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Wiseman suspended indefinitely

Sophomore forward Trevor Wiseman has been suspended indefinitely from the Hawai’i basketball team, head coach Gib Arnold announced on Monday.

Wiseman is averaging 6.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game and is valued as one of the team’s top defenders.

In Hawai’i’s last game at San Jose State on Saturday, Wiseman played a season-low two minutes and went scoreless in a game for the first time this season. He appeared upset on the bench after he was removed from the game, although Arnold would not comment on the specific reason for the suspension.

Arnold’s statement in a release from the UH media relations office: “I believe it is a privilege to be a student-athlete and to represent the University of Hawai’i. With this privilege comes great responsibility to be a good teammate and to act appropriately both on and off the court. When these responsibilities are not met then the privilege of representing UH will be temporarily or permanently revoked. At this time we have asked Trevor to only concentrate on being a student and he has been released from all team responsibilities.”

The Warriors are scheduled to play two Western Athletic Conference home games this week — first-place Nevada on Thursday, then Fresno State on Saturday.


  1. Wow, did not see that coming. Hope he works out his issues; he’s got so much to offer, but it’s got to be within the team framework.If it’s an academic issue, then I hope he uses his time wisely to get things in order. Good luck, Trevor.

  2. gib is getting what he wants..he knows that he needs another scholarship available

  3. hawaiifan09,

    that is totally irresponsible of you to say something like that. you’re wearing your intelligence for all to see.

    get a life.

  4. al: He (Steve?) or she (Laura?) has been trolling this site for a while. The rule of thumb applies: Don’t feed the trolls.

  5. The team needs Trevor 🙁
    Any chance he will be un suspended before the end of the regular season?

  6. i’m sure Coach Gib will work for a Best Solution — it sounded like Trevor had worked through the (previous) academics challenges — Gib was proud that his sophomores who suffered as freshmen, were averaging 3.0 or better …

    Come back stronger Trev …

  7. trevor, get your act together.Life aint easy

  8. Interesting, sounds like a Trevor was mouthing off to the coach. Good teams cannot have that type of behavior because it infects a lockerroom.

    Wiseman’s minutes are significantly down because of the quality of play from Vander and Joston. UH’s success hinges on the big guys inside and Gib has to keep them on the floor as much as possible. Wiseman obviously isn’t handling his new role very well. Wiseman doesn’t offer much offensively and his best quality is that he’s a scrappy player, so he won’t be missed that much other than for depth.

    Again, I just want to reiterate that Gib is ahead of schedule on the rebuilding of the program and he’s going to have clashes of personalities, especially when there was no clear cut starting 5 at the start of the year. Wiseman got the starts early in the year only because he understood the system and assignments better than Joston at the time.

    2012-13 year will be HUGE for UH!!! with new big men Fotu and Dressler coming in and transfer Standhardinger coming off of redshirt, Wiseman probably be buried on the bench. UH will be extremely deep at the forward and center positions. Not too many D1 programs can say that!!!Sure, Miah and Zane will be gone, and will be missed, but if Brereton and Stokes can improve, and add in Lev and Tavita off redshirts, I think UH has more firepower on it’s roster than this years team.

    I project the 2012 Starting 5 to be: Vander, Joston, Stokes, Tavita, and Brereton. Gib likes to change his starters based on the defensive matchups, so Jefferson (great on ball defender) will probably get some starts vs good 2-guards. By the time conference play rolls around, I think Fotu and Standhardinger could crack the line up and look for Joston to slide to the 3 position if that happens.

    What’s nice about next years depth is that the players can play harder and more agressively because UH will have an excellent bench to rely on if someone gets in foul trouble.

    The key to UH’s success in the future lies with Stokes. If he can just manage the offense and take care of the ball, I EXPECT UH TO MAKE THE NCAA’s in 2012-13. Stokes has incredible talent, but isn’t used to playing in a team offense. He’s much more comfortable in the high tempo street ball of Rucker Park. At the division 1 level, the other team plays real defense, and Stokes looks a little unsure of himself in the half court sets. I think he’s used to having the ball on offense at all times and he creates off the dribble. I think if Gib can design a few pick-n-roll sets for Stokes, I think that’s how you maximize his talents. Not to mention he’s awsome in open court.

