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Ask Coach Arnold

The first session of “Ask Coach Arnold” has been completed. Thanks to all who submitted questions.

The five questions selected by the staff of WarriorInsider.com were from Eagle, warriorbow, al, FuriousD, and 808warriorfan.

Hawaii basketball head coach Gib Arnold answered all five questions after a recent practice, and then selected 808warriorfan’s question as the question of the day: “How do you feel about this year’s team at this stage versus this time last year?”

“I think about that every day as well,” Arnold said. “I look back at my old notes from last year’s team and I see we’re about a week before our first game and last year I was pulling my hair out, how are we going to score points? Who’s going to show up? This year I’m not as panicked, but on the defensive end, I feel like we’re not quite there yet.”

808warriorfan wins a WarriorInsider T-shirt for the question of the day.

For those of you who did not get your question selected, we apologize. We will try to conduct another “Ask Coach Arnold” session in a few weeks, so you can either submit your question again or come up with a new one.

Also, if there is a player you would like to see featured in this format, we are open to suggestions.


  1. 808warriorfan,

    Congratulations! I just sent you an e-mail about the prize you won (hopefully you weren’t using a bogus e-mail address to post your question).

  2. if we don’t get at least one international player that visited…i blame it on the football team

  3. hawaiifan09, I totally agree with you.

    They were just horrible tonight.

  4. I love this coach!

  5. Here’s a question for coach gib:

    Spam musubi or Chicken katsu?? =P

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