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What happened to the beards?

Back in August during the Hawaii basketball team’s “Warriors to Asia” tour, senior Zane Johnson and sophomore Davis Rozitis vowed to grow full-length beards for the season.

Johnson even joked that he might have to dye his beard black “like Brian Wilson” of the San Francisco Giants. Well, the Warriors started official practices last week, and Johnson and Rozitis were sporting clean-shaved faces.

What gives?

“This guy bailed on me,” Johnson said, pointing to Rozitis. “His facial hair got very ginger, and he said it looked ugly, and the girls back home in Latvia didn’t like it, so he didn’t want to keep it. Therefore, I had to shave mine off if my partner in crime doesn’t want to keep the bet.”

However, the beard bet may not be over just yet. Both players said they might grow out their facial hair during the postseason.

“It will be back for playoff time,” Johnson said.

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  1. these guys are all talk and no beard..

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