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Post-season interview with Gib Arnold, Part III

NOTE: This is the third, and final, part of the series.

We couldn’t get Gib Arnold to say who he was looking at, but he did reveal where he was going on his current recruiting trip.

The head coach of the Hawai’i basketball team said it will be a whirlwind trip, with stops in Washington, California, Minnesota, Canada and Kansas.

Although the recruiting trip is about improving the program for the future, Arnold said he is not quite done looking at the past. When he returns to Honolulu, he plans to review video of every game from the 2011-12 season.

“I usually do something around the Final Four, where I take all of our film, every game, and re-watch every game and take notes,” he said. “I’m planning on doing that … and make some evaluations of what went right and what we need to work on both as a team and individually.”

Arnold also provided an update on senior Zane Johnson, who missed the season-ending WAC Tournament due to illness (mononucleosis).

“He’s got a couple weeks where he’s just going to rest and probably won’t be doing anything until April,” Arnold said. “He’s got to settle on an agent first and he’s going to be making those decisions the next couple weeks.”

Finally, Arnold revealed his bracket selections for the NCAA Championship Tournament. Note that this interview was recorded before the tournament started, and Arnold still has all of his Final Four picks going.

“I actually took all the No. 1 seeds all the way through to the Final Four, and I have Syracuse beating Kentucky in the championship,” he said.

(WarriorInsider.com file photo courtesy Brandon Flores)


  1. Washington and seattle – Mclaughlin and Wiggs
    Socal state championships – Armstead and Guercy
    Minnesota – Stahl
    Anyone know who he is looking at in Canada and Kansas???

  2. Wherever Coach goes on his recruiting trip, may it be a great one. You never know, sometimes you get lucky and be there at the right place at the right time.

  3. Josh,

    I think Kansas is for the JC Championships. It’s the Final Four the JC Championships.

    I’m not sure who the Canada players are, but that is very exciting. Look at all the talent New Mexico State has scooped up from Canada, not to mention the following: Kabongos, Tristan Thompson, Corey Joseph, Carl English, Phil Martin, etc.

  4. Josh,

    Nice deductions.

    Gib also stated that he’ll be looking at high school juniors and sophomores on this trip, as well as junior college freshmen, so I imagine some of the names may not emerge immediately.

  5. Is there another Jeremy Lin out there???..don’t leave out these Ivy league schools type either.

    How’s about another, Yeo Ming from China???…maybe coach Chow can talk up UH and give coach Gib a hand, especially since the Bows were just recently in China there’s abouts??

  6. another jeremy lin wouldn’t come here…there more of students and athletes

  7. *more of students than athletes

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