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Another interview with Gib Arnold

If you haven’t played the above video yet, be forewarned that you will not hear anything about Keith Shamburger in the interview.

This interview with Hawai’i basketball head coach Gib Arnold was conducted last week, prior to the news of Shamburger’s reported intention to transfer from San Jose State to Hawai’i became public.

Nonetheless, there are still some tidbits of note in the interview, including:

* The philosophy behind spring and summer conditioning for the players eligible to return for the 2012-13 season.

* What Arnold discusses with each player during individual meetings.

* The candidates to replace Joston Thomas as the team’s power forward.

* What might be expected during the upcoming signing period.


  1. Insightful “tidbits.” Thanks, Dayton.

  2. Dayton, I know Gib cannot speak of specific players unless they are signed sealed and delviered..academically, NCAA clearinghouse, physciallly,
    in this day in age Pshcologically.

    Woudl you through the gra[evine know what happened to Tyler McDaniels, Benjy’s son.was going to walk on and live with parents or something to that affect. Is he stll in the islands or perhaps at another school.

    If he qualified: Imagine(with a few more recruits coming in between April 11 till May 10 or so…

    the Bigs: Vander 6’11”, Davis 7’0″”. Caleb Dress;er 6′ 11″,, Isaac Fotu..6′ 9″,Tyler McDaniels 6’9″ the

    Wings:Trevor 6’7″‘, Hauns 6′ 6″
    Shooting guards/combos : Jawato 6′ 4″, Garret Jefferson(who has to have shooting instructor) 6′ 3’

    Point guards: Shaq 5’10”, Jace Tavita 6’4″ Pretty solid bas to compete next year barring any movement or acadameic physical attitude issures….

    Gp Get e, Gob. gppd athletic,pass first point guard(perhaps freshman JC all star) or under the radar hs point guard . And as Tim Floyd said, that athletic wing, who can run, jump, shoot the 3, rebound, defend,,,whether, he comes as a freshman star from JC or under the radar good HS kid..You will, if every all in, get your 18 win and more, and challenge for, it not going to be easy, Big
    West championshiop,or other NIT, or secondary post season..Still have faith in you Gib..just keep cool head..keep team players temperament under check…like how it was when Bill Amis and Hiram where there…heck if Miah did not get sick ,and Zane was diagnosed earlier that he had mono…I have no question this years team would have had 19 or 20 games and have played a few more games in March,

    Look forward to a couple of good kids, mature, good qialifying kids..honor roll studens, good citizens first , then good ball players..team first, Not ego maniacs…It will be fun team to watch and see you guys win,,fans wiill support , we are so anxious to see new players coming in. should be a lot of fun

    Go Rainbow Wariirors, Go get em Gib./ Team get better, stronger, team first, get rid of selfishness think team and DEFENNSE first, all on the team shoot for 70 percent freethrow mark…Garrett work on your 15 to 18 foot jumpre,,,get an instructor to teach shooting mechanics, it works…you can be an a real asset to team..you have get to the rim and finish…no more air balls..you will be alright..

  3. wow, way to go!

    diamonds need to be polished to be…

    the harder the TEAM work, the luckier they will get.

  4. do you know if hes going after Dillon Biggs? What’s the status on Gerry Blakes and Ronnie Stevens for eligibility to transfer and if we are still going after them?

  5. Aric Armstead !!! that’s all I can say, if he comes in for a visit, lock the door and do not let him leave. He can play 2 or 3, slasher, jump shooter, handle the ball .

  6. Dayton,

    My apologies for typographical errors…man late, late nite posting! You do an excellent job of sorting out facts, doing great interviews, not speculating like some other media shows do. Let Gib explain what he can. Very truthful and accurate reporting. Very well done sir!

    That Question(redundancy): Where is Tyler McDaniels?
    If he walked on(qualified for UH this upcoming season, it would add some height and he can shoot a bit.
    Bigs: Vander 6′ 10″, Davis 7′ 1″(?), Caleb Dressler 6′ 11″(could grow), Isaac Fotu 6′ 9″(the young man looks strong), Christian S. 6′ 9″ (super motor and hugely competitive, hope he is not the new JT), and possibly Tyler McDaniel 6′ 9″ with some mid range shot if he is going to walk on.

    Wings: Jawato 6′ 4″, Orel Lev 6″ 4″(looks very fit). Hauns 6′ 6″(I believe will come back much improved, pretty good BB IQ), Garret Jefferson 6′ 3″ (have to work on his shot from FT line to 15 to 20 foot jumpers, gotta finish at rim AND ONE!)

    PG: Jace 6′ 4″(someone mentioned he is walk on/no scholarship), Shaq 5′ 10″ shooting guard in pg body(true dat)

    Immediate possible signees, Gib you have to make sure “all in” academically, out of HS, prep school, AAU circuit, JC freshman transfer, DI transfers, pass NCAA clearing house, SAT, have GPA, and qualify to enter UH this fall ready to ball not stall!
    Need: Combo/Wing 6′ 3′ to 6′ 6″ who can shoot inside, or down low, rebound, run, defend, pass, lock down defender, high motor..good student, good attitude, mentally and emotionally stable..Gib you have to have sports psychiatrist sit down with your potential student athletes, truly a must nowadays…And Gib have to balance the Heaven and Hell approach to coaching..somewhere in between..but continue the passion and real love for Hawaii, the University, the fans, your wife and 5 kids and all your staff and players…I really believe you are going to have a good Junior season(the payoff one) this year in the BW .

