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InZane Video – Episode 2

Apparently Zane Johnson was well rested on the Hawaii basketball team’s overnight layover in Tokyo, Japan.

Johnson has already turned in his second episode of “InZane Video,” and it features a tour of the team’s hotel with freshman teammate Tyler Brown.

Question of day: Does Tyler Brown really know Japanese?

Hmmm, we may have to test him again in a future episode.


  1. Good to know the guys are relaxed and having fun. Zane seems to enjoy working the videos. Yeah, make the most of it, man.

  2. The exhibition game with Brazil was cancelled on Tuesday.

    The Brazilian team — which is coached by Hawaii associate coach Walter Roese — experienced some travel problems getting to China and could not make the scheduled 10 a.m. start (China time).

    Because the Warriors are scheduled to depart the city of Dongguan on Tuesday afternoon, the game could not be resccheduled.

    The Warriors went through a two-hour practice instead.

  3. shucks too bad. they better win the next one with this practice session

  4. I hope the rumor about Coach Roese not coming back is false. Tyler Brown you are great don’t listen to the haters 🙂

  5. Why did that hotel look soo empty??

  6. Tyler’s a funny dude; low-key, tongue-firmly-placed-in-cheek comments (yes, I think we’ve figured out his remarkable ability to translate Japanese). Good job, Zane. Keep it up! (Nice T-shirt, too, Dayton).

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