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Shamburger confirms intent to join Warriors

Keith Shamburger wasn’t quite ready to make the move from his home state of California to Hawai’i two years ago. Fast forward to now, and he’s more than ready to join the Hawai’i basketball team.

Word of Shamburger’s plan to transfer from San Jose State to the Warriors became public last week, thanks to the website Parsing The WAC. He confirmed on Monday night that he indeed has initiated the process to enroll in classes at the University of Hawai’i this summer.

“I just wanted to find a better situation for me,” said Shamburger, a two-year starter at point guard for the Spartans. “Once I made up my mind that I wanted to get a release (from San Jose State), Hawaii was basically the only school I was looking at.”

Shamburger, who is listed at 5 feet 11 and 170 pounds, is well aware of what Hawai’i has to offer. He made an official visit to Hawai’i in 2010, when he was recruited by head coach Gib Arnold.

Shamburger, who was a senior at Serra High School in Los Angeles at the time, narrowed his choices to Hawai’i and San Jose State and eventually signed with the Spartans.

“I didn’t come to Hawai’i at first because I was scared of the distance; I was real young,” he said. “Now I feel like I’m ready to get away from California and get on with my life and play basketball somewhere new.”

Because the Spartans and Warriors are both in the Western Athletic Conference, he started five games against Hawai’i over the past two seasons.

“Being in the same conference and playing them so many times, I could see what they were doing over there in Hawai’i,” he said. “One thing I like is that Hawaii always has good (big men) and we didn’t have that at San Jose State. I know Coach Gib likes to bring in big guys, and I’d like to play with some good bigs.”

(Shamburger is defending Zane Johnson in the picture at right, courtesy Brandon Flores)

Despite his desire to transfer out of San Jose State, Shamburger said his two years there were invaluable. “I learned a lot of things as a D-1 player,” he said. “I got to start as a freshman and I got to play with some great players like Adrian (Oliver) and Justin (Graham). The two years here really helped me a lot.”

As a sophomore this past season, he averaged 13.1 points and 5.2 assists per game. He finished third on the team in scoring and second in the WAC in assists (behind only Hawai’i’s Miah Ostrowski). He also ranked among the top 10 in the WAC for 3-pointers (51), steals (40) and free throw percentage (.772).

The Spartans had a combined record of 26-38 during the last two seasons, including a last-place finish in the WAC this past season.

As a NCAA Division I transfer, Shamburger will have to sit out the 2012-13 season, then would have two seasons of eligibility after that.

Hawai’i will join the Big West Conference next season, and Shamburger said that played a role in his decision — and not just because it will give him an opportunity to play in the Southern California region several times a year. If Hawai’i and San Jose State were still itogether in the WAC, he would have had to sit out two seasons

Shamburger said he would like to get to Hawai’i by July to enroll in summer school courses. He is currently still enrolled at San Jose State, where he is completing his courses for this semester.

He said he knows several of the current Warriors because he played with and against them growing up.

“I know Trevor (Wiseman) and I’ve been talking to him a lot about me coming over there,” Shamburger said. “I know Garrett (Jefferson). I used to play on his team in AAU when I was about the third grade, so I’ve know him and his family since then.”

Gib Arnold declined to comment on Shamburger, as the transfer is not yet considered official.

Below are a few short video clips of Shamburger in action against the Warriors:


  1. Thanks, Dayton !

    E Komo Mai, Keith … i realized you might have gotten more overall playing time and starts (@SJSU) AND that you’re smart enough that you would make wherever you are a Positive Experience — and you bring All That to Hawai’i …

    Although it’s not your stated “intent”, I DO want to posit the point that Gib recruits based on Relationships, including Trust, and Honesty (that includes Accuracy such as not overstating a positive or covering up negatives, Not High-Pressuring and Blowing Smoke); from where you were — playing with/against Hawai’i you were able to validate what he told you; and further that what you saw and wanted appeared to be Real and Still Available. Some of Keith’s comments ring true with what former coaching staffs experienced, that traveling several thousand miles over water to this little dot in the middle of ‘all that blue’ was more than a few HS seniors — and their families — could wrap their minds around. [Having worked with the military and a lot of ‘mainlanders’, many have trouble even after they’re here, but i wouldn’t expect as much difficulty for the BB team with it’s great support structure — even Joston who’s leaving, never played two years for any previous coach or program…]

