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Workouts must go on

The workouts must go on for the Hawai’i basketball team.

Although much of the recent attention has been focused on player departures, the remaining players are continuing to go through individual workouts.

“If you can train while other people else are resting, it can put you that much farther ahead,” senior-to-be Hauns Brereton said. “This time right here can make the difference between the split second that you need to get past somebody to hit a game-winning shot.”

The workouts are not limited to the practice gym, as the Warriors are spending time in the weightroom and on the track as well.

“It’s a lot of basic fundamentals, working on individual stuff right now,” sophomore-to-be Shaquille Stokes said. “Team stuff will come later.”

Many of the workouts include drills that the players have been doing for years, such as defensive “slides” and station-to-station shooting.

“It’s a lot harder than it looks,” junior-to-be Garrett Jefferson said. “We do different stuff every day, and most of it is short, but it’s hard.”

(Note that the above video interviews were conducuted last week, prior to the announcement of Trevor Wiseman’s decision to transfer)


  1. Like those bank shot workouts. More players should use them at close range. Or master it like Tim Duncan has and knock em from medium range. Not the prettiest shot but it’s highly effective if you practice it.

  2. Give much credit and props to Guys still here. Vander still working, Shaq still working hard. Did I see Kainoa Chu too? Trevor, mahalo and aloha. Davis, Christian, Garrett, Hauns…these guys wouldn’t be working so hard for nothing…hope they stay and Gib brings in a handful of good students/good head on shoulders/athletes to compliment…Vander 3 year guy, Davis 3 year, Shaq going on 2, and Hauns 2, Garrett 2..You guys have our heartfelt appreciation..Probably right now could field an open gym , Davis, Van, Gee, Shaq, Kainoa?, Hauns, Christian, Orel,Jawato?, Pii? and Jace? At least 10?

    Anyhow…can’t wait for next month or so, without question athletes will be signed…!

  3. Despite the virtual split(like politics nowadays?)for or against..actually is exciting to see a step up in 3 or 4 or more recruits..by year 3, Gib has to have figured it out..who fits, and how to coach, and communicate with athletes..but true..if you had worker at your company just complain and refuse assignments..after couple of warnings, what happens..You know the deal.

    Recruiting, can be exciting…Come on Gib , get some GOOD ones.!!

  4. Hope to see 4 new student athletes coming in with high output motors , shoot ,dribble and rebound ,should be interesting two weeks coming up, how about a Armstead ,. bring him and sign him. Did not see Kainoa Chu in the videos but I know he should be healed up by now re his knee surgery and rehab , maybe able to help as a walk on .

  5. by most accounts with lev, dressler, and fotu in the house, that leaves us with three scholies available.

    if shamburger grabs one as everyone is reporting then we have just two more.

    five visitors this week, possibly one of whom is shamburger. if so, then four recruits coming in for two slots….?

    or will there be more room?

    one pg, 2 sg/sf, 1 sf allegedly will grace the campus this week. who’s going to be the ones?

    i am sure they are qualifiers.

  6. Isaac Fotu is not “in the house” yet. Gib has said he is “taking this class (or these classes)” to “finish up” what he needs to do in high school to complete the requirements he needs to matriculate, and that he “expects” Fotu to be here for the second session of summer school. We’ve heard that before, So I wouldn’t bank on Fotu being here until he is actually here.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see who visits next weekend. There are two players that have been reported to be visiting so far: SG Brandon Spearman (6-3, 210, JC transfer) and SF Cameron Forte (6-7, 195, Frosh transfer from Texas Tech). Max Guercy was supposed to visit, but things may cooled off since we landed Keith Shamburger from SJSU. Any others?

  8. gib keeps saying that fotu will qualify and is due in july. is that coachspeak or the truth???
    i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    gib did go to europe last week so who knows now if he is or isn’t bring one from there.

    the list could evolve every day…but, i think he still needs to bring in a point guard this year since shamburger has to redshirt this coming year.

  9. Man it makes me tired just watching guys work out…stick with it gang..will pay off BW season with addition of scoring, rebounding, passing, defending, a few more recruits.. finishing help…You guys going to be alright..

