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Warriors train with Marines, Part I

The Hawaii basketball team started its training session at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii with a series of calisthenics.

Not basketball calisthenics. Military calisthenics. Shirts had to be tucked, shoelaces tied, and every push-up had to be performed with the fingers in a specific position.

As junior Hauns Brereton would say later: “It was pretty intense from the start.”

Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold noted that the Marine instructors had the Warriors working hard on even the simplest of drills.

“I might have to bring the staff sergeant in and put him on staff because he had them in line and he had them working,” Arnold said. “It was perfect. He was great. You can tell the guy does that for a living. He had them popping.”

The exercises basically served as a warm-up for the Warriors, as they followed it with a group run and then a session on an obstacle course.

WarriorInsider.com will have more video of the obstacle course in the days to come.


  1. Kainoa Chu still missing, thought he was cleared to practice already?

  2. this is when you find the weaklings and quiters

  3. Great stuff. Gib is mixing things up, between the gym and the beach and the track and now this. Hopefully it’s helping the team bond.

    Also glad to see Zane is back from his ankle injury.

  4. Coach Arnold……his somethin’ else. How does he think about all these new things to do. I guess his one of those guys who leaves nothing unturned. This is good stuff.

  5. All I can say is, Hoo-ah!!

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