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Trevor Wiseman requests transfer

In the latest move surrounding the Hawai’i basketball team, sophomore forward Trevor Wiseman has requested to transfer. Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said in a statement that he has granted Wiseman’s request.

The move is somewhat of a surprising one, as Wiseman had been participating in post-season conditioning drills with the rest of the Warriors in recent weeks.

Wiseman would have had two seasons of eligibility remaining with the Warriors.

Wiseman is the third player to leave the program in recent weeks. Joston Thomas chose to forego his senior season to pursue a career in professional basketball; junior-to-be Bobby Miles, who is a close friend of Wiseman, also elected to transfer from Hawai’i.

Here is the official statement from the UH media relations office:

University of Hawai‘i men’s basketball head coach Gib Arnold announced that sophomore forward Trevor Wiseman has requested and was granted his release from the program.

“I am grateful for the two years Trevor gave us,” Arnold said. “I thought his hustle was contagious and helped us in many games. I am most proud of his accomplishments in the classroom. After struggling his first semester he was able to turn that around and became a fine student. I hope Trevor can find a program where he can be a starter as he desires. We all wish him the best.”

Wiseman said: “I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to be a part of Hawai’i Basketball. I am looking forward to moving back closer to home.”

Wiseman, a 6-foot-7, 210-pound forward from Santa Clarita, Calif., made 25 career starts in his two seasons with the Rainbow Warriors. He averaged 5.1 points and 4.2 rebounds per game with 45 steals in 61 career games played. As a true freshman in 2010-11, Wiseman was the team’s defensive specialist and started six of the final seven games of the season. This past season, he averaged 6.2 points and 4.5 rebounds per game.


  1. what’s going on?!?!?

  2. When you don’t have the talent to be a starter on this team, you need to be happy coming off the bench and he doesn’t seem to be. Good luck to him.

  3. Well: 3 possibly 4 or more? scholies available ..Gib has his work cut out for him..has to recruit well..
    Man has to be top 300 in the world players.
    team first all in…wish the best for UHMBBall

  4. We’ll miss Wiseman’s hustle in rebounding, defense, layups and his shooting was improving.

  5. (RE-Posting)

    WILL RE-Post when the TW Story is Posted …

    I guess we won’t get to see Trevor’s “Improvement” in a Hawai’i Uniform …

    What’s Going On? (NO INSIDER INFO HERE) But Suspect that:
    Gib Was Read The “Riot Act”: Deliver Now Or Never (Or Else)

    Joston Thomas, Bobby Miles & Trevor Wiseman only get two years each to try to grow into the players the coach was lookin’ for …or NEEDED

    Perhaps Like Dana Takahara-Dias & Greg McMackin he was TOLD HE’s Under the Gun … i.e., Do It This Year or The Clock Runs Out …

    THAT Means The New Recruits have GOT TO BE GOOD …

    ‘Cos Starting Fresh Learning the “D”, The System, even the Coaches, they still need to Be Better than the Two-Year Starters/Players in the Program who “Decided” moving On was Better for them …

    OR Maybe it was … Move Now OR Move Next Year with One Less Year of Eligibility to offer your Next Stop/Program …

    It’s Probably Time for The Visionaries to Give Us Their BIG PICTURE…

  6. no one left from first recruiting class. Sign of the times ,win baby win, or be fired. Hope APR doesn’t suffer from all these departures and then scholarships will be lost. That would be BAD.

  7. AURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff wiseman talk…no loss here


  9. Transfer and ineligible players are becoming Arnold’s calling card. Of the first 2 recruiting classes, 11 of the 14 players he has recruited have either left before graduating or been ineligible. Only Joaquim, Stokes, and Brereton are still here.

    The bad thing too is someone like barnes would’ve never left if he knew blakes & mitchell were going to be ineligible. Wiseman’s best friends on the team were Thomas and Miles so the two of them leaving made it possible Wiseman would leave too.

    Arnold’s specialty was supposed to be recruiting, but you have to start wondering a little bit about what is going on. Arnold’s in game X’s and O’s aren’t that great so hopefully he can find us some more talent that sticks around.

  10. Wonder if the AD has sat down with coach Gib to discuss anything bb-related?? The leak in the ship is starting to get larger by the day. Seems like nobody has a clue of what’s happening.
    Hate to bring this up again but, the scenario and hush, hush….seems sooo Herman Frazer-ish.

  11. WOW! Wiseman is leaving too . . . yes, what IS going on? Seems like Frick and Frack got their wishes and forced a solid player to leave. Word is that they make promises to players and then they relegate them to the end of the bench, if they don’t have “athleticism or shooting-ability”; sounds like a crock! Wiseman started almost half of the possible 61 games these past 2 years . . . doesn’t make sense that he would leave to “be a starter as he desires”.

    Warriors will feel the loss when they bring in the next fresh set of athletic players and they WIN only 12 – 14 games next year . . . the excuse will be oh, they’re just new and need time to gel . . . yeah right! Seems like the program has gone down since UH hired the clowns in coaches jerseys – one is a born liar – the other one is a convicted one! Hopefully you will figure that out in time – enough said.

