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Fisher fitting in as new assistant coach

At 6 feet 7, Scott Fisher is bringing a big presence to the coaching staff of the Hawaii basketball team.

Fisher was officially announced as an assistant coach for the Warriors last week, although he is no stranger to the program. He served as the director of basketball operations last season, and has thus made a smooth transition to his new role.

“I think it was important to be involved last year to see how it was all going to shape out,” he said. “It’s a big advantage for all of us going into our second year. The whole staff was new (last year) so we have a better idea of each other’s personalities. And at least we’ve got half the team now that understands the verbiage and what we’re talking about. We’re so far advanced this year beyond where we were last year at the same time, it’s pretty exciting.”

Fisher is expected to bring several strengths to the team. For one, he was a successful post player as a professional in Australia’s National Basketball League. He was twice named the MVP of the league and was selected to the league’s Hall of Fame in 2007.

“I made a living out of basketball as a player for 16 years and I’m not blessed with a lot of athleticism,” he said. “So I think as a ‘smaller big’ without a lot of athleticism, I learned a lot of moves and little techniques to be successful … I think I can instill a little bit of that on the big guys.”

And after spending two decades in Australia as a player and coach, Fisher is expected to put many of his contacts to use in recruiting.

“I think without question, in the next year or two we’re going to see some other foreign players here at Hawaii,” he said.

Fisher said he is also looking forward to winning the bragging rights on the basketball court among the UH coaches.

“As humble as I can be, I kick ass on any of these guys,” he said.


  1. Welcome to the TEAM Coach.
    ‘Bigs’ are the key to function as a complete team.
    Humble, foresight, desire to “gas” opposition are qualities of a winner.
    Moves, techniques, under control.. had been lagging!
    Show us the difference now.

  2. Fisher is just what the doctor ordered. It is understood that Joaquim an Rozitis will benefit from coach, but I think the players that will benefit the most are the 6’6 – 6’7 players such as Wiseman, Thomas, and Brereton. With just two big men on the team others will have to fill in at times, especially when the bigs get in foul trouble. If coach could play 16 years professionally in basketball as a 6’7 post player there is no reason why a few guys on this team cannot get inspired by him and try to reach for that success too. Haha, he looks like he could still post someone up, spin, and dunk it.

  3. Yeah, I think Coach Fisher is going to be a plus for this UH team. His knowledge from playing the post for so many years can only help the guys.

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