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Warriors enduring lengthy travel

Nobody said this was going to be easy.

Through the first six days of its “Warriors to Asia” tour, the Hawaii basketball team had already been through six airports and numerous bus rides.

“It’s a lot of movement, you just want to get settled in,” freshman Shaquille Stokes said.

Fellow freshman Brandon Jawato added: “You just want to sleep after a while.”

Here’s what the Warriors have endured so far (not including the long waits in line for check-in, security and baggage):

August 5: Depart Honolulu for Tokyo (8-and-a-half hour flight)
August 7: Depart Tokyo for Guangzhou (4-and-a-half hour flight)
August 7: Bus from Guangzhou to Dongguan (2 hours)
August 9: Bus from Dongguan to Shenzen (2 hours)
August 9: Depart Shenzen for Shanghai (2 hour flight)
August 11: Depart Shanghai for Jinan (2 hour flight)
August 11: Bus from Jinan to Qingdao (4 hours)

They have also stayed in four different hotels as of August 12, and trip is not even at the halfway point yet.

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  1. Hey is that Coach Gib’s dad in the background of the video (0:37)? He’s looking good. Is he with the travelling party too?

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