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Idaho shoots down Warriors, 82-63

The Hawai’i basketball team could not rebound in more ways than one in an 82-63 loss to Idaho on Thursday night.

A crowd of 5,600 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors drop to 15-14 overall and 6-7 after losing the crucial Western Athletic Conference game. The Vandals improved to 17-12 overall and 8-5 in the WAC.

Hawai’i is now in fifth place in the conference with just one game remaining — Saturday against fourth-place Utah State.

The Warriors have now lost four consecutive games — the longest losing streak of the season — and all by double-digit margins.

Zane Johnson scored 18 points to lead the Warriors, and became the program’s all-time leader in 3-pointers. He went 4-of-8 from 3-point range, raising his career total of 3-pointers to 179 — one more than previous record holder Predrag Savovic.

Joston Thomas added 16 points, and Miah Ostrowski finished with seven points and nine assists.

Leading scorer Vander Joaquim was held to a season-low four points on 1-of-7 shooting. He grabbed nine rebounds, but the Vandals out-rebounded Hawai’i 46-27.

The Vandals raced to a 45-27 lead at intermission and maintained it the rest of the way. The closest Hawai’i got in the second half was nine.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.

(WarriorInsider.com photos by Charles Simmons)


  1. POSITIVES: 1) Joston Thomas’ Post-Game talk with Gary D. was Very Impressive — for a College Athlete to say ‘all the right things’ for ten minutes on the radio after a fourth straight ‘tough loss’ (read: blow-out) is extremely responsible as a leader and is part of what gives them ‘a chance’ to still turn it around as soon as Saturday of maybe even Next Week @ the tourney …

    2) The Return of Zane’s Three and improved drives & finishing…Zane # 1 Three shooter versus Savo (three years), MacIntyre (four years) … along with Shaq’s continued shooting (but almost no significant passes –please show us you’re learning, Shaq — fewer turnovers, yes);

    3) Some Flashes in the Second Half — better overall effort … although, no where near enough or long enough;

    – Too many “invisible” players — Vander, Hauns, …
    – Almost entire bench (again) except for Shaq;
    – Too many missed lay-ups, two-footers, five footers …
    – ? Where does The WAC (or Ref shared bureau) find So Many “Poor” Refs? They display a very low knowledge of the game making poor calls that most experienced players, fans (and coaches — watch their reactions) can see clearly through and the replays show even worse …Might Sound Counter-Intuitive, but we may need to Pay them Better to attract better talent …

    Did NOT want to note it earlier — The Team appears Not Only Physically tired, but apparently also Mentally Tired — that’s when they miss free throws, lay-ups, give up open threes to ‘everybody’. Q: ALL these teams (four in a row) shoot so well ? Probably more a reflection of ‘our team’… Physical Fatigue ‘can be’ overcome, recovered with a few days rest — Mental Fatigue can take significantly longer …

    Let’s Make Sure we have a Dominating Home Court advantage on Saturday …
    Utah State is used to crowds in the 9000-10,000 range …


    Is this a Controversial Question ? It looked like Idaho outnumbered us — besides the Refs — are some of the bench players improving fast enough ? Their current talent level doesn’t look like D-1 (that is Not Unusual for first or second year players). With the prospect of a second straight .500 WAC Finish (or possibly worse), should some Not have their scholarships renewed in favor of more ready-for D-1 players ?

  2. It looks like the team has lost it’s mojo. This team lacks a floor general. Someone has to take charge on the court. The coach can only do so much……the players have to execute and play with a passion for the game. Out muscled again under the boards. And, in our house! Why are the teams shooting lights out against Hawaii lately?!? Frustrating.

  3. Got beat by a better team. It seems like all the other teams in WAC are peaking and UH is going on a slide. Not too good with the discipline issues with JT, SS, TW, BM etc. Gib gotta get control of team. Hey Zane and Miah, as captains , you have got to talk to whole team. Team only meeting, iron out gripes and see who buys into winning the WAC tourney..you have to do it fast otherwise season over very quickly.

    It is sad for me and many other fans, UH Rainbows played outstanding defense going into WAC , not virtually non existent. And rebounding. at the top or near the top of rebounding in WAC, …

    All can say. thanks for the memories of a short 2 year stint for Zane and MIah, provided some exciting moments..but once again, if team buys into defense, free throw shooting(have to make 70 per cent plus), you stand as good a chance as any of the other WAC teams to win tourney and go to dance. Forget the CIT…go for the NCAA’s …You guys have to play like you did against Xavier, you can win it!!

    Still one more chance, and by the way, beat Utah St., and finish regular season with winning record..have to win opening round tourney game, then assure yourselves of winning season overall and at least, hopefully(not sure now) CIT Riley tourney.

    Go Rainbow Warriors..Sometimes you guys are too nice, gotta have a little, no make that a lotta fire..

    Go get em!!!

  4. An congratulations Zane! great accomplishment, all time 3 pointers made. I know that you would trade that record for winning the WAC tourney and going to dance.
    You and MIah have to lead team, get that fire in them. Practice free throws, and get the bigs to rebound!! Sorry about above comment, just a big let down past 4 games.
    I am not giving up …see you at senior night, go out with a bang…hopefully 6 or 7 thousand will show for White out night…

    Zane and Miah, in fact all of the young men on the team seem like nice guys, not thugs…you guys go to school, or the ones who haven’t graduated yet, and practice hard, and travel far..hope you get at least 17 or better yet 18 wins to make it to some kind of post season..somehow I feel you guys will, probably, take the WAC tourney if all things aforementioned fall into place, defense, team unity, free throw shooting, REBOUNDING…I mean everything,, you guys can do It..

    Mahalo Zane and MIah, have a great post UH career! Thanks for the memories, just wish we had you guys for two more years.

  5. Team Only Meeting is a good idea (even if a bit Laker-ish) …

    Seniors, Team “Captains” Must take Charge …
    Everyone has to be playin’ smart and hard and together …

    We Know — You Guyz are Doin’ All The Work …
    And We’re All Chatter …
    But Your friends, family, fans & supporters will be there Saturday Night to say Aloha & Mahalo, …However it Goes …

    WIN !

    …and How many more Wins is All up to the Players !

    Go “Bows / Warriors !

  6. Wow the team looks very beaten down. Seen this before in other teams. It is going to have to come within each of them. Hope they can pull it together soon. To much negative never brings positive. This team has what it takes coaches just need to tap into it. Go warriors!

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