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Warriors train with Marines, Part III

A two-hour visit to Marine Corps Base Hawaii could go a long way for the Hawaii basketball team.

The Warriors received a quick dose of military training last weekend, and they said it is an experience they will not forget anytime soon.

“I think the experience of being with Marines and doing the things they do, I think it brings an intensity to our group,” junior forward Hauns Brereton said. “To see how intense they are with each other will bring an intensity with us back to practice.”

After the two-hour workout, the Warriors also took the time to view some of the educational displays of the 3rd Marine Regiment.

“As far as how it went, I think it went great,” Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold said. “Not only the training was fun, but then listening and talking to the Marines about their service, talking about all the guys that gave their life up for their country, that means a lot for us.”


  1. Great seeing our guys working hard in pre season, great interviews and video Dayton, anyword yet on the name of the new assistant coach??????

  2. oooohhh…rahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bring everyone from the marine corp base to watch the auburn game..fill that arena

  4. Good job Dayton! Yeah, would be great to see some of these Marines at the game.

  5. i got chicken skin right there at the end when they yelled “WE ARE…. CHAMPIONS!!!”

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