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Johnson will not travel to WAC Tournament

Zane Johnson’s illness on “Senior Night” last Saturday was more serious than first thought.

Doctors apparently restricted Johnson from traveling with the Hawai’i basketball team on Monday night due to illness. The rest of the Warriors departed Honolulu late Monday night for the Western Athletic Conference Tournament at Las Vegas.

The Warriors will play Idaho in a quarterfinal game on Thursday at 10 a.m. (Hawai’i time) at the Orleans Arena.

Johnson will not be allowed to travel for at least this week, according to a source who did not want to speak on camera. If the Warriors were to win three games in three days without him at the WAC Tournament, they would advance to the NCAA Tournament. It is unknown if Johnson would be able to join the team in that scenario.

Details are still unclear, and the other Warriors declined to comment on the situation.

In any case, it will be a tough task without him. Johnson, a 6-foot-6 senior guard, is averaging 14.0 points per game, and ranks among the WAC leaders with 82 3-pointers. Just last week, he set the UH career record for 3-pointers (he now has 180 in just two seasons).

He needed intravenous fluids prior to the season finale against Utah State on Saturday night and said after the game that he had not been feeling well for a few days.

This video below was taken as the Warriors were getting on the bus to head to the airport on Monday night. It is not the greatest video — it was dark and raining hard — but there was no sign of Johnson as the bus departed.


  1. Two years of losing in the first round of wac tourney will put Arnold on the hot seat. Not good! Get well Zane.

  2. Take care Zane. Doctors help him best you can. Prayers are with you.
    All you fans out there, this young man, a true warrior. played that last game very sick..you could tell…more than the WAC tournament, Zane’s health is more important, in fact his very life.

    Now we see how after that Montana 3 game road swing…UNLV rib injury…before…Miah’s staph infection, Vander’s feeling under weather on last road trip too…these Rainbow warriors…we will probably learn were dealing with more afflictions than anyone imagined. My complete respect for Zane and whole team. Pray you get well Zane, your health and life most important man…

    Team: do the best you can, win for Zane…we are proud of all of you..and Gib you love these kids, and Zane very much..

    Mahalo UH MBB team.

  3. Depressing video, looks very much like the world is crashing down on us. Keep your spirits up guys ,we Warrior Nation are behind you. Take care Zane.

  4. Love Zane Johnson, love his heart. What a true Warrior. Praying that he is ok. Hoping the team can keep their focus and win this for their captain. Hauns and Shaq need to step it up on offense…but where he’ll be the most missed is on defense. He has been outstanding and relentless. Miah, gotta have some serious leadership to make up for your other half. I’ll be there yelling my lungs out! (and please let the refs feel bad and lean toward us for once)

  5. We were not able to win without the speed that Miah brought to the team. Zane brought the poise of a champion, POISE. We still have two unstoppable players in Vander and Josten. If the rest of the team can step up on the ‘poise’ part of the equation, I’m not counting us out of this tournament.

  6. Agree with all of the above comments: NOW it is all in by TEAM. This is the chance for anyone member of team that thought more minutes would mean better production and winning, NOW is time to step up. HAVE NO FEAR…all odds makers counting you guys out. PROVE em all wrong..Go all in, Miah, Van, JT, Tre, Hauns,Pii, Shaq, Garrett, Davis and Tyler, you guys can win as TEAM…really ,,,you know what is interesting now…other teams in WAC tourney don’t have Zane to key on…So play team ball, hard , smart together…you can make a run…prove the naysayers and negative vibe jibe wrong..

    Go for it Warriors! Get a couple of wins and possibly championship for yourselves, for Zane and the really loyal MBB fans..

    Go All out…petal to the metal…you guys can go dancing…as a TEAM!

  7. Sorry I meant any ONE member that thought they are the one with more time, and guys getting them the ball, covering for them , getting the good calls, would make difference in better season..Really it is all 12 of you men. Tre, Shaq, Pii, Miah , Tyler, Miah, Davis, Joston, Garrett, Hauns and Bobby(sorry forgot to mention)..Lot of people have kind of jumped off the band wagon..when things were going good..however there is a strong core that want you guys to do well..

    This is March madness time..play all out, all in, smart , hard , and together, bend knees, focus, take deep breath hit those free throws…defend, box out rebound, assist, switch on defense…Defense, keep turnovers low, free throw shooting , (everyone counts)..A lot of dissing of you guys…however this fan of nearly 50 years of your MBB program ain’t counting you out..I have seen Trevor Ruffin led team do it..odds against in 1994, saw Carl English as freshman have huge impact in tourney against odds on favorite Tulsa…nay sayers said one and done, those Savo teams one two WAC tourneys in a row…as a team…You guys can do it..

    Main thing: No Scard em..Nothing to lose..win for Zane, yourselves and entire state of Hawaii…at least get to championship game and go for that dance..with all that has happened to you in past month…you guys will get done..!

    We will be in stands rooting for you…probably outnumber Idaho fans..Go Rainbow Warriors…and Get well Zane…!
    Gib get guys ready, play , hard smart together and have fun, run some, lobs, posterizing, 3 point barrage or Idaho forfeit, whatever..have fun and make a run..

    Thanks for tremendous heart from all 12 of guys and scout team/redshirts.

    I am a die hard fan…Hoping for the BEST! You guys CAN DO IT!!

  8. NOW GOT To — Plan On It, Expect it from Yourself and Your Teammates, Accept Nothing Less and DO It ! Play at the TOP of Your Game — Play Beyond what we think is possible — go ahead and surprise yourself, supersede your own expectations ! Make Coach Proud … Like the Marine Boot Camp, Like China … Like You Remember Your Best Game(s) Ever …

    Play Like There IS NO Limit —
    Get in The Zone with Locked-On Focus!

    Sometimes (so far) you only ‘came close’ but you already ‘Know’ how to beat ALL These Teams …

  9. It’s going to be tough with one of the team’s star players not making the trip, but it can be done. Everyone has to make a contribution and play to their potential. This is like the second season so everyone needs to make the most of it…..no second chances a’ready for this year. Everyone has to believe it can be done.
    Go Warriors!

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