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InZane Video: Trampoline Challenge

Zane Johnson is not exactly known for his jumping ability with the Hawaii basketball team. But as this latest episode of InZane Video shows, Johnson has got some impressive bounce moves in his game — his trampoline game.

During a backyard barbecue on the team’s last road trip, a few of the players took turns bouncing on a trampoline.

Johnson was clearly the best player at it, and even joked that “when I was in China, they asked me to come over. They were going to give me citizenship for my skills.”

As it turned out, the only person willing to challenge Johnson on the trampoline was … head coach Gib Arnold, who had a surprising arsenal of back flips of his own.

No official winner was declared, so view the video and decide for yourself.


  1. it would be funny if all the players ended up side-lined with ankle sprains..gib that a way to challenge your best player to a bone breaking challenge

  2. Yeah that would be REAL funny. They were just having fun and relaxing on an off day. Based on the continual negativity of your comments, you must be a lonely, miserable person.

  3. I’m with Warriorfan on this one. hawaiifan09 never really adds anything to the conversation, he just likes being a jerk.

  4. don’t get all butt hurt

  5. I was very impressed with Zane and Coach Gib’s skills! Thanks for sharing!

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