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Warriors arrive safely in Japan

Day 1 of the “Warriors to Asia” tour was spent resting and recovering from a long flight for the Hawaii basketball team.

After enduring an eight-hour flight from Honolulu to Tokyo, the Warriors landed safely at the Narita airport on Saturday afternoon and went straight to a nearby hotel.

“Tonight we’ll just go to the hotel and relax, rest, spend the night,” said assistant coach Brandyn Akana, who also planned the team’s itinerary. “This is kind of like a transit stop for us to spend the night and rest and tomorrow we’ll be right back out.”

The Warriors are scheduled to depart Tokyo early Sunday morning, and arrive in Guangzhou, China, later that afternoon.

The eight-hour flight was a rough one for some of the Warriors, especially the taller players, like 6-foot-7 forward Hauns Brereton.

“I got up and walked around a couple times,” he said. “Tried to walk it off.”

After arriving at the team hotel, Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold gave the players an opportunity to explore the surrounding area, and most of them took advantage by visiting the shopping areas.

The first exhibition game for the Warriors is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 8, against a team from Australia.


  1. After such a long flight, it must be a relief to land and stretch those legs…………..especially those 6’7″, 6’8″ guys. Well, good to know you guys already in Japan and resting to move on to the next country. Can’t wait to see how the Chinese referees call the games.

  2. This is awesome! Thank you Dayton and Pacific Risk Solutions! Can’t wait untill the guys get their first action in China.

  3. What an experience for our Warrior Boys…too bad everybody on the team couldn’t make the trip cause aside from the basketball aspect, this is something these guys will have for the rest of their lives. How many times can you say like Joston Thomas, that you can play ball in Hawaii and also ball against pro-competition in China plus visit Japan. These types of things don’t happen ever, only in Hawaii. Congrats to Coach Gib and all parties involved for making such an experience happen. I mean I’m as excited for these guys to do well this season as they are. This is a history maker right here for Coach Gib, our Warrior Boys, as well as the University!

  4. Thank you for the exciting updates, Dayton. How did we ever live without this site?

    By the way, your green commemorative T-shirts look great on the players and coaches!

  5. Awesome, Dayton. You’re 1-for-1 in navigating the logistics. Hopefully, Typhoon Muifa doesn’t affect the trip. Looking forward to your stories/videos. Take care, and enjoy!

  6. Wish we could have gone on this trip, following Insider is the next best thing, thanks Dayton.!!Keep the videos coming!

  7. Dayton looking forward for more up dates.Enjoy your trip, this kind of trip is once in a life time for most people.

  8. yeah only can do this once every four years? who knows what will happen four years from now

  9. I’d like to see coach Gib, play Rozitis as much as possible. It will be beneficial for Rozitis to get that conditioning and experience down before the bb season starts. GO! Rainbow Warriors!!
    Be safe.

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