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DaBeast Films: Things to do in Idaho

In the middle of winter – let alone on a basketball road trip – there isn’t much to do in Moscow, Idaho. The latest episode of DaBeast Films proves it.

On the Hawaii basketball team’s road trip to Idaho last weekend, sophomore forward Davis Rozitis captured some of his teammates on video performing some impromptu “dance moves” on a patch of ice in the hotel’s parking lot.

Later, Rozitis showcases some of his skills – or lack thereof – at video games in the hotel lobby.

In the second video below, Rozitis kills some time during an airport layover with interviews of assistant coach Brandyn Akana, director of basketball operations Kerry Rupp, and teammate Zane Johnson.

A little later in the second video, the Warriors unexpectedly run into an old friend at the Salt Lake City airport. Hint: they were supposed to see him on the Asia Tour last summer, but didn’t.


  1. Donʻt give Minns the camera – he handles it like he handles the ball…shakily.
    But we still love you, C.P. Minns.

    Maybe Davis can ask the guys some of our questions, or have simple challenges, like “who will be the first player to correctly name the capital of Latvia?”
    “Which player can best enunciate the state motto?” (minus Miah and Piʻi)

    Certainly there is potential for high comedy in there somewhere.

    Missed a golden opportunity to chat up the Zona team and put Zane on the spot.

  2. The DaBeast segments are absolute classics. He turns road trips into road adventures. We have him for 2 full more years and it can only get better.

  3. That’s really interesting I wonder what Walter was doing in idaho?

  4. what was roese doing there?

  5. The clip with Walter Roese was actually from the Salt Lake City airport. When not in Brazil or other parts of South America, Roese spends much of his time with family in Utah.

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