    The kids staying back for spring work outs, and entering school for summer sessions and, playing NCCA summer league, and strength and conditioning and eating Tongan(?) energy food..which is high carb and protein can come back and beast down low with the bigs, and hopefully you land a JC fresman solid pg or under the radar HS good pg both about 5′ 11 180 1bs or larger,pass first yet not afraid to be strong enough to finish at the rim, and make 70 percent or more of free throws and get 5 or 6 assists per game. and…short pull up jumpers, a few threes to keep defense honest… A wing combo shooting guard, small forward, shoot the 3 at high 30 percent clip, shoor 75 percent or more FT, and finish at the rim, defend like no tomorrow, without getting into foul trouble,high bball.IQ. .can figure to play how the refs are calling the game, run like a gazelle, get along with coach, staff, and teammates ,,no prima donnas..and UH will be successfull-18 or 19 plus wins…somewhere still playing mid march and a few weeks after hopefully…

    Go get em Gib, Benjy, Brandyn, Fish, and Kerry,…Chris M. : get the guys to jump higher/ and faster, be quicker, and stronger..the heart desire: that is up to the boys and Gib..Gib don’t know if legal..can shooting coaches be hired or are there free shooting clinics around town for college players…it would be a must!! Probably your staff would be it..man it would be good it they were great shooters before!!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!! Sorry Dayton,,as you can tell I am such a fan of UH MBBall since watching when I was in grade school UH competing in Rainbow classic with the likes of Elvin Hayes(I am getting old , hope I am right), and Pistol Pete Maravich,,this was several years before the Fab Five..I love UH MBBall!!

    and especially get excited during recruiting time, ..however since I am an old fuddy duddy, realisim kicks in…we have to wait and see whom gets in and who produces, bottom line.l

    Aloha Dayton, you do very well on this site for warrior insiders!!
    Mahalo Plenty!

    A growing legion of UH MBBall fans(the die hards..through Rocha and Arnold, Frank, and Little, Riley till full circle Gib.

    Go Warriors!!

    I have faith in you Gib..you are a river boat gambler, all in..and when you have it all working ,the MBBall product will be exciting to watch for years to come!

  7. Oops! Forgot Trevor! Young guy gotta put on 15 to 20 pounds of muscle, keep the motor going, continue to hustle and defend, rebound like a moster, and increase that quick vertical 5 or 6 inches. ..easily you could at 6′ 7″ 230 1bs with a shot, be a good player like Joston when his head was on straight..a monster..

    Glad to see back in the fold, you have a great coach, staff and teammates..Come back and beast it Tre!

    From freshman year, you high motor man, you are still one of my favorites..your maturity is coming, you will be one of the leaders..lead by good example man…respect…real love for one another, compassion and all in as a Team player…seems like now the distractions are gone ..Concentrate and get that BW title…your whole team all in,,,you guys will do WELL!!

    Go for it Tre!!!

  8. getting impatient for campus visitors-
    info pls: official NCAA start visitation day?
    are we behind somebody?

  9. impossible for anyone to put on 15-20 pounds of muscle not to mention 2-3 pounds before next season starts

  10. Actually, there was a UH player in the 1980s — I won’t say his name — who made a remarkable transformation between his junior and senior seasons. Think Wiseman returning next year in Joston’s body. Totally remade his physique in the offseason; was almost unrecognizable.

  11. Clyde:

    Possibly Tim Shepherd, from 6′ 5″ 200 to about 6′ 51/2″ 230 or 240,? Or Reggie Cross, from 6′ 7″(maybe 6′ 71/2″ )230 to 243? Or Cliff Beaubrun from 6′ 8″ 200 to about 227 lbs? all over a period of about 7 months March thru Oct..can be done..

    I know a relative played football in seventies. ..in three months time, trying out for linebacker with HS team from about 155 pounds to 190 solid muscle..no steroids, lot of sandwiches and protein powder by Charles Atlas, supplement vitamins from Longs…incredible…Following his lead, worked with barbells, good nutrition, lifting and cardio workouts…put on 15 pounds of muscle in 10 months..If this could be done back in the day about 40 years ago,,non steroids…Kids can do it now..in fact both ways, gain and lose..Up to the kid.

    Chris gotta push the guys..and they have to do the work…the can get bigger by Nov 2012!!
    No pain no gain!

  12. Someone please lock up Davis in a gym. Saw him at the sand volleyball tournament, and he looks soft and weak!! No muscle definition at all.

  13. Uhfanzonly1: Yes, it was one of the guys you mentioned. It was all lean muscle that allowed him to play much more aggressively.

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