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Introducing Kerry Rupp

Kerry Rupp had other options. He liked this one best.

That is why the former head coach at Louisiana Tech is now the new Director of Basketball Operations for the Hawaii basketball team.

“There were some other opportunities I looked at,” Rupp said. “But the opportunity to work with a class guy in Coach Arnold and a class program, and with the staff he’s got in here and the players, to me, it wasn’t a hard decision at all. I think it’s a good chance for me to be able to see things from a different perspective and hopefully become a better coach down the road.”

Rupp started his new position with the Warriors this week, and has been a keen observer of recent practices. He has been busy jotting notes and offering suggestions to the Arnold and the other coaches.

“I’ve got a pretty good feel for the system,” he said. “But I’m just trying to be active and learn and help in any way I can.”

Rupp certainly has a lot of experience to offer. Most notable, he was the head coach at Louisiana Tech for the previous four seasons (Hawaii went 5-3 against Rupp’s LaTech teams over that span).

Prior to his tenure at LaTech, Rupp was a prominent assistant coach at Indiana, Utah and UAB.

“I think the perspective of every place I’ve been and all the things I’ve learned, all that experience,” is what he said he can bring to the position. “Plus I don’t think there’s anything that (Arnold) can ask me to do that I haven’t had an opportunity to do.”

Per NCAA rules, the director of basketball operations is considered an administrative position, and Rupp will not be allowed to coach players in the same way an assistant coach would. Rupp’s primary duties will include coordinating team travel, film breakdown, and assisting with academics, camps and recruiting.


  1. Sounds like his gone through it all already so doing what his comfortable with now make sense, I guess. Either way, a plus for the UH program.

    Hawaii now became the 4th CLASS. (after coaches, players, program)
    we are the envy of NCAA at the foundation. (recruits: make your parents class parent)

  3. I respect Coach Rupp! Always something to learn, get better and titles mean nothing. It’s about the process, getting better everyday.

    All positive!! Aloha Kerry! Welcome to the the Warrior Ohana

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