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Two international recruits visiting Hawaii

A pair of players with international experience are visiting the Hawaii basketball program this weekend.

Isaac Fotu from New Zealand and Orel Lev from Israel were at Friday’s practice, observing the Warriors.

Fotu is a 6-foot-8 forward who is the youngest member of New Zealand’s national team. He played in the Stankovic Cup in China, and contributed in New Zealand’s run to the championship of that tournament (current Warrior Vander Joaquim played with Angola’s national team in that same tournament).

Here is a link to a story on Fotu: Isaac Fotu article

Lev is a 6-4 guard who played on Israel’s under-18 national team.

Below are videos of Fotu (top) and Lev (bottom).


  1. Thanks for the scoops Dayton.

  2. would love to have a tongan on the team..natural brute strength that will not back down to anyone and be the toughest on the court…he’ll probably grow a inch or 2 maybe more..orel looks to be zane’s replacement…football better win tomorrow so both players commit and sign early..isaac will bring the ha’a to basketball with minns and tavita

  3. Looks like good players, let’s go coach gib!

  4. Both Isaac and Orel look like real good players who would fit right in with UH’s international cast. Isaac would provide needed strength on the front line and Orel could step into Zane’s shoes as an all-around scorer. Sure hoping they join the Warriors.

  5. Go get em Gib! Creating ethnic diversity is a huge plus, and what better locale than UH? Would love to see both of these ballers wearing green!

  6. Fotu looks like a nice athletic big that has experience with bigger physical guys on the national team. If he comes to UH, Coach Gib can polish up his game and he could be a beast.

    Orel looks to have developed a nice offensive game, he’s got a pretty good stroke from outside. The key for him is if he can play defense. Regardless these are two pretty good players that could be special with the right coaching.

  7. I’m guessing that International Players are not as limited or tied to the American School Year …

    Any Chance one or both can join us “now” at mid-term December/January ?

    Would help the overall numbers and some of the internationals at U.H. (in other sports like volleyball, even football) move with or without scholarships (our university tuition might look inexpensive compared to some of their other options and it seems like the concept of ‘free’ education for play is attractive and not often available in other countries which might only offer club or pro teams) …

  8. Any news on these two? hope they both committed

  9. basketball as well as the universe, exists in the constant struggles of the two extremes.
    currently, our TEAM is typed as the blue-collard one.
    some recruits dreamed to be in a “Star-System” instead.

    it takes a lot of disciplines to be Relentless, All-in, & Champion!

    rich, spoiled kids are usually ego-eccentric, inconsistent.

    do you got what it takes?

  10. Sign up these 2 international players right now. These guys are good and they are young and will grow and mature into better players. We can call em Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside!!!!

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