know of Mrs Arnold. In Gib’s business, it can get darn right nasty. I for one, don’t believe you should attack character. We treat others how we would want to be treated. And in Hawaii, that should be our first priority. It seems like Mrs Arnold, as well as Mrs Nash and Mrs Wallace all experience or have experienced the brunt of what their husbands go through as Head Coaches. I have no personal ill will towards Gib, even though I was taken aback by some things that happened with team, however, Gib and team recovered, and you are right Joy, if we are all in this together, support Gib, and support team and coaches wives, who sacrifice a lot..UH MBB will do well, without question. In the world , too much hate and negative spewers.

    Gib will do well , and his team will be good, no question. And Mrs Gib, you are alright… and we appreciate you and your 5 dear kids making tremendous sacrifices and love in sharing Gib’s talents with UH MBB, aloha, and mahalo!

    Speaking on behalf of , really the MAJORITY of loyal UH MBB fans..and that is right, if you see the Arnold’s around , say hey, they are good people and the love Hawaii and we can show the same respect towards them. And Gib’s health will not suffer, nor his kids have to go through a gauntlet..Thank you once again Mrs Arnold and kids , ..sincerely: UH FANS.! and Dayton you good guy too!

  24. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!!

    Don’t ever recall coach Gib introducing his wife and kids to fans online…never seen no pics from reporters of his family at games, etc. Would be nice to put aface to the name’s.

    Can’t wait to see the new faces on the bb team.

    Tanks, Dayton; I agree with other’s….you represent the bb faithful.

  25. since his introduction last Summer and saw him again at Rozitis’ video this TEAM banquet —
    he is the #1 future Rainbow Warrior (to coach by Gib); the Prince of WI
    ” the Schmidt Kid “.
    (just loved his wonderful smile, impressive enthusiasm.. sorry, couldn’t get his first name!)

    we, the royal fans of Dayton’s WI are indebted to Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt and other supporters
    for the privilege of our every log-in. which is an automatic sincere perpetual acknowledgement.

  26. NOT Too Early to Establish the “Dayton Morinaga Wall of Fame”…


    The Schmidts,

    Coach Gib (of “The Rennaisance”)

  27. Thanks Dayton! This site is awesome, and the amount of comments/views definitely shows the interest in UH men’s bball.

    I wonder if the other Australian is the son of a former UH player? The son played in a HS tournament here a few years back and was named the MVP. At that time, he was about 6’8″, still growing, and expressed interest in going to UH (like his dad).

  28. Yes, thanks Dayton for the updates, and nice find by gobows on the Aussie Harper. If my fuzzy memory serves me, I believe that second player’s father went to Saint Louis, and played in the early ’80s for UH. Is that the same player you’re thinking about, gobows?

  29. clyde – I don’t know about St. Louis, but the father played for UH in the late 70s/early 80s. Father was a post player, and so is the son.

  30. gobows: Yes, father is a Saint Louis School grad, stood about 6 feet 9; really nice guy. People familiar with Hawaii hoops know who we’re talking about. I just looked it up, though, the son might only be a senior this year. I’m not sure how the school system works in Australia, but he was a 6-8 sophomore in Dec. 2010 when he played in the Punahou tournament. Might have to wait another year though I’d guess Arnold & Fisher are aware of the player.

  31. gobows and clyde: Could it be the one, the only, Big from Hawaii HS , back then …Brad Pinueau…a legitimate 6’10” 220, played I think in ,…ABL(australian basketbal league) after his career here..must have settled(I am not certain..you guys , who go back aways, Larry Little time would remember!

    The other Big that played in the ILH for University High at the same time as Brad Pineau? I think it was Craig Bell, about 6’10” or 6’11” ..ended up playing college ball at Utah.

    Maybe Brad Pineau’s son?

  32. Gib, Ace, Ashton, Analise, Ally, Addison, and wife Lisa! Thank you to the Gib Arnold family for getting the MBB program up and rolling. Gib you bring passion and excitement. Your family , great support system, and kudos to your wife Lisa! Great job guys!!!

    And again thankyou Dayton for a UH fan friendly site!!

  33. Aloha Pacific Risk Solutions and the Schmidt Ohana! Thank you for keeping Warrior Insider site going. We really appreciate it. Seems like every comment now, is good…very positive..Go Bows/Warriors Men’s BBallers..

    Wouldn’t it be neat if 6’4″ Harper walked on and (if it is) a 6’9″ or 6’10” Pineau from Australia, the land down under played for the great 808..Gib you got it going..MBB will be good for several years!! Go get em Gib!!

  34. “This is a free country and to each their own.” Olivia Culpo stated as her winning answer.

    if we subject our words as well as our actions within the boundaries of normal rules and regulations,
    will win too in any sport.

  35. Yes. Very bright girl and natural beauty too. Really the inner beauty of a person is what really counts. Translates to good moral character. Applying those qualities in real life ..result , more happiness for self and others. If you bring that to UH athletics, UH coaches and their mates happy, team happy , fan base happy.

    Never thought this site would be so cerebral and universal ethical. .in our turbulent times, good way to live, peaceable and kind.

