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Interesting team meals in China

You ever hear people say that the food in China is “different” from the food in America?

Believe it.

The Hawaii basketball team can attest to that, as the Warriors have tried meals in China ranging from McDonald’s and KFC to authentic Chinese meals.

“No, it’s not the same – even the McDonald’s,” said junior forward Joston Thomas. “They got some of the same stuff (on the menu) but a lot of it is different. You just have to point to the pictures and make sure you get the right food.”

On Friday, August 12, the Warriors had two meals together as a team – one before the game and one after.

The pregame meal was at a Pizza Hut. Although the pizzas were slightly different from the ones served in Hawaii, the players still enjoyed the break from traditional Chinese food.

But the biggest buzz was created at the postgame meal. A Chinese restaurant had a feast prepared for the team, with at least a dozen different dishes on offer.

One of the dishes was a plate of fried bugs (you have to see the video to believe it).

Only two players – Hauns Brereton and Davis Rozits – sampled the bugs.

“It tastes like popcorn,” Rozitis said.

Brereton added: “It tastes like a mix between a potato chip and I don’t know what the other half is like. But it’s definitely a beetle.”

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  1. Lot’s of grinds. These guys are pretty good with the chopsticks. Dayton, you’re right. A friend of mine who was born and raised in China, says the Chinese foods in Hawaii are prepared to the local taste. He did say the hamburgers at McDonald’s China taste different.
    What an experience these guys are getting. Priceless! 🙂

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