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Tall players, short sinks

It appears Yao Ming is an exception rather than the norm in China.

Most of the people in China are relatively short, and the Hawaii basketball team is finding out how difficult of an adjustment that can be.

In particular, the Warriors have had to deal with sinks that are two feet off the ground. That can be quite difficult for a 7-footer like Davis Rozitis.

“I can’t believe it,” Rozitis said. “It’s like they make everything kids’ size.”

Some of the toilets – especially in the older cities – are also different. Some of them basically consist of a toilet seat atop a hole in the ground (sorry, it just didn’t seem appropriate for video, so you’ll just have to imagine it).

The public toilet stalls are also undersized. Zane Johnson, who is 6-6, said he couldn’t even close the door at one place because his legs were too long.

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