    Gib you have to go on Leahy and Leahy and tell that ohana you got that inner quality that transcends the obvious, you have a great wife in Lisa and fine kids..You are committed to producing the best MBB product and you do , as Riley Wallace did 20 years earlier , a strong love for the athletes..it will , in time produce good and great teams.

    Go Gib, love your passion man!!

    And Dayton thank you for letting us wax philosophically! ? To each his/her his own? Truism. Make right choices and love and respect each other, success, major and minor in all aspects of life, and in regards to Warrior Insider(the best UH MBB site on the planet), and the insight into first Bob Nash and then Gib Arnold, we get the REAL INSIDER scoop..Dayton , go get the scoop on the definitive 2 possible Aussie walkons and the last scolie to fill, seems like Aaric Armstead, think pretty soon, has to be, though some schools in mainland, and SAT proctors don’t show results until early June , which is now..so the FAN base awaits..Wow…thanks Dayton, and Eagle, and gobow, and al, n2o4joy, and Derek and a ton of UH MBB fans..man June 4 2012 and we still talking up MBB..I love it..and can’t wait till July 2 2012 for start of 2nd summer session, when returnees come back and new guys and walkons enoroll and summer league and invidividual coaching sessions, and open gym ensue…Wow can not wait!!

  36. Are you kidding me ? What has Gib done to upgrade UH Men’s Basketball ?
    * Top recruiting clas, not yet. 4 out of 5 were Academic Non qualifiers in his recruiting class
    * Academic success of graduating players, not yet. 7 out 9 of his player have left the program.
    * Diamond Head Classic, started under Nash watch.
    * Community activities, haven’t heard of any. It’s about giving back to community.
    * National TV, DH and ESPN Late night game, started under Nash watch.
    * National basketball schedule. RPI 200 +
    * Run and gun style of play, not yet. They are waiting for the right players.
    Gib has the making of a good mid major coach, but don’t be tricked into thinking
    he is going to turn UH into anything but a good mid major program. He is very gifted
    at tell the fans, what they want to hear but when things don’t work out as he promise.
    He turn the promise into a long range goal. Case and point, the recruits who fail to qualify
    academically became, relationship builders for the future. Next season UH lose only Vander,
    If you sign all young players this season, where will those relationship players fit in next year.
    I didn’t care for Nash coaching, but he is the only UH coach who developed good players into people.
    They all graduated. Gibson,Nash,Dillinger,PJ Owsley,Lueggerodt, Veit, Verwers, Flemings, Campbell, Mayen, JI, Thompson and Amis.
    A lot of credit is given to Riley but Nash and Wheeler were the recruiters on most of the players under Riley’s teams.

  37. Thanks for the update Lee: I think the ones that have commented on this site are just trying to be optimistic. If Gib has anything going against him, it would be , at times being over the top in terms of coaching style, recruiting good athletes, even taking a chance..If he was criminal, or under NCAA investigation, or if Jim Donovan smelled anything stink about Gib in terms of recruiting violation, or sinking the MBB program, don’t you(maybe you are Jim D.?)think it would come out by now. He would not have been able to recruit Orel Lev, Brandon Spearman, Isaac Fotu( a real big time player, huge upside according to Jamie Dixon), Caleb Dressler, Manroop Clair(huge recruiting coup, under the radar big time get), possibly another good HS freshman, two Aussie Walkons?(never heard of that before) and transfers, Jace Tavita(former point guard at Utah) and Christian Standhardinger(transfer from Nebraska)., also, according to Keith Shamburger himself, another transfer to UH Manoa. Hey Lee, especially in the case of Standhardinger(who was a Roese recruit), and Tavita(Utah connection and local family living here), and Shamburger leaving one WAC school for a former LOI suitor..if something absolutely soiled with Gib , I mean he is smells really pilau, why would THOSE three want to stay and come on board to UH? Sure Riley did great, I loved the guy too. the most successful MBB coach in UH history..Bob Nash emphasized academics, and saw the fruits of it. Great for Bob, one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

    Now that brings us to Gib, sure guys left, ..but think about it, everyone was granted release, or in Joston Thomas’ case he went pro..if Gib was stink , he could have made it hard for the guys to leave, instead he made sure all were in good academic stead and could qualify for whereever they would transfer to. He has as much passion and love for those kids, maybe more so, than Riley or Bob or any other coach, for a , and get this LEE, 2 year HC..that is right only 2 years as HC..heck Dana had 3 yrs to prove, Bob 3 yrs to prove, Riley, the man, 20 years to prove, and eventually mellowed down..

    I have always said, and Gib is under watfch by (are you Jim D?)by AD and upper campus, NCCA..he would be a fool to not try to do things differently in year 3 of his contract, since there was a fallout with the athletes that came in year 1 and 2..Hey at your place of employment, or maybe you are retired, or maybe you are a former UH MBB athlete…don’t you have at least 2 warnings, then the 3rd..well there is the door..Gib is not stupid..he will have this year to prove he can keep players, manage well, and give him credit for this, unheard of under Wheeler and others, recruit true freshman and jc transfers with 3 years to play 3. Thanks to Riley and Bob, great guys, we have Gib as the coach, I vest good money into the state and the program..support all teams..Gib is who we have at the helm , so let him do his thing..he is under contract..