    We have a Few Boo Birds who don’t handle well or discount the value of some of Coach Gib’s recruiting methods … But when i mention, better late than Never, it’s a Truism — we probably would have won a few more games if Keith had joined us two years earlier — but thanks to the team’s and Miah’s break-neck efforts we survived — and for two (future) years should be “solid” at point, maybe now even Deep. Hopefully Jace and Shaq, maybe Miah with NCAA Justice, and a player to be named later, even this coming season — actually having a complete player like Keith on the practice floor will make all of ’em better)…

    i view this as a Long-Term and delayed benefit of the staff’s coaching and recruiting style and choices — thinking and working for long-term success rather than short-term payouts — and expect and am watching for ‘more long-term results

    Again, Welcome & Mahalo, Keith … Have a Great Hawai’i Experience …

  2. hey Keith:
    have had high hope prior; now, convinced that we will be enjoying your intelligent plays in the Hawaii NCAA Summer League!

    how about start preparing for that to show your buddies (Trevor & Garrett) your ways to play IT?
    am dreaming for this 2013-2014 headline: UH’s own west coast team captured the Big West Championship!
    team members are: Caleb, Aaric, Trevor, Garrett, Keith, Brandon.

    PLEASE Aaric, show us your confirmation soon!?
    .. ’cause Keith can really feed you the ball.

  3. RE: Ferd Lewis’ column in this morning’s HSA (Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the guys not smart enough to hire/retain good people like Dayton); Ferd talks about NBA Trades (contrasting it to Football Coach Norm Chow’s response to inquiries Re: “Are you pursuing another QB to replace suspended Cayman Shutter?” — This is Not the NFL, we don’t have a transaction wire. We play who we have…”

    RE: Earning or Keeping that Annually Renewable Scholie:
    Some of us can foresee that players can work — there’s only so many hours in each day, but investing 12, 16 or 20 of ’em into schoolwork and better three, fifteen foot and free-throw shooting would be smart for a basketball ‘student-athlete’ on a 10 to 15K scholarship. Clearly, the alternate point guard recruit had not (so far) improved to meet or surpass the first or higher pick recruit … and this was forecast before the start of the WAC season, declining minutes, the inability to have a key position on the court in prime-time because of free-throws or the ability to hit a shot when it matters or is really needed. Right now there’s still several players in this position — some of it may be tied to positioning in the offense — but i was coached that where ever you catch the ball you better be ready to instantly hit the shot from there or to make a better pass … ( so work to be able to hit that shot or work and fight into position to be ready for the shots you can make …)

  4. Eagle:
    well said, well done like nobody else consistently!
    that’s why I always read and looking forward for.
    your positive insight will inspire..

    smart head coach and smart staffs do attract and retain smart players.

    much better luck in 2012-2013 season!

  5. Thanks, n2
    Enjoy your insights as well — makes this a better (Best!) site !

    Second your comments on Aaric… [4/11 is soon enough for me…]

    Trevor is a better example of working his game; now up to fifteen feet reliable and scratching @ threes with some results … can he become the next “surprise” 3-assassin for 2012-2013 ? That would make it hard to take him off the court when you need to shut down the other team And Hit a Few Daggers …

    …and got a feeling Garrett “can” (will?) up his range … he’s got enough good-shooting role models around him … and earn back that scholarship (just gotta hit those targets; that don’t mean it’s easy)…

  6. Dayton, thanks for locking down this story the right way … going straight to the source, something no other media has done to this day. Not sure what they teach or preach at other outlets. Now, hopefully Shamburger can contribute after his redshirt season, and perhaps put to rest that one “fan” comment about a rift between he and Wiseman.

  7. By the way, Stephen reporting on his blog — you don’t mind a plug for your former across-the-desk mate — that Tyler Brown is working out as a tight end. Think football might hold a brighter future for him. Hope it works out; seems like a nice kid.

