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Gib Arnold introduces the Warriors

Twelve players from the Hawaii basketball team attended the “Warriors to Asia” launch party at P.F. Chang’s restaurant near Ala Moana on Monday night. Only four of them saw action for the Warriors last season.

Introductions were a necessity, and head coach Gib Arnold did the honors.

Arnold mixed doses of comedy and information as he introduced each player to the crowd.

Please be advised that the above video is fairly long (10 minutes), but it features all 12 players.

It should also be noted that only 10 of the players will be making the trip to Asia: Hauns Brereton, Tyler Brown, Brandon Jawato, Zane Johnson, Bobby Miles, Pi’i Minns, Davis Rozitis, Shaquille Stokes, Joston Thomas and Trevor Wiseman.

Jace Tavita (ineligible until December) and Kainoa Chu (knee injury) attended the party, but will not travel with the team to Asia.


Johnson the latest to turn ankle

Zane Johnson joined the list of limping Warriors during Tuesday’s afternoon practice.

Johnson sprained his right ankle during a full-court drill and is now on the “day-to-day” watch list.

Teammates Davis Rozitis and Trevor Wiseman also have been sidelined recently with sprained ankles. Rozitis has already returned to practices, but Wiseman is expected to be out the next two to four weeks.

Johnson, who led the team in scoring last season and set a school record for 3-pointers in a season, is expected to travel with the team to Asia on Friday, but his status for the exhibition games has yet to be determined.


  1. they need to take all three “broke ankle” guys to see former university of hawaii great, ed “soupy” kawawaki, he’ll get those ankles in shape right quick.

  2. man the team just doesn’t look complete without vander and ostrowski and possibly blakes, biggs, and bermudez

  3. Where did Gib find Brown, he’s horrible.

  4. Hauns, U da man! Awesome Chinese, bro. From what I could hear, he said that he’s very thankful that all the supporters there allowed the team to come and eat. Also said that it won’t be a problem going to China. Very grateful for everything.

    Gotta brush up on my chinese. Been a looong time since I was in Taiwan like him.

    I’m excited to see what this year’s team will bring to the court. Hopefully Blakes and Biggs make the grade soon. Like everyone else, I sure hope Vander is back.

    Dayton, you gotta try all the awesome Chinese food up there. Here are a few of my favs:

    Man Tou jia Dan (steamed bun with egg. the bun is like the ouside of manapua. Throw on the thick oyster sauce and grind!)

    Dou Jiang (sweet Soybean milk) try it both hot and cold

    Dan Bing (fried chinese tortilla with egg) this is a very popular breakfast dish

    Pai Gu Fan (pork chop plate) awesome for dinner

    Hong Dou Niu Nai Bing (see Waiola Shave Ice’s Azuki bowl – this is the real thing, exactly like how the chinese make it) my favorite dessert/snack on a hot day

    Best of luck Coach Gib and the team. Can’t wait to see the updates/videos here on the blog, Dayton!

    Tanks Ah!

  5. Everyone continue to pray for Biggs and Blakes,we will certainly need their talents this season,especially without Miah and more so if Vander doesnt return.

  6. Those are all great foods! Those were some of my favorite foods in Taiwan!
    And we got a solid squad, all compete and work hard, very talented.
    We can make anything work with what we do have. Its about chemistry and working together. And don’t hate on my team mates! We are all competing for you! For Hawaii!

  7. Tauasu21 good words to live by. I wish you guys the best in China and Japan. I’m confident you guys will make Hawaii proud. Go Warriors!

  8. Tanks Ah!

    Tanks fo da advice! Definitely will try to sample some of those dishes.

  9. Not hating, asking a question and stating an opinion. My bluntness may come off as obnoxious and rude but thats the nature of being blunt.

  10. Brown is pretty bad. People tend to cringe when he’s on the floor during summer league. Hope it’s just a learning curve of sorts.

  11. Jeez lay off brown he’s a walk on that won’t play much, he’s a practice body. Just leave the kid alone!!

  12. Praying for Bermudez, Blakes, Biggs and Vander!!!!! This team needs them.

  13. @ Josh – No one is bashing Brown or even saying he shouldn’t be on the team at that. Since when are we not aloud to express our opinions? Not all opinions are sugarcane and lollipops you know.

  14. All I’m saying is if I see him play and think he’s bad, I’m aloud to say “oh, he”s bad.” I’m not saying “dam, boy should never play D1 basketball or he should be kicked of the team.” I underderstand he’s a walkon and works just as hard as anyone else in the gym but I should be able to make and state my assessments of any player.

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