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DaBeast Films: A chat with the fans

DaBeast Films has a fan club.

“Ben” and “John” made the trip from Oahu to Las Vegas last week to cheer for the Hawai’i basketball team at the Western Athletic Conference Tournament.

They were not hard to spot during the Warriors’ two games in the tournament, as they purchased front-row courtside seats and wore Davis Rozitis jerseys during the Hawai’i games.

In this episode of DaBeast Films, Rozitis caught up with Ben and John at the Las Vegas airport, on the way back to Honolulu.

The two Hawai’i fans revealed that they were asked to curb their courtside enthusiasm by one referee during the Hawai’i-Idaho game, but then got complimented by another referee after the game.

In any case, the Warriors could use more fans like these two. They were supportive of the Warriors from start to finish of both games, and congratulated the players after the win and the loss. They even stayed for the other games in the tournament, and always cheered for the underdog teams.


  1. Interesting about being told to sit down. In the New Mexico State game, I was told the same and the usher said I was taunting the coach and I had to stop because it had gone on long enough. All I was saying was “What, coach, what?” because that’s what an angry player said to the coach as he was pulled from the game. Granted, I stood up and said it repeatedly throughout the game and I was only four rows behind the NMSU bench…but apparently an NMSU fan sitting in the front row complained about me. Good grief, I am a 52-year-old woman, I couldn’t have been taunting : )

  2. are bobby and Trevor coming back for next season?

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