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InZane Video: Who’s in the hot tub?

One of the first things the players on the Hawaii basketball team do when they check-in to a road hotel is look for a hot tub.

In this latest episode of InZane Video from Southern California, Zane Johnson visits the hotel hot tub and finds teammate Tyler Brown already there.

Johnson also interviews Brown on the bus after a team barbecue during an off day of the last road trip.


  1. i think these kind of videos are just crazy for the program…more video production than basketball…not only people in hawaii see these vids but everyone with internet

  2. WHO CARES! these Zane videos are sooooo stupid. Maybe you should worry more about playing basketball than making it to hollywood.

  3. Don’t watch it then!! Who ever said he was trying to make a film career out of it? It’s simply to get a look at some of the stuff they do on the road trips.

  4. Quit drinking the hot milk. Larger market fan bases could only dream of having the level of access we get. Keep on truckin’, guys.

  5. well i guess we’ll get more video production students to manoa than basketball players..if i was a recruit watching these videos i’d think these guys are lame..the record proves it all

  6. If you don’t care for these videos don’t watch it! You grumpy fans grumbling about every little thing is whats making us look bad to recruits. It’s called Warrior INSIDER for a reason, not just on basketball but behind the scenes you morons

  7. as long as we have good videos than i guess we don’t need to win any basketball games

  8. These videos have absolutley no bearing on winning or losing games. The events in the videos happen regardless of being on tape or not and I for one like to see them having fun on their own time.

  9. ah this isn’t that big of a deal. I just wish we had some video of zane trying to figure out how to improve his shooting after going 4-18 on the last road trip. work and play, not just play.

    who knows, maybe some recruit will watch this and want to join tyler brown in that hot tub! haha.

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