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Warriors begin training for 2012-13 season

Spring break has come and gone. So has the post-season break for the Hawai’i basketball team.

After three weeks of rest since their 2011-12 season ended, the Warriors have already started focusing on the 2012-13 season. Conditioning drills started this week for the players who are expected to return next season.

“This is a huge time for these players,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said. “Our goal is obviously to get them bigger, stronger and faster by the time school starts next year and this gives us a good idea of where they’re at and where they can be when they come back to school.”

On the first day of workouts on Wednesday, the Warriors were tested in the weight room for bench press, and on the track for a 1-mile run.

Senior-to-be Jace Tavita had the top bench press at 275 pounds. Junior-to-be Christian Standhardinger clocked the best time in the mile at 5 minutes, 21 seconds. Interestingly, both of those players redshirted last season, but are expected to play key roles next season.

“I’m not in shape like I was in the season,” Standhardinger said. “But I love basketball. I play pick-up basketball, so I think that helps me stay in shape.”


  1. Well that answers a lot of questions:
    You young guys are all in to get better.
    Really hope team wins that Big West.

    Go Rainbow Warriors, good job!

  2. Dayton & this site supporters, follow-fan Ohana, of course, TEAM:

    this is the best opportunity for me to express my sincere gratitude for entertainments you provided for the passed season.
    I’ve been viewed, read (including comments) everything everyday (sometime multiple log-in)!

    Christ: train’em hard. TEAM needs all the good conditioning they can get. Mahalo!
    Christian: congrates for your number-one finisher. keep it up, you’ll be #1 on many things (love your fortitude!).
    Phil-Com of Waipahu, go push for the support of your man, #34 will make you proud of him.

    “King of the Beach”: can you successfully defend your title?

    city player of the year: this is your 2nd. chance; earned your scholy?

    1st. Team member: show that you deserve to be drafted; not your temper? (last finisher: we’re watching for your improvement!)

  3. Looks like Shaq and Davis have yet to get directions to the weight room. Hope they step up their training in the weight room along with the skill work in the gym.

  4. Dayton,

    what’s the chance of getting a zoom-enable font for easier reading?


  5. Christian is going to be the man this season! I can tell already

  6. orel lev looks like a mature freshman.

  7. n2o4joy…hold down “control” and hit the “+”. that will allow you to zoom in.

  8. al: Mahalo for your Kokua.

    the picture worked good but, the words are still small!

    looking for the results like the *Adv kind.

  9. Com on Shaq, Davis, pound the weights ,drink the milk, eat the lean meat, see Coach Heffernan for addtional help in the weight room on proper technique, build the upper body , legs and a strong Core.Move it Move it!!

  10. Orel Lev and the not the skinny guy Jackson Wheeler was referring to ,the guy has muscle in the right places , unlike his recruit Hiram who barely saw any improvement in muscle structure in all his time at UH, Orel show Wheeler your guns(biceps)!! The guy will improve this summer and surprise a lot of people.

  11. Interesting …

    Parsing The WAC website reporting that Keith Shamburger wants to transfer to Hawaii:


  12. I wonder if Shamburger is walking on and going on scholarship for the 2013/2014 season when he will become elgible. Is there a juco power forward committed like Wheeler and Portnoy mentioned on their radio show??

  13. Dayton:

    Things not too clear yet. Was as , Josh stated and offer to a JC power forward for this season, will he be visiting campus soon. And what is the status of Jefferson, was scholarship removed from him?
    With Joston and Bobby leaving, how many actual scholarships available for 2012-2013?
    2 or 3? Or wait and see..

    Thanks Dayton for your insight and eyes and ears tuned as reporter par excellence!

  14. we have two available scholarships now that bobby miles has left the building. this includes dressler, lev, and fotu.

    we need a pg and a shooter from beyond the arc.

    after which the best athlete available would work.

  15. shamburger’s interest should not come as a surprise since it was down to hawaii and sjsu two years ago. he even enjoyed his trip but in the end some say that family pressure keep him near home in san jose.

  16. trading places…the irony of it all is that the gibber wanted shamburger first and when he turned the hawaii offer down the next man up was bobby miles who took the scholie.

    if it holds true that shamburger will be a warrior then that phrase, “turn about is fair play” really has come to reality.

  17. Thanks, Dayton & Co….it “would’ve been” another Too-Slow Off-Season without your dedication and numerous contributions — Thanks for your efforts to make UH Basketball an ALL YEAR fascination!

    Seconding some of the positive comments above, the recruits that have made it here are among the best in their communities or corners of the world, such as Leaders on their National Teams or Regional MVPs, etc., with the kind of character and drive that pushes for continually improving performance and Winning, especially championships…

  18. a 6′ 8 power forward outrunning all the guards is pretty damn impressive. CS is gonna be awesome.

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