  12. Wiseman is a role player at best. Nuff said not a big loss

  13. Wow a lot of clueless people up in here. Wiseman and Miles weren’t gonna get playing time over , Stokes, Tavita, Jawato, Lev and new recruits, they saw the writing on the wall.

    Losing bench players is nothing, get over it.

  14. I disagree with those who think this isn’t a loss…this is…and so was Thomas and Miles. Players improve, in experience, strength and skill. Trevor and Bobby will be contributors wherever they go next year. I just hope that this isn’t more than the issue of playing time (which it may be). Dressler, Fotu and Standhardinger will command time up front, along with Vander and Hauns.

  15. What do you expect from freshman recruits? I don’t know what the coaches told them but every freshman feels as if they should eventually be a starter after they paid their dues and learned the system. You’re talking about mighty big egos here. So when they see that it ain’t gonna happen they move on. They figure that if they have any thoughts about a pro career they need to be a starter. I think if I were they I might move on too. Everyone gotta take care about their own future. As for our team I feel a little relieved that we are getting Shamburger to fill the gaps from Miles and Ostrowsky. As for Miah I think he’s done. After football season he will try for pro football. If that don’t work out he will try pro basketball somewhere. I will feel a lot better if in the next few weeks a few more solid names are announced. We sorely need a proven shooting guard with better than average stats. And dito we need a proven bruiser down low—who can shoot free throws. Get them and we should be ok. Look for Joaquim, Stokes, and Brereton to take their game to another level. 8 months til the opener. Ok what to do in the meantime? Nothing like watching the first game of the year with high hopes.

  16. Bon voyage.

  17. Uh, oh. What’s going on?

  18. Losing Wiseman is a loss for this team. While he was never going to be a star, he was the team could rely on to provide hustle, energy, defense, and an additional ball handler for 20 minutes a game. He was a good role player and part-time starter but he wanted more and to be a full-time starter averaging 30+ minutes a game. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to get that at UH especially with Standhardinger and Hauns at both forward spots. Wiseman did what he had to do for his basketball career. If he were content with being a role player than he would’ve probably stayed at UH. But he wanted more… It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. Presumably he’ll want to find a school in CA. But with UH joining the BWC that eliminates a lot of D-1 CA schools other than some PAC-12 and WCC schools. He could also go down a division and there would be plenty of CA schools to choose from… and more possibilities to play with his good friend Bobby Miles.

  19. Not a big loss for UH. He did provide some hustle and grit, but there was friction with him and Gib during the season when he lost his starting job to Joston. Gib suspended him for a game or two for pissing and moaning. He’s tough, but very limited talent-wise. Don’t need his attitude on the roster as UH gets better.

    UH brings back Vander & Rozitis, and but pick up Standhardinger, Fotu and Dressler. There’s no room for minutes with the new bodies coming in and Wiseman saw the writing on the wall.

    Joston will obviously be a bigger loss, but he’s mentally challenged most of the time. When you’re a top-30 recruit out of high school and you wind up in JuCo, there’s issues. UH got as much as they could get out of him and I wish him the best on his pro career. Gib can’t force his players to attend class.

    UH still will have a very good roster going into next season.

  20. April 25th 2012: mark it down. UH MBB awards banquet. Who will be there? What will Gib say..will anyone attend, except the dozen or so die hards?
    Man, I am old futt MBB fan, like a few others on this forum, over 40 years, from 1966 onward…never seen this type of drama.
    Damage control: Jim Donovan have to text, call, video chat, whatever, get the scoop from Gib..who is coming in(recruits..good ones, academics, mentally stable, and athletically)and who from current roster is still coming back this fall..

    Huge Questions: If Gib in next 3 weeks announces, 3 or 4 outstanding recruits who qualify with the core of returnees returning no more defections..(Vander you never know)…then GREAT..if not WHOA…!!

  21. Joston, wiseman,and miles were always hanging out and were good friends. They also all got suspended or disciplined for whatever reasons. Joston was hit or miss a no show for the WAC tournament. He wasn’t a good teammate always pointing fingers when things went wrong. Were losing 3 players from a 16-16 squad. 2 of them bench players and one ahead case. I feel like as ling as Shaquille, Hauns, vander come back we will be fine. Christian is like wiseman and joston put together. He will make everybody happy for the next 2 years. Gib is trimming the fat freeing up scholarships for better teammates and players.

  22. Aloha, follow-fans:

    Mahalo for all your insights, hind-sights, troll & whatever…

    reality is cruel! but just like anything else, may had its positive side, too!

    we may dream, idealistic but need to be respectful to whomever is behind the decision(s).

    one thing is for sure – time will tell. let’s be optimistic!?

    looks like the next Summer League going to be particularly INTERESTING (enjoy).

  23. Gib may just have to hurry and announce the new recruits so the”the sky is falling” “something is wrong” folks can relax!!

