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Warrior ohana provides entertainment

The fans at Weifang, China, got an unexpected Hawaiian halftime show on Sunday, August 14.

Only a day before the Hawaii basketball team’s game against the Qingdao Eagles, the game officials asked if the Hawaii contingent was going to provide the halftime entertainment.

There was a plan several months ago to have a Polynesian dance team make the trip with the Warriors to perform at all of the games, but that never came to fruition. Apparently, something got lost in translation because the officials from the Weifang game were still expecting a Hawaiian halftime.

The Robins family came to the rescue.

Joselyn (Robins) Akana – the wife of assistant coach Brandyn Akana – and her sister Jessica Robins agreed to perform a Tahitian dance. Their father, Roy Robins, agreed to provide the Hawaiian greeting to the fans, and introduce his daughters.

“They both have a lot of experience in hula,” Roy Robins said. “They both haven’t done it for a while, but I told them it’s just like riding a bike. They were awesome.”

Joselyn and Jessica practiced their dance routine in the hotel the night before the game, and then picked flowers and leaves from outside the hotel for impromptu costumes.

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  1. That was great for almost no preparation, Gib and the team should have done the Haka again as well lol

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