  9. That’s a well thought out prognostication, Matt. Still, even if Wiseman’s role on the team will be diminished next year, I’d rather still have him than not. Hopefully, if he did mouth off to Gib, it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be forgiven or taken back. I hope this isn’t something that Trevor will regret.

  10. Trevor at his best, brings defensive energy, rebounding, and unselfishness. He rarely takes bad shots and is a solid ball handler. I for one would like to see him find his way back onto the team. He’s just a sophomore, and has great potential.

  11. Hopefully the other players on the team talk to Wiseman and get him back in line. You’ve got to put the goals of the team ahead of your personal goals. The team won so you should be happy, period.

  12. In other non related news the game on Thursday is sold out. I tried to get tickets and they told me there are non available. Great news on a sell out. Bad news that I can’t buy a ticket.

  13. Many times coaches of all team sports have to make tough decisions…….I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Coach Gib. I hope things can be worked out later on.

  14. I hope Trevor grows up from this experience. This a team effort, not solely a Wiseman effort. Whatever got said is done, apologize to the Coach (s), the team and most importantly, to yourself. The team needs you, you play an important ROLE.

  15. Pono, there’s tons of tickets still available.

  16. upper level available for sure

  17. Trevor, hope you and the team will make amends and come back to the team. I know it’s tough to sit on the bench and see the minutes go down. But a lot of guys sat at one time this season: Brereton, Joston—and still sitting: Shak, Davis, Garrett, Bobby. You are still valuable and you have contributed much to the success of this team. Come back and help them in any way you can, even if it means cheering for them on the bench. But I know you will do more than that. I think the majority of fans know you are valuable to the team and are hoping you come back.

  18. al and clyde you both should leave too..seems like you both can’t handle comments/opinions

  19. You more than anyone, pseudo”Hawaiifan” should take your own advice. Most of us can handle “opinions”, but yours are extremely immature and you have yet to add any value to this forum and have zero credibilty with anything you post. You only show up after a loss or if there is something you can spin with a negative comment. Really..why continue wasting everyone’s time with your ignorance?

  20. Pono — Hope you end up being right (that we finally sell out the SSC — The Program & Team deserve it, as consistently well as they’re playing ) …

    Just Re-double-checked with ticket office; ~ 4,000 tickets still available — on-line or call (808) 944-2697; Even if it was a ‘sell-out’, not all the season ticket holders can make all games, so usually someone on the concourse (away from the ticket windows) is re-selling tickets …

    Trev — Keep working hard — ‘everyone’ is improving to earn more minutes — keep improving on your shooting and offensive aggressiveness; when we need to ‘shut down a wing or small forward we know you can isolate anyone — might need that even this Thursday (where they have three scorers who play from the point/wing)…

  21. TREVOR, You are an equally important part of the success & failure of this UH squad. If you still really want it, like it or not YOU MUST DO WHATEVER IT TAKES & WHAT’S REQUIRED FROM YOU TO GET BACK ON THIS UH TEAM & HELP CONTRIBUTE ON & OFF THE COURT WITH ALL OF YOUR FELLOW TEAMMATES WHILE BEING AN ESSENTIAL PART OF ONE UNIFIED TEAM! Be part of something special by successfully finishing what you started. Frustration & pride can also have a negative effect on anyone’s game. Work hard & maintain your focus on the TEAM’S GOALS as well as YOUR FUTURE GOALS. Hope to see you back on the team soon! The TEAM needs you & YOU NEEDTHE TEAM! Good luck to you Mr. Wiseman! GO WARRIORS!!

  22. A Perspective (based on experience)…

    For Hawai’ian Fan 09 & His Fans — i used to run a division similar to “Internal Affairs” — even though we could write the good and the bad — the senior management perception was that you can only improve by identifying “what’s wrong” or needs improvement — that was one of the toughest jobs ever — being the bad guy or the troll, The Dark Force, we used to refer to me as Darth Vader or even The Thresher Shark …

    Bottom Line that all served a good purpose — it’s tough to see or hear some of the negs — and often those affected don’t agree — but once those issues are addressed, reviewed or corrected, (even if it might have been a mis-perception for lack of good evidence) it always became better …

  23. warriorfan thank you for reading my comments and taking the time to write back..seems like you can’t wait to read what i write and have no interest in basketball but only me

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