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Vander Joaquim’s plans for 2012

A lot can happen in the next four to five months, but for now, the Hawai’i basketball team can plan on its big man returning next season.

Vander Joaquim, a first-team All-Western Athletic Conference center as a junior last season, said he plans to return to the Warriors for his senior season in 2012-13.

But … he said he also wants to return to his home country of Angola this summer to train and play with the Angola national team. Angola is one of 12 nations that will participate in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Venezuela in July. The top three teams from that tournament will qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London.

“I’m going to work out with my national team back in Angola,” he said. “We’re going to be traveling to different countries … I’m excited to go over there and play for them.”

If Angola qualifies for the Olympics, it could be playing until mid-August. Joaquim said that would still give him ample time to return to Hawaii for the fall semester.

“My plan is to come back and help this team,” he said.

Another player who intends to come back next season is guard Garrett Jefferson, who said he will return for his junior season.

“I will be back next year; I’ll be a Warrior again next year,” he said. “I’m happy to come back.”


  1. hey, Garrett:

    nice to see that big Hawaiian smile again since your introduction-video!
    Coach Arnold has mentioned that you are the most athletic one on the TEAM.
    your leaping dunk on Keith’s former team and, your speedy slashing to the hoop confirmed it (now, want more steals).

    congrats for the one-miler in which you almost beat the military-trained Rel!

    BTW, you Californians better get together and put some pressure on Aaric to be here (you guys need his leadership).

    see you all in the Summer League.

  2. sorry, Orel Lev, Sir!

  3. everytime vander says i’ll be back he looks away from the camera..jefferson’s smile is so big it says you guys actually believe i’m coming back?

  4. If Gib has 5 walk ons from Kapiolani Community College and they win18 , 19 games and go to any post season tourney, mission accomplished..true , we have to wait till that first Div I game in Nov 2012 to be sure…but smile!

    Either way, coach well, recruit the best you can…and relax, …we shall see if these two are coming back, as of now…great!

    Just win and be happy. Go Vander and Garrett and all the team..we support you..
    If going to be negative(ex player’s comments?), might as well not even be alive..

    Great to be alive and looking forward to next season, all sports!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  5. My question is but Garrett when you return will you be on an athletic scholarship? This kid is smart maybe they can put him on an academic scholarship and free the schollie for another player.

  6. kendall: Good question

    Dayton, do you know if Garrett is going to be on athletic scholarship, academic with financial aid…? Could make big difference, free up scholie..Also, if Vander was not coming back this fall, he should be up front and free up scholie..For Vander to vest this much time in Hawaii, have to believe he is coming back, ..enough time to enroll in late August.

    Dayton would you know if Garrett on athletic or academic scholie? One media show, says he will not be on athletic scholie,,some say 2 available scholies, others 3?
    Would be nice to know!

    Aloha, and once again your site, sponsors, staff and reporting rock!!

  7. Vander has ‘always’ been consistent in valuing his scholarship, education and degree — it’s not taken for granted in many foreign countries — especially the less economically advantaged ones; for all the violations and complaints about U.S. being on of the few countries “pretending” to maintain amateurism in athletics, college (even high school) scholarships seems to be one of the better things we do …
    and in wanting to help Hawai’i’s climb …

    [Opinion — Get Rid of the One and Done Fiasco — the only real benefit is that it gives us one or two years to see HS players develop — they often don’t get much of the value of college in a one and done program …]

    Garrett — should be interesting to see how much he can develop his shooting and scoring skills in the next eight months (and two seasons)….good exercise in dedication, hard work and coaching ….

  8. Dayton — Have Not (yet) visited the current coaches offices — do they keep or post a listing of recruits they’re pursuing — besides the scouting agencies, would be great to keep a site running list —

    Example: Any idea who’s already on the list from Europe, the current trip ?

  9. Great news on these guys returning next year.

  10. For what it’s worth, Sportsbow posted on another forum that a Cameron Forte, 6-7 forward, looking to transfer from Texas Tech and will visit Hawaii next week. Not sure how credible that is, but Forte supposedly led the state of Arizona in scoring as a senior — 36 points AND 12 rebounds a game. It appears he didn’t play as a freshman last season, so don’t know what the back story is there. Intriguing, though.

  11. WILL RE-Post when the TW Story is Posted …

    I guess we won’t get to see Trevor’s “Improvement” in a Hawai’i Uniform …

    Joston Thomas, Bobby Miles & Trevor Wiseman only get two years each to try to grow into the players the coach was lookin’ for …

    Maybe Like Dana Takahara-Dias & Greg McMackin he was TOLD HE’s Under the Gun … i.e., Do It This Year or The Clock Runs Out …

  12. THAT Means The New Recruits GOT TO BE GOOD …

    ‘Cos Starting Fresh Learning the “D”, The System, even the Coaches, is tough to Be Better than the Two-Year Starters/Players in the Program who “Decided” moving On was Better for them …

    OR Maybe it was … Move Now OR Move Next Year with One Less Year of Eligibility to offer your Next Stop/Program …

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