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Gonzaga defeats Hawaii, 73-54, in Canada

A cold trip to Canada put the Hawaii basketball team in a foul mood.

The Warriors turned in gritty effort but could not overcome a significant difference in the fouls in a 73-54 loss to nationally-ranked Gonzaga on Saturday.

A crowd of 9,687 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, watched the inaugural B.C. Basketball Classic.

The Warriors were whistled for 27 fouls, and ended the game with starting center Vander Joaquim fouled out, and head coach Gib Arnold ejected for arguing foul calls.

Freshman point guard Shaquille Stokes led the Warriors with 17 points, and senior guard Zane Johnson added 12.

Gonzaga was assessed 11 fouls. As a result of the discrepancy, the Warriors went 7 of 8 at the free throw line, while the Bulldogs were 18 of 28.

Hawaii dropped to 1-1, while No. 22 Gonzaga improved to 3-0.

The game was actually closer than the final score indicated, although Gonzaga controlled it most of the way.

Hawaii had a 9-8 lead early in the game, but Gonzaga responded with a 7-0 run to take a 15-9 lead and stayed in front the rest of the first half. The Bulldogs led by as many as 12 points in the first half, but the Warriors cut it to 33-27 at intermission.

Stokes scored nine in the first half, including a 3-pointer just before the half ended.

Arnold was assessed a technical foul in the first half for arguing foul calls. Gonzaga went 7 of 11 from the free-throw line in the first half, while Hawaii was 1 of 2.

The Warriors got as close as 45-44 midway through the second half, but the Bulldogs then went on a 7-0 surge to regain control for good.

Joaquim, who finished with six points and 12 rebounds, fouled out with 5:15 remaining, and then Arnold was ejected from the bench after picking up his second technical foul with 4:09 remaining.

Robert Sacre led Gonzaga with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.


  1. Rainbow Warriors have another proven three point shooter and they don’t give him the freedom to shoot the ball. Give 21 the green light as much as Johnson and see what he can do. He was a JC All American and highly recruted player for a reason. Give him a shot.

  2. We definitely didn’t play well but we got hosed by the refs. Lots of bad calls.

  3. I agree with RBW! 21 scored more points in the 4 min he was in than the starting 5 did in the first of the game! I do believe he shot 100%. Very good 21! To bad they are pulling you out for shooting.

  4. Refs had the game rigged. Total bs calls and non-calls by the refs

  5. I agree RBW. I don’t know what’s going on but Brereton is a player. If he gets the opportunity he will shine.

  6. TEAM:
    you did ok. played tough, near-maxed effort, making yourselves accountable.
    under such biased situations; it would be unfair to ask for much more.
    knowing how it is playing on the road, and extreme inhospitable environment –
    learn from it all, make yourselves stronger.. brighter future can be envisioned.

  7. Things seemed to get better when Brereton was in. Why did they pull him out after he hit that 3 pointer? Looks like its just bad coaching.

  8. I can’t imagine that Gibb wouldn’t want Hauns shooting the ball……in fact the strong part of this game is his offence. He does OK on defense and will work as hard as anyone on the court, but the kid can flat out shoot. I didn’t get to watch the game but only having him in for 3 or 4 minutes…tough to score while sitting on the bench! He averaged about 30 points a game the 2nd half of his juco season last year…let the boy play!!

  9. Gib is a defense-first coach. If he doesn’t think you’re getting it done on defense, you sit. Hauns isn’t yet playing defense as well as some of the others.

  10. Maybe SamoanViking should bring this up in the next session of “ask the coach”.

  11. RBW Fan 6666 & Warriorfan21,
    Mom & Dad thanks for the support!

  12. I have to agree with Mongoose.Defensively his lateral movement is a step slow. He did well the times we played zone but out on the wing man on man, he had a hard time staying in front. And WICK, this is D1 ball not JUCO, big difference in the competition. 30 pts a game doesn’t translate the same.

  13. Watching the frst couple of games Brereton played better D than he gets credit for. Watch the men he guards they don’t score much on him. He also had what three steals the last game? He played D 1 ball at Northeren Colorado and if I remember as a freshman he came to Hawaii and did pretty well against the Bows in the Rainbow classic.
    He was recruted by a lot of schools not because he was a defensive juggernaut he was wanted by many schools because he CAN SHOOT THE BALL. How many shots does Johnson get that he misses or how many points are scored by his men while he’s on D. I’m not bashing Johnson I just am saying lets be fair here, Brereton has not been given a chance. He gets minutes and is not allowed to shoot. When he does shoot he is pulled from the game for making a shot??????? This is a seasoned Junior shooting guard not a freshman, why did Arnold bring him to Hawaii if he doesn’t want him to shoot. I SAY LET HAUNS SHOOT Gib.

  14. Don’t Worry Hauns Fans …

    From everything i’ve seen (Summer league, trips) — and we have seen of Hauns game-time, he’s learning and improving …

    Bloggers are correct — Team Defense Requires Everyone to Play Defense … and Coach noted that Hauns hasn’t even been asked to play D in the past — it’s new for him… But he’s a hard worker and like Zane i’m sure he’ll quickly learn … defense is about good footwork and he’s already shown very quick hands — with all the tips/steals in just the time he’s been in … and i haven’t seen a good scorer who didn’t already have good feet and balance …

  15. Offense evolves around Zane and Vander; and now Shaq seems to have a free rein to run it up and if he blows by everyone (which a lot of times he does); it’s okay for him to go for the lay-up! Therefore, you now have 3 players wanting and getting the ball offensively – if you think Hauns should be playing more to get more shots, it’s not going to happen this year – unless he plays hustle defense and scraps for the ball to get offensive rebounds and put it back up . . . a la Wiseman!

    JUCO 2nd team AA now has to learn how to play D1 – defense . . . defense turns into offense. I am jus saying . . . I like Hauns’ effort and commitment . . . now that has to be converted into SKILLS!

    Go Bow’s – take this game as a tough learning experience and move on , , , Good luck Tuesday!

  16. Warrior fan…I understand that D1 and Juco are different, but I guess what I am getting at is the boy can shoot the ball. Most of his scoring came form jump shots…he doesn’t care about flash…in fact, I saw him dunk it ONE time the whole season last year…he will just lay it in because he doesn’t need to be flashy…he just gets it done….he will be twice as good as he is now by the end of the season.

  17. dallan I have seen the games and can see how the offense works just saying can get a liitle help from another shooter. looks like there is still some room for that. Sorry you are right JUCO 2nd team AA. Still shows that he has worked hard and been recognized for it. Sorry if it doesn’t match the first team D-1 honors you must have had back in the day. I just have seen all of the posts on here over the past few weeks knocking the boys game and thought I would show a little love for him. I hope the team as a whole has a great season and I’m sure everyone is working hard. Just like Wickster trying to support a good kid who works hard without haviing to be flashy and as a fan would like to see him get more opportunitiesto play. Go Bows

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