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The immigration incident

Now that the Hawaii basketball team is safely back on American soil, a tale of a tall player can be told.

And it’s not a tall tale. Davis Rozitis, a 7-footer who is originally form Latvia, was actually questioned by armed Chinese security officials at one of the airports.

The thing is, Rozitis did nothing wrong. In fact, it was teammate Tyler Brown who snapped a few photographs at the foreign immigration processing center at the airport.

However, the security officers approached Rozitis and asked if he was taking pictures, because there are signs informing visitors that such an action is strictly prohibited. Rozitis, not knowing at the time that Brown had taken photographs, gave a genuinely nervous reply of no.

Brown was never questioned.

The entire team then made it through the immigration process without incident.


  1. “You’re government would have protected you. Mine is like… whatever.”


  2. Close call. You don’t want to mess around in a foreign country. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen.

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