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Meet the scout team

The future of the Hawaii basketball program is on display every day in practice. For now, that’s where it has to stay – in practice.

The scout team for this year’s Warriors features six players: Tyler Brown, Brandon Jawato, Orel Lev, Pii Minns, Christian Standhardinger and Jace Tavita.

Four of them (Jawato, Lev, Standhardinger and Tavita) are redshirt players for the 2011-12 season, and thus will not be eligible to play in games until next season. This season, their job is to simulate the upcoming opponents during practices.

“We take on the role of the other team just to get the guys ready (for games),” said Tavita, who is considered the captain of the scout team

Tavita normally takes on the role of point guard; Jawato, Minns and the recently-added Lev rotate at the wings; Brown and Standhardinger take care of the post.

Perhaps as might be expected, the Warrior starters “win” the practice sessions on most days. But every so often, the scout team is able to pull off an upset – which upsets head coach Gib Arnold enough to send the starters on a series of extra sprints.

Arnold has high expectations for some of the scout players, going so far as stating that Standhardinger “has a chance to be our best player next year.”


  1. I’ll be looking for big things from some of these players next season, work hard now so it pays off later

  2. Thanks, Dayton !

    Great to see the scout team’s Camaraderie And Confidence — we could probably use some of their talents Now (but that’s not the plan) …

    I Like the “Validation” that Brandon Jawato has ‘earned’ from his coach & teammates that he’ll challenge for Zane’s “Three-Leadership Role” (maybe a current team depth weakness), along with Orel’s 40% 3-History, Standhardinger’s high-praise & rep, along with ‘all the returning players’ improvement, should be quite a boost to scoring, despite the graduation / eligibility loss of Zane & Miah.

    Damn! I think the NCAA should allow TWO Men’s Basketball Seasons per year ….

    The Games are running out ‘cept for the Championship / CIT Tourney runs …

    Nothing like the Season thru March Madness …

  3. LOL. What a bunch of hams. But it’s good that they’re having fun, and improving themselves for next year. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of these guys on the court.

    Dayton, as always, thanks for the report.

  4. Fun to see what is happening on the home front! Thanks for sharing this!
    A big thank you to the coaching staff of UH Basketball. It is great to see that when you work hard and play the best game that things are fair on and off the court. Thanks for all the hard work you all put in to the program all of your efforts show through your team. Awesome! This basketball city has been following UH Basketball since you got one of their home boys. Can’t wait to see UH play in LA. Go Bows!

  5. So Christian is able to translate Hebrew? Wow!
    Yeah, they had me going.
    But now I am impressed with their ability, as a team, to fake me out of my socks.

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