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Team dinner in China

The Hawaii basketball team ate its first meal in China at – appropriately enough – a Chinese restaurant.

The Warriors sat down together as a team at a place called “Ching Yi Liang Tong” in downtown Dongguan.

The towering Warriors drew upward stares and oohs and aahs from both customers and restaurant workers as they walked in.

Of course, all the menu items were listed in Chinese, so tour guide Roy Lu ordered the food for the entire travel party. Among the items ordered were pepper beef, fried rice, roast chicken, tofu with gravy and crispy pork neck.

“Hey, that was great,” Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold said. “I think we were protected a little bit by our host though. He kind of kept the exotic stuff away. But everything else was good and I think the guys had a great meal.”

Some of the Warriors struggled with the use of chopsticks and asked for forks, but they otherwise ate everything that was placed on the table.

Well, except for the chicken head that came with the roast chicken. Zane Johnson offered Davis Rozitis 100 yuan (roughly $15 in America) to eat it, but he declined.

“I’ll eat almost anything, but not a chicken head,” Rozitis said.


  1. These videos are soo great, thanks Dayton.

  2. Dayton, ditto! This is awesome! It feels like we are right there with you and the team.

  3. Funny stuff. As Manoa Baller said, you’re bringing people along for the ride. Thanks Dayton.

  4. Great stuff Dayton! Mahalo!

  5. Awesome videos, Dayt!

  6. Good video Dayton,keep up the good work.

  7. “If it didnʻt have the beak on it, I wouldʻve pounded it.”

    Nice to see Coach incorporating pidgin into the videocast.

  8. Good Job…keep the info coming…hope you guys are having fun

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