    Good Job..no matter what fans say, you guys still working to get better…!

  10. If Garrett in the fold for next year: Have to work on Free Throws, that is up to Gee.
    even a pull up jumper from 15 to 18 feet, and finish and complete plays at the rim
    Coaches, if Gee part of team next year and to contribute more than defense, has to shoot decent close to 70 per cent from FT line and have a mid range jumper..correctable..he shoots to flat and rushes..SLOW down, focus, and you will hit higher percentage Gee.

  11. Al,

    Do you know something? I thought Cameron Forte and Brandon Spearman are visiting this weekend, is there going to be more recruits coming in? Dayton, can you update us on this?

  12. kendall…there are allegedly 5 guys on visits this week.

    i assume that shamburger is one of them.
    reports out there say that guercy, forte, and spearman are coming in this week.

    earlier hamilton was saying he’s been offered…is he the fifth tripper?

    gibber went to europe…is it for this year or next year? is someone coming in for a visit?

    what about lenz? we went after him before?

    a lot of names will pop up. we got at least three scholies to fill, two if you count shamburger already. will one or two more current guys be leaving or relinguishing their scholie? portnoy keeps saying so and he didn’t mean thomas and wiseman.

    i am thinking that gibber needs to bring in some talent now. a lot hinges on his success in bringing in talent this summer. he needed to take his time and find guys who will qualify, be team members, and have d1 talent. true, he hasn’t been too successful, but, no one works harder at it.

    the first year, he had no time to assembly a recruit class and grabbed at guys whom nobody recruited which left him with only two now.

    last year, he recruited guys who would have turned the program around. but, he forgot to check their transcripts or believed what they told him. had mitchell, biggs, stevens, and blakes made it to hawaii we would have won at least 20 games this past year. he had to again grasp at straws by bringing in guys who was left on the table.

    this year, he better get it right. he knows this other wise his kids will no longer be wearing buff n blue.

  13. Much Mahalo for the team updates Dayton!

  14. I think it will be four recruits visiting this weekend.

    Haven’t tracked down complete confirmation so don’t want to mention names, but looks like it will be four recruits whose names have already been revealed on recruiting sites as Hawaii targets. In other words, no “secret” recruits (or at least none that I know of).

  15. Ditto — Thanks, Dayton

    Big Weekend …

  16. Yes, that’s Dayton for the update. Question does a D-1 Transfer like Shamburger have to sign a letter of intent as his confirmation of a commitment?

  17. so shamburger comes in he has to sit out a year…what about if we sign the other transfer forte?

  18. A local, loyal supporter of MBBall a radio cohost said a few weeks back, or just thinking a loud about more movement of roster..Mentioned, Jawato and Jefferson will not/ or will be on scholarship? That would be 2 more scholies available? Correct? Dayton do you know, or is it just that idle guessing by this radio cohost..?

    That would mean possibly 4 or 5 scholies available..as you said , what is Gib doing in Europe, and what tare Brandyn, Fishcer, Benjy doing in regards to recruiting? They sure better be good hosts,,Hawaii is a place, if you qualify, enjoy the culture, and win, will do well..


  19. So what is Forte’s Story?

    ?Apparently sat out his freshman year @ Texas Tech?
    I’m guessing TT doesn’t list their redshirts…( he doesn’t show up on their roster).

    I always thought that NCAA should allow a Transfer to play “immediately” after sitting out a “Year” for ANY Reason — redshirt, injury, need for better academics (like when freshman redshirts were mandatory), military service, church mission…. But I’m pretty sure they’ve Never Changed that ….

    So even if he sat out his freshman year AND attended classes in good standing with sufficient academic progress, he still might have to sit out another year after transferring. In “Some Sports” a transfer could play immediately if he gets a release from the previous school…(why the inconsistency?).

    NO SUCH RESTRICTION on Administrators or Coaches (even if they SIGNED a multi- year Contract) — Highly Hypocritical, don’t you think? Mega Control Freaks…

    Facts? Comments Anyone?
    (I expect most of these questions (above) will be answered by the end of next week…)

  20. Al, Max Guercy is no longer being recruited by Hawaii.

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