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JUCO guard from California signs with Warriors

Despite being thousands of miles away from home, the Hawaii basketball team was still able to add a new player to its roster.

Garrett Jefferson, a 6-foot-3 guard at Citrus College (Calif.), has signed to play with the Warriors in the 2011-12 season. He will be a sophomore and will have three seasons of eligibility.

Jefferson averaged 7.8 points and 3.7 rebounds per game as a freshman last season at Citrus.

“He actually has three years left, was able to graduate from Citrus in one year,” Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold said. “I think everyone is really going to like this kid. He’s a phenomenal defensive athlete. Great athlete – he’ll be our best athlete on the team. Just long and athletic and bouncy.”

In related recruiting news, it appears Victor Bermudez will not be able to attend Hawaii, and may attend a junior college instead.

Bermudez, a 6-4 combo guard from Las Vegas, made a late commitment to the Warriors and was hoping to qualify for the 2011-12 season.

The status of California high school recruits Dillon Biggs and Gerry Blakes are still being reviewed.


  1. semi gerry blakes hops

  2. Good to know Coach is high on this kid. He looks athletic. I hope he ends up to be a good late find.

  3. Welcome, Garrett Jefferson

    Gib Expects him to be the BEST Athlete on the Team (U.H.) — That WILL Help,
    Especially if Garrett’s already a ‘phenomenal defensive player’ and ‘people are really gonna like him, he’ll be our best athlete…’

    That should mean coach can trust him enough to put him in the game “any time” except (maybe) when all players on the floor need to be able to score at will (create their own shot(s), hit all free throws);

    but even that might not be an issue if coach already sees him capable of playing 3, 2 and 1 (in a pinch) positions — those are scoring/handling positions which require good hands (see video, catch & slams), handles and not likely to give up the ball;

    scoring ability? it’s not unusual for a freshman to sit some (even in JC; Gib called Citrus The Best JC in California — Lost in Cal JC Championship game); you could expect that his 8 ppg would have increased and maybe doubled in JC along with increase in playing time (18 mpg) plus system knowledge + skills; from 8 to 12 or 16 ppg —

    the obvious preference (which we get) is to have him join a year earlier (now) so he can learn the systems, have three years eligibility and help us now while we’re short-handed …

    HOW do you get your team’s ‘Best Athlete’ This Late ?
    You have to keep talking with your contacts / coaches so that you’re among the first to discover that he’s actually available Now instead of Next Year (even his JC coach might not want to let on and lose his ‘money JC year’ — you wouldn’t normally expect a non-qualifier to earn his Associate’s Degree in one year versus two. But ‘he’s a good student’…[AND you need to keep a scholarship available);


    this helps take some of the sting out of a possible 1 for 3 or 0 for 3 Cal Primary Recruiting season (for NOW); the discussion / expectation is that (if not now) both Biggs and Blakes would spend a semester (or two) in prep school so might only be a pre-season (December, January) or one year away (we should know this coming week — finally — if either or both get to start and help here immediately)…

    RE: [Fans] Keep your chins and expectations UP !
    In the past we wouldn’t even be recruiting some of these players until JC Graduation and we’re experiencing some of the reasons why: Qualification and last year’s (and historical) high freshman/first-year turnover rates…

  4. If they both go to a prep school and get necessary courses, sat scores accepted after one semester, then start at UH spring 2012, that would burn their NCAA for one season correct? why waste one season of elegibility? they might as well stay a whole year in prep school and then come in with 5yrs to play for.

  5. i think they’d lose the games from November to end of the Semester or ’til qualification … which is it? eligibility could start as soon as end of semester OR not ’til the start of the next semester.

    NOT U.H.’s fault they didn’t qualify earlier;

    Up to them — me, i’d wanna get on with college ball; kinda like grayshirting ?
    why play against guys you can dominate ? versus step up to the challenge;

    EX: IF they could play NBA, they’d choose that …

    thinking out loud …

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