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Got a question for Coach Arnold?

Duke or North Carolina? Who would your starting five be today? Why do all of your children have names that start with the letter A?

If you have a question for Hawaii basketball head coach Gib Arnold, now is the time to ask.

WarriorInsider.com will begin a new feature this season called “Ask Coach Arnold.” Fans can submit questions here, and we’ll have Coach Arnold answer it on video.

There are some guidelines:

* Only one question per fan. You can post your question in the Comments section below.

* Due to time restraints, only five questions will be selected for Arnold to answer. The questions will be selected at random by the staff of WarriorInsider.com.

* The staff of WarriorInsider.com reserves the right to delete any questions it deems inappropriate.

* Questions for this first session can be posted below until noon on Friday. We’ll try to post Coach Arnold’s responses sometime during the weekend.

Until then, here is a short video clip featuring assistant coach Brandyn Akana speaking pidgin to Shaquille Stokes and Vander Joaquim.


  1. What is the Gerry blakes situation? What school is he currently at? When will he be coming to Honolulu?

  2. Dayton, can you ask this question instead.

    Is there a possibility that you use Coach Rupp, the same way you used fisher, allowing him to recruit and not allowing one of your other assistants go out and recruit. Wasn’t that the case with roese during the summer and allowing fisher to go out?

  3. Coach:

    Have you considered playing Trevor Wiseman at the small forward; his more natural position, instead of having his back to the basketball as a power forward?

  4. Thanks, Dayton; Great Idea … i saw some comments where people indicated they thought this staff was unapproachable. They’ve tried to be represented on All Sports shows (BCurran, Animals, Hoops Talk) and in-season have a Coach’s Show; plus they’ve answered any “urgent” questions i had when i called … Thanks

    Based on Postings:
    (as a reflection of what some or many fans are interested in)

    Can we have an Update on our three California Recruits who “just haven’t gotten here yet ?” [Stevens, Biggs & Blakes]
    @ JC ? @ Prep School ? Taking part-time college classes still want to come as soon as possible? One or two likely within the Next Year ?

    Thanks, again ! Thanks, Coach !

    [Treating those as key aspects in answer to One Question]

  5. congrats coach Arnold, for your incomparable staff and outstanding team.
    you’re making Hawaii proud!
    with all the dedicated athletes.. we have good reasons to be excited, all seasons ahead.
    will we have the pleasure of seeing PLATOONING sometime?

  6. Coach,
    Got to love your commitment and dedication to warrior basketball.
    Do you think you have the personnel yet to play an up tempo offense combined with aggressive man to man D where you can sub a lot and wear down your opponent?
    Good luck this season.

  7. do you feel that what you have accomplished thus far after one season is where you envisioned the program to be at this juncture and what are the long term goals for you and the program?

    thanks for bringing “life” back in to our basketball program and i hope that contract gets done before the first game.

  8. Coach, I know you dont like to name starters and like take it game by game, but if the season were to start today, who would be the starting five?

  9. What piece of the puzzle are we missing? are you trying to get a specific kind of player for next year? and does rupp have a list of players he can hand to you to recruit?

  10. No questions. Just wanted to thank coach Arnold for a fantastic 09-10 season and for supporting this blog. Big thanks!

  11. What are the recruiting responsibilities for each of your assistants, are they separated by regions on the mainland ?

  12. Are you going to be wearing the black jerseys more often this year? I think most fans really like those, also will they be selling those black jerseys at the rainbowtique store?

  13. How do you think the move to the Big West will affect your recruiting efforts?

  14. we win the big west every year and get to the tournament, recruiting won’t be a problem although we still won’t get 4 or 5 star players

  15. Coach, will Zane Johnson be at full strength for next week’s opener?

  16. Coach Arnold,
    How do you feel about this years’ team at this stage vs this time last year ?
    Also how are we depth wise ?
    Aloha and Continued Success

  17. Coach Gib, I know that part of the success that Miah Ostrowski had when he joined the team last year was the fact that the opposing teams had no idea who he was since they had no tapes to study him and he was a dagger to their sides. What makes conference play so difficult is the fact that by the time we start to play the WAC teams they have scouted each other so well that they know exactly how to play each player. This year do you have any secret weapons or secret plays that you plan to incorporate during WAC play so as to catch them by surprise? Thank you for your hard work and passion for the game.

  18. Mr Higa, I hope your question requires a yes/no answer. However, I do know that when Miah comes back , there will be alot of interesting line-ups.

    Coach, I noticed that the game shorts on the players were a kinda of puffy looking and not the thinner material that a lot of the name schools wear. are we wearing last years uniforms or are there new ones for this year?

  19. I know you like players who can play more than one position and in recent scrimmages have experimented with different lineups. Can you tell us what position each player is capable of playing and go over the depth of the team ?????

  20. What does Shaq Stokes need to do to see more playing time now and into the future for seasons to come?

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