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Highlights from open gym

Official practices are a little more than a month away for the Hawaii basketball team, but that doesn’t mean that the Warriors can’t start preparing for the season on their own.

The players have been gathering together for intrasquad scrimmages – also called “open gym” — in recent weeks. The coaches are not allowed to organize – or watch – such scrimmages, so the players are on their own.

With that in mind, the action can get sloppy at times, and the players are not running the same offensive and defensive schemes that they will be learning next month.

Still, it is a chance for the Warriors to learn each other’s tendencies and styles, as well as a way to stay in shape for the start of the season.

It should be noted that Vander Joaquim and Zane Johnson did not participate in the scrimmages in the above video.


  1. this would have been the time i’d like to see what deshawn, dillon, gerry and ronnie could do during these open gyms

  2. hawaiifan09 your blowing mine keep saying we need dillon, gerry we are good without them like shut up already there not hear move on we got stokes zane vander

  3. did you just read what i wrote?

  4. aah i wanna see what the other recruits can do…damn!!! does this dissapoint anyone? let me know asap

  5. hawaiifan09,

    I removed one of your posts from this thread, and need to alert you that such threats will not be tolerated on this site.

  6. Yeah Dayton!
    hawaiifan09 and others who go negative, or disrespectful not good for all fans and Hawaii in general. Hey, I know that all these posters in the different forums/social media sites feel free to say/write whatever..but when it comes to hateful or hurtful, well that is something we can do with out. Excellent putting your foot down.

    You have an excellent site, enjoyed you your crew and this UH MBB team with whomever they have ,…if they buy into Gib’s desire to play hard, smart together and play top ranked nationally defense, and now having shooters/some athletes..could win the WAC! I am excited..I have followed UH MBB since 1968.

    Mahalo Dayton and keep up great work. Keep us posted. Real Hawaii fans support you and the team!!

  7. how was i negative? it was started by the fool bellow me

  8. Did everyone see that this WI post was described, quoted from, and linked to on Diamond Leung’s ESPN blog today?

    Congratulations, Dayton!

  9. Oops, meant to post this under the beach-workout story.

  10. With the addition of new players especially Rozitis, Stokes, and Beureton, we should be better—at least on paper—than last year. Plus the returnees have one year playing together and that should help gel the team. Not to mention the early start via the China trip. Josten looks trim and should last longer especially if Gib pushes the quick tempo game this year. Wonder who will start: Stokes, Johnson, Thomas, Rozitis, Joaquim?

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