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Ostrowski ready for basketball

Miah Ostrowski would prefer to still be playing football right now, but an early start to his basketball season will have to do.

Ostrowski participated in his first practice of the season with the Hawaii basketball team on Thursday evening. He is also a starting receiver with the Hawaii football team, but because the football Warriors did not qualify for a bowl game, his basketball season can begin.

“It’s going to take some time to get back into the competitive groove,” said the 5-foot-9 point guard. “Just get my legs back under me and my ball handling and stuff like that. Just have to be patient, I guess, and it’s going to come back.”

Ostrowski also joined the basketball team after the football season ended last year. He finished the basketball season as the starting point guard, and averaged 5.4 points, 3.8 assists and 1.3 steals per game.

“I remember some of the plays, some of the basics, some of the main things I need to know to compete out there,” he said.

Hawaii’s next game is on Sunday, December 11, against UC Davis. During the Thursday practice, Ostrowski worked with the rotation of players expected to see action in the that game.

“I’m ready,” he said, when asked if he would be ready to play in a game situation as soon as this Sunday.


  1. If there’s any silver lining to football’s absymal season end, it’s that Miah is back on the basketball team!

    Well, that and McMackin ‘retiring’ was nice as well..

  2. We need you Miah, RIGHT NOW, infuse this team with some INTENSITY , and SCORING . LEAD THEM MIAH.

  3. another point isn’t the answer but i’d rather have miah than miles

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