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VIP treatment at postgame dinner

The Hawaii basketball team received a dose of Chinese hospitality after one of its games on the “Warriors to Asia” tour.

Following a victory over the Shenyang Panpan Dinosaurs, the Warriors were invited to an upscale Chinese restaurant by the Shenyang team. When the Hawaii bus pulled up to the restaurant, a welcoming party was awaiting.

The players and coaches were greeted with balloons and flower bouquets before being treated to a feast of various dishes in a private dining room. To accommodate the players’ tastes, there was a mix of Chinese and Western foods, including pizza and chicken wings.

Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold described it as one of the most memorable moments of the trip.

“To battle those guys on the court for two games – and those were two physical games – and then for them to treat us the way they did was just amazing,” Arnold said. “It’s exactly what this cultural exchange is all about. They were fabulous hosts. We shared a great meal and despite the language barriers, we were able to communicate and share some great stories.”


  1. Wow. Talk about rolling out the red carpet. And I’ve never seen a round table as big as that one. How many did it seat? What happened to video of the food? Too busy eating, and drinking the Chinese beer, huh? Thanks for the never-ending supply of videos.

  2. What an experience. These guys were treated like big time celebrities.

  3. A positive memory perpetuate for our lifetime.
    We’re grateful for what you’re doing.
    Negativism only exposing our ignorance of the reality!

  4. Yeah, that was a huge round table. I want to say it seated about 15 per table. They had those spinning serving tables in the center of each table and it easily fit about 15 different dishes.

    Unfortunately, I did not take video of the food at this place. You’re right, clyde, I was probably too busy eating and drinking. This dinner came after the game — and a long day — so the free beers were going down fast on my side of the table.

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