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Post your questions for Gib Arnold

With the Western Athletic Conference season about to start, it’s time for another session of “Ask Coach Arnold.”

If you have a question you would like to ask Gib Arnold, please post it in the Comments section below. The questions can be either basketball or non-basketball related.

The staff of WarriorInsider.com will select the five questions that will be presented to Arnold, who will then answer on video. Arnold will then select a “Question of the Day” and that person will receive a WarriorInsider T-shirt.

Questions can be posted below, and we will make the selections on Thursday afternoon.

WarriorInsider.com reserves the right to delete any questions it deems inappropriate.


  1. Hi Coach Gib!

    Are you still going after recruits for next year, or is everything filled up?

  2. Aloha Coach Gibber,

    i hope you don’t mind me referring to you as the gibber. just something that i started when you were first hired.

    the season is in full swing and you have the team improving each week. most important to me is how you have been patient and yet tough with joston thomas. i like how he has responded. that coupled with the apparent turnaround of attitude from our highly touted freshman point guard from new york has this team firing on all cylinders.

    tell us what, when, why, and how you implement team discipline such that these guys all seem to buy in to the program?

    …and yet they seem to all now care about each other and have fun doing it.

    in other words what are the main principles of discipline the gibber arnold way?

  3. Coach – great pre-season, a few heart-breakers but I think it has been a great learning experience for them.

    At times, when they are not running and playing an up-tempo game, the offense seems stagnant or stalled with players standing around watching versus making something happen, will you be allowing them to play a more running and “up-tempo” style? Seems like we have the horses (bench) strength to play this type of game, what are your thoughts?

  4. Why does the team struggle with free throws?

  5. Who is the biggest threat in the Wac this season?

  6. Are Orel Lev and Isaac Fotu enrolled for the second semester?

  7. When are the black jerseys coming out again? Theyre really nice

  8. Aloha, Coach Arnold:

    It seemed like the 1-3-1 trap you sprung on Utah State at home last year took them by surprise and may have helped the team nearly get an upset win. It was a very memorable experience being at the Stanley for that game and if Miah Ostrowski had hit that 3 at the end of the 2nd OT, it would’ve blown the roof off of the arena.

    It’s great to see how you go 10 deep with your rotations but do you feel like you may be a player or two short from being able to employ a really aggressive trapping defense? Is part of your recruiting strategy based on being able to implement a “forty minutes of hell” type of defense during certain parts of a game?

    My kids and I are season ticket holders and enjoy watching how hard the team works on D. Some of Vander Joaquim’s recent shot blocks have been truly special. Thank you for bringing such energy and excitement to the program. Imua!

  9. Gibber,

    Describe to us a typical day during game week for the head coach, is your class of 2012 filled ,with Fotu and Lev? Does the Mrs still have you do chores around da house or are you immune from it?Good luck this Saturday !

  10. Have you ever thought of spending a whole time out grilling the referees and letting your assistants set up a play with the team.

  11. Aloha Coach Gib,

    Do you see any current Hawaii High School players with the potential to play for you?

  12. Hey coach Gib,

    I have been noticing that you are leaning towards Miah and Shaq as your two point guards. Where does that leave Bobby Miles? It looks like he really improved from last season to this season but he hasn’t been getting the minutes. Do u see yourself incorporating Bobby into the lineup rotation since the WAC is starting and will he get more playing time?

  13. Aloha Coach Gib,

    Are we ever going to have a “black out” or “white out” night again? I think it really looks good and bring something a little extra special to the big games.

  14. Has your recruiting philosophy changed as a result of the academic casualties from last year’s class? Last year’s group was a lot more athletically gifted and talented.

  15. as far as next year i see the team getting bigger and stronger but not faster or more athletic…

  16. Hey Coach Gib,

    Thank you for taking time to answer some of these questions. Huge respect, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but what can be done to cut down on the number of turnovers our team makes?

    Good luck with the WAC opener!

  17. your not the coach HawaiiBum09…an we dont see you moving out of your moms basement this year OR next…so youll still be hawaiibum09 in 2013…

  18. Aloha Coach,

    Who do you forsee will be in the starting 5? Or will the tinkering of the starting lineup continue for a while?


  19. If you could change one rule in college basketball, what would it be?

  20. Hey coach,
    So far we’ve had some ups and downs to the season. The road losses hurt. What is it about playing in someone else’s arena that makes it difficult to win no matter who they are. Best wishes for the upcoming WAC season. Go Warriors!

  21. Happy New Year, Coach Arnold!

    thanks for the entertaining and productive preseason.
    now is prime time for taking care of business.
    as important as ever in a successful college basketball program, the tact of dealing with the referee is needed.
    Are you addressing this ‘Business’ with the TEAM sometime?

  22. Mahalo for coaching at UH. Do you find time to get into the water? Without being too specific what are your favorite breaks. Your favorite board ??? single fin log, contemporary thruster, twin fin fish, body board, no board – body surf, etc. does your entire staff surf? How stoked are your kids to trunk it year round.

  23. When can we get another tailgate going at the arena again, it was great last year, would be good to have it on a saturday home game every saturday during WAC season and next years BIG WEST season!!

  24. Aloha Coach Arnold,

    Thank you for your time, my question is what is your take on the current basketball facilities at UH (coaches offices, lockeroom, training facilities, etc). Also is there any facility improvements or renovations you would like to have done or planned in the future?

    Thanks again coach and best wishes to the rest of the season and beyond.

    Go Bows!

  25. What is one drill – done in practice every day, no exceptions, without fail – that you could not live without?

    How are the guys taught to defend on-ball screens? What is the philosophy?

  26. Do you think Punahou would have won the 1987 state championship if you and Bruce Nakamura were available to play against James Williams and his team from University High?

  27. Hi coach, for out of bound plays under the basket, what is your defensive philosophy? I know a lot of the times we play a 2-3 zone but it seems like a majority of the time there is a guy left open and the other team hits a 3.

  28. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. Gib Arnold has answered five of the questions and his video responses will be posted later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

    Couch Coach, jkobnaks and ryan … great questions, but unfortunately you guys just missed the cutoff. I think if you remember to submit these same questions the next time we do this, there’s a good chance of getting selected.

  29. Is shooting free throws a talent or can you get good just by practicing hard? Thank you.

  30. haha..i said i was the coach? you make no sense/cents

  31. An you obviously have NO common sense…NO common cents…NO life…NO job…you get the picture hawaiibum09…

  32. Can we get a player-by-player quick summary (or at least position-by-position) of what the players are working on building (besides bigger, faster & stronger which is Also Serious Big-Time) — going to their left, left-hand ball-handling / shooting, shooting range and increased accuracy, maybe even ball-park targets 500 shots per day/ 80% in practice, 40 & threes in games, passing on the run, angles, assists, what are they doing / HOW do they learn some of these finer skills etc.

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