    Wouldn’t you give Laura Beeman, and Norm Chow a chance to year 3: I know you are a good guy or gal..I am sure you would..I haven’t seen Gib’s mug up on Crimestoppers…so let us see what he does THIS year..if he is a dirty rat and half the team leaves, and they end up wining 9 games..I say ..then you can be the first one to cast a stone..

    Be a peace my fellow MBB fan..keep blood pressure low, and your spouse happy, and your kids and grandkids, it is better that way..Let Gib go get some good student athletes who will stick with program and graduate..!!

  38. UH Men’s Basketball is not in good hands with Gib, but people see and hear what they want to.
    Let’s wait and see if all the players who left MBB get into other four year schools. What is the APR
    score of MBB? Wait until MBB starts to lose scholarships because APR issues. We learn from our mistakes
    so, Gib should not have any academic problems with this recruiting class. Based on a recent interview Gib said,
    the first thing he looks at in a prospect is his transcript, if the grades are not there he won’t recruit them. He must
    have never looked at the transcript of his 1st recruiting class.
    As the great recruiter Gib is said to be, where is the results? We are hanging our hat on the incoming class, too young
    and the adjustment to Hawaii and Div.1 is too great for this group of players. This season hinge on Vander having a great year, if he returns to Hawaii.

  39. Thanks, Lee for the AD Level perspective…
    (But he Did get a raise)

    I think some of us would’ve “taken” two .500+ seasons after the previous years’ flame- outs;
    although this year would’ve also been a total flame-out if they hadn’t shown a little mid-season and season-closing heart…

    recruiting class looks solid–we’ll have results to confirm or condemn soon enough…
    [NOT SOON Enough or those of us that are gonna be packing Manoa Valley Gym…]

    The ability to recruit primarily freshmen is a new skill for MBB; got to find ways to improve retention and growth;

    Seems like some lessons are getting learned– the ability of a coach & staff to not repeat mistakes is a good one; some of our most experienced, even celebrated coaches (JJ, Trepasso) repeated, before maybe later learning from mistakes…

    ALL– Lotsa Deep, even well-thought out, laid out comments…
    (versus little one-liner, or no value added stuff I see at some other “mostly-volume” sites…)

    Just my preference: Quality Before Quantity…

    Winning AND Good, Clean, Program

  40. talking about grades for gibs first two classes…it was trying to get best available and not look at grades just to jump start the program

  41. Agree … Those were short-term, immediate ‘jump-start’ strategies;
    intentional strategies to recruit the “Best Available”…

    First year rush, can offer playing time even first-year challenge to start…

    The classes that prospective recruits took the previous four years, their grades and test scores (whether they can qualify) cannot be influenced or altered by the recruiting coaching staff (in the short run)… In the longer run, the high-schoolers who didn’t qualify were (maybe always were) JC recruits…

    One Adjustment is (where borderline or marginal) to not announce commitments until after qualifications are in …

    the alternative in the second year would have been to recruit athletes who could qualify (like the first years’) with lower skill levels, or even similar skill levels to the ones he was able to find in the rush of the first year… and is now letting go…

    coach (who has more real experience and success than probably all of us except Jackson) has maintained consistently that the key for the Hawai’i Staff to get better student-athletes, especially U.S. high-schoolers, is long-term recruiting. IF you have glossy facilities, a big name program and/or coach and a long resume’ of results, you have a chance of swooping in ‘late’ and taking a star athlete …

    without all that, the strategy is to appeal to the better inner person — the kind that respects and honors good people, coaches, and long-term relationships as opposed to big-name glitz and glamour, as well as whatever coach and staff CAN Promise, such as Certified Master Trainer(s), Paradise, great fans, great Life
    Experience, etc….

    Also shared Lee’s concern of very few scholarships to give (remaining for this year as well as next) — but between Vander AND Brereton (as well as Jace Tavita if he ends up using one) and any others who can afford to float a year (on their own tab) OR ‘don’t work out’ (least likeable option) … there may be more than two for next year…still, glad coach is choosing to be real picky …

  42. Eagle,

    may I nominate:
    Dayton Morinaga (owner & CEO),
    Eagle (prolific contributor),
    Uhfanzonly1 (prolific contributor).

    to your ‘Wall of Fame’?

  43. Thanks for the Positive Comments

    … and Aiming High for Future Vision
    (The High Performance Experts say you’re less likely to get there If you can’t SEE It First…)

    Based on your Criteria, you’re likewise nominated…

    With Gold-Class Consideration for The Schmidts…

  44. thanks, but no thanks, I’m just a taker, who taking the leads you guys offered to everyone.

    I’m here ’cause that’s where my joys are!

  45. n2o4joy,

    You bring more heart, caring and humanity than most, if not all…

  46. Mahalo plenty for your generous compliments!

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