  8. Welcome aboard Keith, great attitude.

    You know all this posting, and passion for MBBall? it is a good thing..everyone (except trolls or people with nothing good to say, negativity personified)Gib and whomever next coach, are bringing intrigue and excitement to the sport. With the later years of Riley(whom I met and talked to many a time..loved Hawaii and his players)did not do as well(i.e. recruiting)…and Nash(poor guy, wrong fit, and everything went south)..sad to watch demise…great gentlemen and family…he will do well , I think he still lives on Hawaii Loa Ridge(correct me if I am wrong)…

    Gib super passionate, will have hits and misses, however, he gets the right player or two, and has 4 or 5 years to work players to buy in, and control emotions,,,it will be excitiing…and Big West for now, perfect fit..

    so:Welcome Keith and I am sure in a years time you will be playing with good bigs and perimeter, Hawaii, unless on the wrong side of NCAA(hope not)… will be upper echelon of Big West…I know, that Laura Beeman and company(good retainment of Gavin for now)…will be competitive, maybe from year one…Go Laura…she is good people, passionate, and a sweetheart. Very nice youmg woman.!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors(I don’t know how many posters have player organized ball in past decades and gone to school full time…it is not easy…kudos to those that do, and do well.

    Go Bows!!

  9. I heard that Miah is petitioning the NCAA for a another year. Has anyone out there heard about it or can confirm it ?????

  10. I heard that Miah is petitioning the NCAA for a another year. Has anyone out there heard about it or can confirm it ?????

  11. wiseman will never be a shooting threat

  12. That may become true — but he still has two or three years left to improve …

    As a Sophomore — (many don’t get much playing time, yet as sophs)

    He Already was hitting 51/52 % of his field goals, and has developed a reasonably reliable jump shot out to 15 feet; AND 76% (85% WAC) of his free throws; and even though, only beginning, is hitting 33% of his threes “in games” (which is equivalent or consistent with 50% + for twos) ‘demonstrating’ that he is able to develop scoring/shooting skills (at least to this level, so far); he struggled with academics as a freshman (even missing road trips to ensure ‘minimum’ success and eligibility), but became a 3.0+ scholar by his sophomore year; as you ‘can’ tell by his physique and athleticism (more from hard work than just natural talent) he also works hard in the weight room and is already a proven solid defender and rebounder, as well as a leader on fast breaks ball-handling, passing and finishing) and reliable ball-handling assist against the press.

    So on All those skills: Defense, Rebounding, Shooting, Ball-Handling, Athleticism & Academics he’s shown he Can Work AND Usually gets measurable improvement and results, if not just flat out success …

    Therefore i would NOT put it past him: i personally expect improvement in most areas –and for Trevor to work hard enough — 300 to 600 shots per day or whatever it takes to become more consistent, reliable and valuable — for a three/four or point forward or whatever roles coach assigns him …

    Let’s Plan to Review this again when he graduates …

  13. Not related to UH hoops, but read in a Salt Lake Tribune story that Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak (former NBA player) recently asked one of his early signees to withdraw his letter of intent and find another school. Krystkowiak also, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, released six players from their scholarships in the past month. Scholarships are granted on a year-to-year basis, but this is kind of brutal.

  14. Hawaiifan09 – Wiseman is a shooting threat if he is allowed to shoot. The offense had to go through Z3 and Vander, this year and then once Josten or Shaq got it . . . forgetaboutit . . . . he had to get his points on rebounds! Now let’s see who develops the most over the summer! Not sure why you are such a Wiseman-hater but he has a solid all-around game and is more of an “unselfish” passer first … than looking for his shot. However, when he is given the green light – we will see how much of a threat he is . . . his assists were fourth best on the team. Never is forever – the season is eight months away. Stick to being a fan and not a basketball couch-potato critic . . .

  15. Best thing about that video is weʻll never again have to watch Thomas turn it over, then prance lazily back on D, then get lost and give up an easy layup. Never.

  16. shooting threat? lol oh my….solid all around game? lol oh my god!!

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