  24. Anytime a new coach takes over a program, especially a program in as bad as UH was 2 years ago, you are going to have turn over in the roster. New coaches need to fill the gaps with JC transfers and in UH’s case, the entire roster needed to be overhauled because there was zero talent.

    Unless your name is John Calipari, a head coach can’t recruit 5 new starters every year. Most coaches might get 1 immediate starter per recruiting class. It takes time to rebuild a program. Gib has to take chances on high risk players (Joston and Stokes) because UH (hate to break it anyone who doesn’t realize it) isn’t a basketball destination for high level players. Because of this, Gib must take chances to get high level players that have issues. He’s going to miss on a few.

    Look what June Jones did to the football program… he has a knack of finding diamonds in the rough… case in point = Colt Brennan and Devone Bess. They both had major baggage (legal problems) prior to Jones giving them a chance. Gib has to do the same.

    Regarding Wiseman and Miles’ exit, they saw the writing on the wall. With Miles, he would be behind Tavita, Lev, Jawato, Stokes, and Jefferson in the rotation, so no minutes there (plus the transfer from SJSU). In Wiseman’s case, he will be behind Brereton, Fotu, and Standhardinger. Brereton is a decent shooter and shows good awareness, and Standhardinger has the potential to be the best player on the team and Fotu appears to be an athletic big man that can score. Wiseman would be competing with Tyler Brown for garbage minutes.

    There’s not much room for 6’7″ (more like 6’5″) forward without quickness, a post move or a jump shot or a point guard thats slow, turnover prone and no jump shot.

    Like was someone mentioned earlier… Thomas, Wiseman and Miles were all suspended for behavior detrimental to the team at some point in the season. Thomas will be missed because he’s an aggressive scorer, but he was very inconsistent in his effort.

    2012/13 is the year UH will start to thrive under Gib. He’s removed most of the riff-raff and now, in my opinion, has a very solid roster built for the future. Stokes can be a major force if he develops the nuances of running an offense. We already know he is great in transition. Tavita was a very solid guard during his stint in Utah. Jefferson adds athleticism and is a lock-down defender (rare at the college level). If Fotu and Lev develop to their potential, UH will be very exciting to watch.

  25. The players leaving the program are all players Coach Gib recruited. This a direct reflection of his inability to evaluate character guys. There are questions about all the players he recruited to USC, OJ Mayo. Oh, he wasn’t involve in that recruitment, how do you claim to have recruited someone without being involved? It is very clear that the coach doesn’t care about these players as people. Great recruiters will always have loyal player, because you put them in situation to be successful and you get to know them as people. Gib recruited players that was easy to recruit because they come with problems or they are borderline D 1 players. This a direct reflection on the inability of the coach and the AD to run their programs as a Mid level school. This is worst than junior college. In this economy we should be very careful how we spend money for subpar coaches, Dana, Charlie and Gib, all unproven as D 1 coaches. Why doesn’t Charlie still have a job.
    Fans out their, since the AD took over soccer,men’s volleyball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, water polo, women golf and football they all have new coaches. It is not only the players leaving the program, it is also coaches.

  26. Come on back Josten. Its not too late.

  27. Lee do everyone a favor and get lost, that post is garbage.

  28. i brought this up before…perhaps this may have something to do with trevor bagging on us.

    An interesting Trevor Wiseman – Keith Shamburger story

    Trevor Wiseman and Keith Shamburger almost became college teammates — now they will each other twice each WAC season.

    Earlier this year, Golden Valley (Wiseman) and Serra (Shamburger) matched up and feelings got ruffled:

    “…Wiseman was ejected after back-to-back technical fouls midway through the second quarter, which ignited the Cavaliers to a 102-63 victory over the Grizzlies in the CIF-Southern Section Division IIIA quarterfinals Tuesday at Serra High School.

    The ruckus began when Wiseman became entangled with Serra center Ronnie Stevens and threw him aside. Stevens then charged at Wiseman and got in his face, and Golden Valley’s star guard was issued his first technical.

    After things looked like they had cooled down, Wiseman was whistled for his second technical when Serra guard Keith Shamburger kept talking trash to Wiseman, and he responded.

    Neither Stevens nor Shamburger drew a whistle…”

  29. i agree with matt and others.
    it is what it is.

    at the same time these guys need to be mindful that its not like a whole slew of recruiters were knocking down the front doors of these two.

    even with joston thomas’ skills, many a school kept away from him. hawaii after all was his longest stint in the past five years.

  30. The truth hurt, so you stop trying to spend this as a positive. There are problems in the athletics and basketball programs.

  31. That should have been, spin this as a positive. Sorry

  32. Well said Matt. Lee don’t quit your day job!

  33. Aloha,
    Did Coach Nash go after these kind of players? He chose character and academics over athleticism and payed for it in losses. Gib might have more wins, but with all of these players not graduating, our APR will suffer hugely and we will lose scholarships. I think the message is to recruit athleticism and worry about the rest later. Auē! kden, puhi

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