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Could Shamburger get a second chance to join Warriors?

Parsing The WAC website is reporting that guard Keith Shamburger will transfer from San Jose State to Hawai’i.

HERE IS THE LINK to the story.

There has not been official confirmation of the move, but it would make sense. When Shamburger was a senior at Serra High School in California, he was recruited by Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold in 2010. Shamburger narrowed his choices to Hawaii and San Jose State, and ultimately chose the Spartans.

(At right is a shot of Shamburger, jumping past Miah Ostrowski, in a game from this past season. Photo courtesy Brandon Flores)

Shamburger was a two-year starter at San Jose State. As a sophomore this past season, he averaged 13.1 points and 5.2 assists per game. He finished third on the team in scoring and second in the WAC in assists (behind only Hawai’i’s Miah Ostrowski).

He also ranked among the top 10 in the WAC for 3-pointers (51), steals (40) and free throw percentage (.772).

Shortly after the Spartans’ season ended last month, Shamburger announced that he wanted to leave San Jose State.

Shamburger, who is listed at 5-11 and 170 pounds, has two seasons of eligibility remaining. If he does indeed transfer to Hawai’i, he would have to sit out the 2012-13 season per NCAA rules (although he would be allowed to practice with the team).


  1. Dayton:

    Things not too clear yet. Was as , Josh stated and offer to a JC power forward for this season, will he be visiting campus soon. And what is the status of Jefferson, was scholarship removed from him?
    With Joston and Bobby leaving, how many actual scholarships available for 2012-2013?
    2 or 3? Or wait and see..

    Thanks Dayton for your insight and eyes and ears tuned as reporter par excellence!

  2. To answer some questions from the previous posts:

    1) This move by Shamburger is not official, and have not been able to confirm anything yet (probably won’t be able to til next week as it is a holiday weekend).

    2) Don’t know anything about a commit from a JUCO power forward. Keep in mind that there were some reported commitments last year that were never offered. Gib and his staff recruit so many players, it is sometimes difficult to discern the “real” offers. I’ve learned from this staff that a commitment from a recruit does not mean much until the letter of intent is signed … and the player makes it to campus. It does make for interesting off-season conversation though.

    3) I don’t think the scholarship situation will be made public. Gib’s response is always that all players on the roster are equals. My guess is several players on the current roster were aware that they could be involved in such a situation. Thus if it does happen, would not come as a surprise to the player/players.

    3) No recruits visiting this weekend (that I know of).

  3. Thank you Dayton:
    One thing can be said, there is much more interest in MBBall again post Nash era.

    True as many of us fans lknow, signing on the Letter of Intent, like a contract/agreement.
    And will athletes qualify academically.
    Physically will they come on board sound in health..

    As you said Makes for us Basketball junkies..”good off season conversation”

    Thanks for your solid and unbiased reporting.

    Some other media sources…know about as much as your average fan I guess.

    Wonderful site..love it. and Mahalo plenty to you , the staff and sponsors..!!1

  4. Thanks for answering the question. I hope Shamburger transferring is true. He has good numbers, he didn’t play well against the warriors this past year but as freshmen he was very good against UH. I see him getting even better with a year to sit out and by his 5th year he should be the best point guard in the big west hopefully along with Shaq.

  5. Staradvertiser is reporting it, but they have reported commitments in the past that weren’t true.

  6. Gib mentioned on the Animals show that there was suppose to be visitation this weekend by someone ? No names on blogs so far of any sightings

  7. Shamburger maybe transferring to UH……….very interesting.

  8. Would have ‘Preferred’ K Shamburger to have come to Hawai’i straight out of H.S.; thought he made a ‘mistake’ to go with SJSU (of course, his choice) AND probably woulda saved a lot of the drama with the other pgs (2nd & 3rd choices) who never worked out…

    …better late than never, “maybe” like Blakes, Biggs OR Stevens (May Be ? ?)

    Come on Down, Keith! Aloha No !

  9. Hope the reports of Miah’s efforts to petition NCAA for an additional year of eligibility ring true & earn him a “second” senior season AND that Miah chooses / manages to show up fully “ready-to-play” with his free-throws ad threes dialed up to maximum levels…

    Would make the transition to Shamburger that much smoother…

  10. Apparently Miah isn’t even petitioning. Maybe he just wants to move on. I hope he changes his mind and petitions.

  11. one reason he went to sjsu was that they had a better team at the time..i believe adrian oliver and that one white dude with long hair..another reason he might be coming here is that wiseman is gonna leave

  12. hawaiifan09: Wiseman is not going to leave . . . . he is training with everyone else; getting ready for next season. Plus, Shambuger is a point guard – Wiseman is a Forward, dhuh. When he becomes eligible, Wiseman will be a senior Warrior!

  13. Anytime you have to game-plan against a specific player or players, that is a good indication that the player is a difference maker.

    When we played them here, they went triangle and two, with Shamburger being one of the guys they game-planned to stop. I would surmise that that is why his numbers against us were less than pedestrian.

    I like this pick up. 13 and 5, with two years experience starting, are things that cannot be ignored. Great get for us.

  14. Missing from the workouts was Jefferson ,from what I saw on recent Warrior Video

  15. um dallan you know they had bad blood right? DUH!!! i never said he’s coming here to play foward

  16. jjay: pausing the video at 01:33 or 02:04, could that guy wearing a white-bottom short looks like Jefferson?
    but, I don’t see Jace though.. bench-press 275-lbs is pretty impressive!

  17. JJay, check again Jefferson was shown a few times, he finished third behind Lev and Standhardinger in the mile!!!

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