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InZane Video – The Series Premiere

Zane Johnson played a key role in the “Bill and Zane’s Excellent Adventure” video series last season on WarriorInsider.com.

This season, Johnson is breaking off on his own, and all we can say is, watch out.

WarriorInsider.com has armed Johnson with a video camera, and he will provide periodic updates throughout the Hawaii basketball team’s trip through Asia.

We’re calling it “InZane Video.”

Johnson, a 6-6 shooting guard, is the only senior on the travel roster for this trip.

In this first episode, he gives an inside look at the eight-hour flight from Honolulu to Tokyo, followed by an interview with freshman Shaquille Stokes on the bus ride to the team hotel.


  1. I’m glad the videos are back!!:) keep’em coming Dayton

  2. All right, Dayton. You guys (is that Dean?) figured things out. Hope you’re doing well, and enjoying the trip, too. Don’t work too hard. Zane is real natural at this; don’t know why but his personality reminds me of Colt Brennan. Two very affable, poised young men.Wonder if Zane’s a communications major; he’s got a future in this. If I’m not mistaken, you’re 19 hours ahead of us in Hawaii so it’s 4:35 Monday afternoon there. What time is the game against Australia, or was it played already? On another note, did you have a chance to talk to Vander and ask him the question everybody wants an affirmative answer to? Well, we’ll be checking back often for updates. Thanks again.

  3. Just got back from the first exhibition game.

    Australia 80, Hawaii 70

    The Warriors led for most of the game, but turnovers were costly in the final six or seven minutes of the game. Hawaii only had nine players available (Zane Johnson sat out with an ankle injury; Trevor Wiseman played).

    The young Hawaii squad looked good for the first three quarters but the recent travel and lack of practice time may have caught up to the Warriors in the final quarter.

    Shaquille Stokes led the team with 17 points, including four 3-pointers. All of his points came in the first half.

    Others who scored: Hauns Brereton 12, Joston Thomas 12, Trevor Wiseman 10, Bobby Miles 9, Davis Rozitis 7 and Brandon Jawato 3.

    The Australia team consisted of the top college level players in that country. They are representing Australia in the World University Games.

    Will have more details and video highlights in the next day or two.

    The Warriors are scheduled to play another exhibition game against Brazil on Tuesday morning (China time, which would be Monday afternoon in Hawaii).

  4. Dayton, great information on the game! If can, could you post these kinda things in a separate blog post? Was kinda hard to find, but thank you for the information. Is there any chance of a box score?

    It’s really great to see our two main recruits do so well. With a healthy Johnson and Vander, we’re going to be unstoppable this year. I bet the time difference is really weighing on Stokes, 17 in the first and zero in the second is probably fatigue. Nonetheless, Stokes is setting himself up to be one of UH’s greatest point guards. go bows!!!!

  5. Dayton, thanks for the info and video. As a team, good to finally get the first game out of the way. Looks like Shaquille had a great first half. 17 points, that’s not too shabby.

  6. Thanks for the video, can’t wait to see Zane’s videos all season, Kid has a great personality.

  7. Too Bad we’re not talking about two games, yet
    One local guess was that UH & Brazil team coach Walter Roese couldn’t get his other team there in time ?

    So back to the first — do you think it WAS fatigue, time zone, jet lag, etc. that caused Shaq to drop off in scoring (17 – 0] and then all the turnovers to allow the Brazilian comeback ? [Hey! with USF that’s TWO in a Row; A Trend ?]

    OR was it more likely Youth and INEXPERIENCE to deal with advanced Traps, Press, Physicality etc. causing the turnovers and second half Shaq shutdown ?

    It IS WAY Better to learn some of these lessons now when they don’t count on the published NCAA W-L Record …

    On Last Night’s Show (with Guest Pitt Coach Jamie Dixon Live in studio) good ‘ol Coach Jackson pointed out that everyone needs to cut Shaq a little slack — that he’ll need to learn some of the ins & outs at this significantly higher level (despite all the NYC Hype, etc.; even Joston had to Learn);

    He noted that people might have higher expectations for immediate impact and control of the game based on Hiram and Miah — BUT BOTH were much more like LDS Missionaries where they were Very Experienced AND/or Mature for this game …

    ONE Concern that i have to agree with is that No matter How Good Hauns is — and he really is — he’s 6-5 (or 6-7) and Not 6-10 so don’t expect him to be Bill Amis’ replacement on the front line —

    MAYBE that’s Davis Rozitis or our other “Foreigner-to-be-named-later” (soon) or by committee

    THANKS again, DAYTON
    p.s. McGinnis’s daily stories are also a plus — BUT i suspect he wouldn’t have been there if NOT First for your efforts (Just an Idea or opinion)
    [Special to to NMNash: Time to let it go and move on to a new moniker?
    Let’s Look Forward to The Bright Future … As things ALWAYS Work Out, EVEN “OLD Arnold” was making a HUGE Contribution to the Program — but it’s not always ‘immediately’ obvious — i suppose we also can say that — hopefully — for our California “Recruits-to-show-up Later”]

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