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InZane Video: Talking at the table

The infamous chicken head once again makes an appearance as Zane Johnson talks to some of his teammates during meals in China in this latest episode of InZane Video.

The first half of the video features a dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Dongguan, China; the second half features an interview with teammate Pi’i Minns at the breakfast buffet at the Sheraton Dongguan Hotel.


  1. In the Pii Minns interview, he mentioned the bathrooms at the hotel. I’ve heard some of the bathrooms in China are quite unique. What an experience for these guys. Well, at least one of guys tried to taste the chicken head. I can just imagine his chicken head story when he tells it to the guys back home.

  2. can’t wait for game time footage

  3. There in the background was our blog host with chop sticks in hand. Chinese food every night, must be getting a little tired of it, Dayton? Keep the videos and updates coming. This is such a great experience for the players; one they’ll always remember.

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